World of Warships – Captain’s Academy #39 – Spaced Armor = Black Hole Generator

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in has some interesting properties which makes it seem more like a black hole generator at times. Find out more in this Captain’s Academy video 🙂


  1. I’ve seen AP shells get pens and do no damage plenty of times. I always thought it was pens on things like secondary turrets and AA mountings, but seeing this, I’m not so sure anymore. I can’t always watch every shell hit when I fire, so anything is possible. I do have to say though, that my main problem with Izumo and Yamato against cruisers is actually overpens. I have been in several situations where a Dimitri Donskoi, Minotaur, or other high tier cruiser is broadside on at 10 km or less and the shells just overpen with the occasional citadel thrown in every once in awhile. I do get that this is just a fact of life with high pen guns and lightly armored cruisers and I’ve been known to use it to my advantage when I play such cruisers. I do think that spaced armor is why Amagi is much more durable than Nagato despite having less belt armor, I used to wonder why that was the case, but this pretty well offers an explanation.

  2. The no damage penetration is the AP shell exploding in the spaced section of armour, this section does not have any HP and as such it can not do any damage and isn’t a bug, same with HE it hits the spaced armour and explodes as HE does but because the space behind it does not have any HP it does zero damage. If works especially well against British Cruiser AP with its low fuse time. And its basically the same as torpedo bulges.
    Stuntman9630 did some test when the French were released and there were some funny results.

  3. About the 0 damage pen, could it be that the compartment hit was fully saturated? I know that the mid section did not change colour, but it could be an internal compartment, right?

  4. Nice video mate, thank you! As for the 0 damage shell I think it is either a hitbox configuration problem (WG forgot bits) or the pen ribbon is given before the shell has finished transversing through the shot and could be bouncing after the first pen. Either way, 0 dmg. I’d be interesting in a response from the devs either way as this has been a thing since beta.

  5. We should ask notser about the details and mechanics of amunition.

  6. Yet another great, didactic video with useful and easy to follow content delivered to us the WoWs community by you Chase. I do not think there is any other content creator capable of such dedication and attention to detail in order to dive into the mechanics in such a way and then manage to transfer this knowledge to the community (other than Stuntman9630, data mine interpreter expert). I am sure you will do fine and that WG has lost way more than you with the CC termination, someone in WG should be really ashamed right now.

    Regarding the 0 damage AP pens: As stated in another comment, Stuntman9630 did once a lot of RN CL “AP” vs French cruisers test and yes, the most reasonable explanation is that the AP shell gets armed (in your example maybe because of the impact against the water being an underwater penetration) and detonates inside the black hole volume between the belt and the citadel which has no associated HP. But you state that a developer told you there should be damage nonetheless… Could it be possible to test some small AP shells (Khaba) aiming at the bulge of something big from bow or stern at very sharp angles so that the small AP penetrates the bulge, but ricochets off the belt, and see whether there is any damage when the AP, hopefully, detonates inside the bulge? If there is no damage, why should there be damage inside the black hole?

  7. Assault Destroyer proud to serve.

  8. Isn´t that just saturation?
    I think the Midship sektion only held 50% of the ships total HP, not counting the Citadel which always takes full dmg. Maybe thats it?

  9. What I am thinking is that bulge might NOT count as part of ship. Instead, it is considered a module. Therefore, similar to shots penetrating the main guns/ torp tube or whatever module, penetration icon is displayed but no damage occur.

  10. Thnx for good video. I hope there is a lot of buggs because a Zao not being able to kill a boat is going to be a issue with me.

  11. I get “Pen – zero damage” hits all the time in ALL my BB’s. they started a few patches ago. You used to get them in WoT too, but eventually WG fixed it. I hope they fix this soon cos it’s so frustrating.

  12. For 53% bounce chances the number of bounces vs pens is extreamly wierd (over 90% of bounces vs +-10% pens)… smell WG manipulations.

    To it considering the spaced armor – you overmatch the 19mm of henry IV but i suspect you bounce on the 2nd layer so thats why you get 0 dmg pens – as they then expload in empty space between armor layers.

  13. ah so basically same as WoT spaced troll armor. Spaced armor reduces the pen of AP rounds which then has to go through another player of armor…

    Thus when you angle it has to go through that 2nd armor, 3rd armor with reduced pen and increased armor due to angling leading to no dmg.

  14. you fire your north cal guns get 4 overpens and one pen and 5k damage and you just ask yourself “math hard but that doesnt add up”

  15. Ichase can you make a video about the turtle deck armor ( I think this is the name,probably,I’m not 100% sure ) and how it works. I love your Captain Academy’s video 🙂

  16. AP that pens a torpedo bulge but not the hull doing no damage makes sense to me, that’s the point of the torpedo bulge and they are not relevant to the ship’s buoyancy or operation.

  17. Shells often failed to detonate in combat so that may explain why you have AP not causing damage.

  18. lel 53% of autobounce chance? this is a joke

  19. Great video, Chase. I’ll bring it up with some of the devs and see what they say.

  20. Thanks for giving your content up & alive!

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