World of Warships – Captain’s Academy #40 – Evasive Maneuver Skill

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Ever wondered about the in ? Well I’ve got a guide for you so you can decide if the skill is useful or not (mostly not by the way :P)


  1. Step 1: play saipan


  3. nah I still think its useless, I would rather manage my planes manually than be using the F key all the time, besides the time it takes to get around and then approach slowly makes them not only spend more time inside the enemy AA area but also it’s gonna take longer to perform an efective strike ^^

    • with skill, slower planes not an issue as you can see in the DM DF AA test, even though longer time in AA, planes resisted a lot better.

    • yeah well, it’s very situational. I have good micro, but I still don’t feel confortable with this skill. Feel like the benefits are not worth enough, still a nice informative video 😉 . I would like you to be using IJN carriers for tests as well some times ^^

    • it might let more survive but the time to excecute the strike, to get the bombers BEHIND enemy lines, where usually ships are moving AND probably will have more AA or fighter support, is just NOT practical.
      the extreme micro and those serious problems will make it a complete waste. try it yourself in combat and u will notice.
      its barely reasonable in the training room…

    • Very often you do not have much time to do your strike, since you very often are against the clock (strike, and get out of there before enemy fighter squadron can react). By using this skill and approach, it’s only increasing the chance that your target suddenly have a fighter squadron at its aid. Still, I’m very gratefull that you made this video, since I have not tested this captain skill much myself. It’s interesting to see how that hp buff works close to DM / Montana 🙂

    • yup its just too micro intensive and takes a LONG time to perform a “perfect” strike, which basically negates all the advantages in the vast majority of the cases.

  4. I use that skill only in my Kaga mecause of the shitty planes 🙂

  5. Didnt WG fix it so it only takes effect when there is no bombs, I think that’s what Fara said.

    • It clearly has effect when I had bombs, thought the video clips proved that clearly

    • iChaseGaming That’s why I’m a bit confused but it seems like it adds another aspect to the CV skill gap, which is part of why CVs need changing. I may be completely wrong but from everything I’ve read and from my own experience it seems like a big problem. The skill is uncommon though so I think after the CV rework I’d like to see how players use it

  6. From what I observed, KAGA and SAIPAN are the only valid option to excuit this point.

  7. I would not recommend this skill under any circumstance really. WoWS doesn’t handle high APM commands very well. It usually drops a few whenever you try to queue any up. Secondly, unless you play it perfectly, you’re hurting your own performance. Which is impossible because of so many commands just being dropped.

    The “run all the way around to possibly get a couple hits” has merit if you have very few aircraft left, but otherwise is a waste of time and lowers your overall damage potential.

    Source: nearly 1000 games with the Lexi, an about 200 with this skill.

    • Yeah, I think I do say that, don’t recommend this skill but in certain cases for certain players, it can work

    • I am thinking the only way to use it is, to get out after normal attack with F then cancel that to fly back nomaly and que F right behind your CV. This might save you a couple of returning planes but needs a more precise waypointing for returning aircraft. And therefore one is losing some fighter awareness

    • even in ideal circumstances in the training room, the advantages are minimal.
      in real battles u will face multiple mobile AA ships with fighter support.
      doing a return strike like that is EXTREMELY slow and will make u an easy target for AA and fighters AND slow your strikes down significantly as well as demand extreme unreasonable micro.

  8. Good creativ use of the skill but realy situtional, it take ages to get your strikes out and back and if the enemy is good you cant just fly all around the map… also high lvl CVs have quite the reserves, guess i stick to not using it.

    • U can still do normal strikes with this skill as it doesn’t affect anything until F is pressed or planes are returning automatically. Outbound strikes only change in time if u opt for a return strike using F to buff planes. As for returning, you can simply bypass the time by doing the extra action of manually clicking the planes back to ur CV via the minimap and queue up F key return after setting the return waypoint

    • totally agree. the benefits are nothing compared to the disadvantages. too demanding and VERY dependant on enemy fighters as well as AA ship positions

    • iChaseGaming I’m using this skill that way regularly in my American CVs, because especially the Enterprise has relatively low strike plane reserves, and saving a plane or two on the return is usually worth it; also now with the T8 torp bomber Midway – you can simply play riskier. Flying through an AA bubble at 70% speed with 175% health means you only take around 82% of the relative damage to the planes. Also being able to make your planes much harder to strafe down by pressing F is extremely helpful, especially against good players. You have to assume making the positioning mistake of not having a fighter around sometimes and notice too late that he will get a good strafe, so moving the planes towards his fighter and then pressing F will usually only let him get one or two plane kills on the squad. Also, against worse players, you can sometimes make him clickfight your almost dead strike plane squadron to lure their fighter into your friendly AA bubbles or bring your own fighters into a good strafe position (75% more health means far more time to do that).
      However, I almost never do that strike from behind thing because that’s a bit of a waste of time mostly. Also it somewhat negates the plane savings because you fly directly over the short range bubbles of ships and lose a lot more of especially torpedo bombers that way.

  9. Hey, ichase, could you make a video regarding the pan Asian dds and how to use them correctly?

  10. if they reduce speed reduce to 10% rather than 30% i will be pick it again

  11. We’ve used this skill in competitve and found it to be quite good as long as your cv player knows what he/she is doing. My friend did a test to see how much longer it takes planes to land. I belive the result was 18s without em 42s with while moving at top speed in a hakuryu. Would like to know what the numbers are while reversing though.

  12. I still think in most scenarios I’d rather have the DPM of faster flights and planes than try and strike this way.

  13. Good video but you should have shown the saipan bomber group with that skill and the skill to increase the rear Gunner damage. Then take a Japanese Fighter Group click on them to shoot them down. A lot of times the saipan bomber group can kill five Fighters and only lose 2 to 3 bombers

  14. If the enemy cv knows what he’s doing this skill will get all your strike planes killed pretty quickly (unless you’re god tier and can activate and deactivate it on a second by second basis for all your squadrons). Instead of losing all your bombers to 1 strafe you’ll lose them in 2, but they’re slower so much easier to catch and hit with strafe.
    But thanks for the video, it’s certainly an interesting strategy.

  15. Pretty sure farazelleth did test this out as soon as the skill came out. It worked as you returned when you press F but apparently WG never intended for it to be used like this and patched it 1 patch after and nolonger used

  16. In theory, it’s most useful if you have low reserves. It does mean you can get less strikes off, but it also stops your planes dying as quickly after the strike (where they are usually shot down).

  17. 30% more time to return to the carrier… you have to return manually then press F when you are very close to the carrier

  18. Great vid man, but so much trouble for so little gains, I still think that this skill is crap

  19. Aleksandar Petrović

    How you manage to get those dive bombers to attack from stern?

  20. What is APM?

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