World of Warships – Captain’s Academy Episode 20 – Invisi Firing

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Episode 20 covers the basics behind , the ability to fire your guns while remaining completely invisible. I how to gather the necessary information and also how to use that information to you figure out your minimum safe distance.

If you have , please leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. I have seen many comments on this topic about getting that 5th level skill
    for the captain so you can add that concealment. It is hard and costly to
    get that level 5 skill and you will have to drop lower skills to get there
    and pay to retrain your captain. It is a great money making mechanic for
    Wargamming. Ex. I have 2 rear admirals and many commodores and non have
    level 5 skills. I will have to pay gold to redistribute those skills and
    loose lower skills. There is a limit to the points a captain can have. So
    as you grind up you captain, you are changing skills per ship and it’s best
    set up. This can only be done via gold at this point.

    All that aside. Chase is giving us facts and mechanics of the game. This is
    great info and yes players with the corrects ships and captain skills will
    benefit. I don’t see this affecting the game so hard as some state.

    This is a game. All players have different ways to play. You play as you
    are comfortable with and just have fun!

  2. +iChaseGaming

    Hi Chase, nothing personal against you, the video is perfect and easy to
    follow as usual, it just describes a game mechanics. But do you seriously
    think this is a good game-feature? what is your personal opinion about it?
    (specially taking into account the broken fire mechanics).

    I don’t think it is at all good for the game, there is a subset of ships
    which can abuse this against which another subset of ships cannot do
    anything at all, inmho… Wasn’t it supposed to be always a way to face an
    enemy? I mean, what is a N.Carolina going to do against this technics? (for
    example against a Mahan)

    I don’t see any way for a BB to counter this, other than staying back,
    passive, sniping and totally depending on the teamplay of friendly
    DDs/cruisers spotting and killing this gunboats (because the BB will not be
    accurate enough to nail the gunboat from 10km +). The attacker has
    everything under control whilst the enemy being fired upon has no resources
    at all (this is not like dodging 10 km torpedoes: do not sail on straight
    lines; or an incoming air attack: map awareness + hull placement) Here the
    BB just cannot avoid the rain as the attacking ship gets aim feedback quick
    enough to counter the enemy’s reaction time (shell travel time vs rudder
    shift time) and of course the quickest ship decides the engagement’s

    So what can a BB do? inmo nothing, only relying on teamwork, and I think
    I’ve run out of faith hoping for teamwork…

  3. Excellent!

    I tried this on a few DD’s and wondered why I was detected. Well, you can’t
    fool science and thanks for doing the math. This clears it up. Thanks so
    much for doing the work.
    FYI: Did you test what planes can do to effect this?

    Thanks for the hard work!

  4. So, extrapolating from those figures, pretty much divide your gun calibre
    in mm by 33.3333333333 and it gives you the amount increased in km. So the
    102mm guns ‘should’ give you an increase of 3.1km on the visible range.

  5. +iChaseGaming what are some good mods to put on the ark b I’m not sure
    about the 16% range on cause more dispersion

  6. Awesome video Chase! I’ve been meaning to document some of the
    invisi-firing scenarios I’ve experienced when getting chased by battleships
    on my Nicholas, but I’ve never had any numerical data on how it works.

    I’m starting to think Wargaming might have to take invisi-firing into
    account when balancing their ships. A 6km window for the Gearing seems a
    little over-powered, especially since it does not even include smoke
    effects. I remember getting into situations in closed beta where I had an
    enemy DD that invisi-fired on me at what I thought was close range (I
    forget) within smoke. I could even see where the shells were coming from,
    but not the DD. Of course he only had the smoke area within which he could
    maneuver, but that was enough.

  7. Do you happen to know the numbers for the Germans? IIRC some of their ships
    have different gun sizes.

  8. May I call Hax, sir chase?

  9. Just a little while ago while in a low tier battle I had invisible ships
    shooting at me that I could not see and they were around 9k away behind
    smoke. I found it very frustrating that they could see me and I could not
    see them. I don’t think I was spotted by someone else, but I guess it is
    possible. It takes a LOT away from the enjoyment of the game when this

  10. This is not good. DDs at higher tiers are even more powerful now. As if
    15/20 Km torps were not enough, now they have invisi-firing. This will ruin
    the game for BB players and it tilts the balance of the game in favour of
    the DDs. A lot will depend on how good the DD players are. Not a good
    development in my opinion.

  11. This is the only thing that makes playing the Ibuki somewhat bearable.

  12. IChaseGaming if your in a bb out do you protect your self from these
    invisible dds or is it gg if you in the wrong place?

  13. FYI, I looked into your raw data, and the detection increase is 3% of the
    calibur you are firing

  14. can we have a link to the chart ?

  15. Very nice Chase.
    I have a couple of ships to do this with, but not the Level 5 captain yet.
    Coupled with increased chance of fire (Level 4) this is nice (as long as
    somebody else does not spot you, then it’s smoke time!).
    Will work it out with what I have. Thanks for posting!

  16. very valuable advice, especially for those poor souls who are going to
    punish themselves with the Russian DDs. good information!

  17. What mod is the one to use?

  18. I hope war gaming nerf invisible firing because this is player