World of Warships Captain’s Academy #42 – Everything We Know About Aiming is WRONG

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Aslain’s mod pack for the Nomogram crosshair here:

After 2 days of testing…I can comfortably say that everything we thought we knew about aiming is wrong. The dynamic crosshair is messed up and you literally can’t aim well with it.


  1. Is it just me or was turret No.4 glitching through the ship at 11:30?

  2. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    I know it’ll sounds dumb, but I never overthinked the aiming.
    Since CBT I just aim by feeling.
    It’s clearly not professional, but it works.
    Ofc, in a new ship the first few salvo is maybe total fail, but after that, I just feel where to shoot to hit, and it mostly works.
    When I tried to take the advices and improve my aiming it became worse. xD

    • yup CBT here ive just kind of learned how to aim on insticts

    • Yup. That’s what I do and I works most of the time

    • you are saying u are aiming by experience,i do that too most of the time but there is that 1 shot in 10 battles that i need to use the timers to land it perfectly…maybe its bcz if it doesnt land perfectly am dead and we lose the match,maybe its bcz my dd will die bcz i cant hit the radar cruiser,there is that 1 time u just need it

    • Christopher Short

      Pretty much this. I gave up on he dynamic as it didn’t seem to help me as much, I have a nice static crosshair that works for me, and I just have to do a salvo or two on a ship I haven’t played in a bit to get my guesstimates down. I don’t always hit, but I generally get in the area, and then more accurate with each salvo after.

    • I have to do it by feeling because I play Legends on the PS4 which has none of theses extra things to play with. I wish someone would make some helpful YouTube tutorials on WOW Legends because WOW Legends seems like a vastly stripped down version of WOW for the PC.

  3. But WG spreadsheets says it is working flawlessly!

  4. The Namogram crosshair can also be found in the Modstation from world of warships. Some mods aren’t found here, but many are. It’s done by world of warships so you just click install and it downloads and install’s for you to the correct place in a minute or two, It’s simple for anyone who ever has an issue installing mods. Listed as NG crosshair.

    • Commenting to find this again in the morning

    • Theycallme nyquil

      Ummmmmm found an issue. On modstation i have chosen the correct crosshair but it will not load into the game at all. Plz help.

    • @Theycallme nyquil Did you go in game and select Dynamic Crosshair in the control settings? What crosshair show’s when you do that? In the modstation, did it give you any message?
      In the game center, there’s a Game Settings menu. Try running the “check and repair” tool from there. It fixes issues sometimes if files don’t load correctly. It worked for me when I had an fps issue after a windows update.

    • Theycallme nyquil

      Dynamic is unchanged when selected. Shows 14 static crosshairs. Checked them all no change. I dont know why. All the usual gimics in case of something or missing. Will continue to change and check every so often.

    • @Theycallme nyquil I have the same problem too and don’t know what to do. None of my modstation mods loaded.

  5. Using the static one with no problems so far, you know like “about there should do the trick” (never understood the dynamic one and gave up on it) but maybe i will try it out again after seeing this
    THX for this info

    • I use static as well. I like the simplicity of it.

    • @alxlesz But it doesn’t scale and it’s only 20 knots..what ships go 20 knots vs 30 knots. In competitive game play…you don’t get a 2nd shot….your first shot has to hit or it’s opportunity lost. This is a huge game changer.

    • It’s all about the scaling…that’s the big advantage. I knew about this “bug”, but compensated on my own. This reticle he recommended in Aslains will be a game changer.

    • @Ken’s Channel I kind of doubt this will have a huge impact on competitive game play. From personal experience when you play against the better clans you can ignore the scale. The players in Typhoon have mostly mastered “WASD-hacks” and the players in Hurricane consider that the basics, therefore no constant speed and course to aim at. You have to anticipate where he is going, whether he will accelerate or slow down, turn to port or starboard, send your torps by RPF alone, etc. you know what I mean…
      I think this will have a bigger impact in randoms where you still see a lot of people showing full broadside without a care in the world. Considering you are a more experienced players who knows the speed of the ship he is targeting (e.g. Charles Martell should be about 34kts with signal and speedboost not activated) you can probably put the shots closer to the center of the ship and get less overpenenetrations in the front and rear parts of the ship.
      In other words, I think with this help people who actually try to master/use the game mechanics or have some problems with aiming in general (not talking about RNG here^^) and will probably make life even harder for the so called “Potatoes” because they will receive a bit more punishment.

  6. This is disturbing and also incredibly informative at the same time/

  7. my first thought was that the calculated shell flight time was completely wrong. Time they separately with a stopwatch and it’s usually wrong, esp with floaty shells.

    • My experience is that once I scored a citadel hit from almost 12 seconds away and I actually filmed it. When editing this footage I put a timer on screen (a build-in feature in Shotcut software), and the timer can prove that the estimated shell flight time is accurate. Also in one of Yuro’s videos (the Musashi one) he used a timer, the shell flight time on the crosshair matches the timer.

  8. Glad to see my feelings on aiming were actually correct. It seemed odd to fire by feeling but it was usually more accurate than the crosshairs. Also another reason why it sucks being a newbie with no idea and no practice.

  9. Just sail superior russian ship, comrade! Shells adjust for you!

  10. Something cool I noticed in the vid, and correct me if I’m wrong. But when using the Nomogram mod if you estimate the speed of your target to be 25 kts you can quite easily eyeball the middle between the top notch (30 kts) and corresponding bottom notch (20 kts) and that spot is your aim point. I think Ichase does this vs the Izmail.
    I am absolutely trying this. TY iChase
    Ed: One battle with the mod in the Repub and I can say it works, well. It does clutter up your view a bit more particularly at range. But for the handful of times I used it, the shells went right where I wanted them to on the target. The mod is correct.

  11. been using the static cross-hair since 2015, no problems here

    • Is that the one that radiates out at different angles with distance notches? I use it and it is the only one worth using in my opinion for this game. I also use Leupold 3×9 or 2×7 scopes on my rifles when hunting real animals

    • Same here, I’ve actually been aiming based on distance rather than flight time tho bit counter intuitive but it works quite well, I can usually land my first salvo at any range.

      Never liked the dynamic cross, I like static references, I can adjust on the fly for variations in speed or direction even DDs at 15-20k I’ll land my shells where I intended to, tho that’s obviously no guarantee that the DD wont have turned before the shells land…

      I’ve resisted using mods for crosshairs because I don’t like feeling like I NEED to install a mod before I play, sometimes I’ll install the mods, sometimes I wont, but my crosshair has always been stock so I can play anywhere anytime.

  12. I noticed that (long ranges lesser lead, short ranges more lead) some time ago, too. Didn’t explore it in a methodical way, though, but you are definitely right! Thx for the vid!

  13. at 5:30 “kind like a parable”…it is,in fact,a tangent(the trigonometric function) representation

  14. Thanks for the information, by the way…how to set on that ship- heading indicator?

  15. I had a feeling something was a bit off with dynamic crosshair for a loong time now but could never really figure out if it was me or the crosshair… will give this a try. Thanx for the info

  16. I’ve always thought the dynamic crosshair measures the aimpoint as degrees away from the ship you’re aiming at. For a cruiser at 30 knts at 14 km giving full broadside, I always aimed about 10 degrees in front of the ship in direction of travel. It is useful because if I zoom in and out, the degrees stay the same. The shell travel time never functions into the calculations, because that itself was dependent on the distance.

    I don’t get how the dynamic crosshair is wrong. But since this mod only depends on the ship speed, and calculates everything else, I’ll definitely give it a go.

  17. Benedictus Widodo

    I always think that dynamic reticle maintain same angle between ticks, not same time scale. I feel it’s all about trigonometry instead of linear scaling.

  18. BE WARNED!!! The link to the mod download above is virus infected! Just downloaded it and went to install, it’s loaded with malware. Don’t go there.

  19. what about dds or some ships that are using speedboost to reach 35 or 40+ knots? how to adjust for that?

  20. Ive been playing with dynamic for so long, so wrong… this is game changing for me

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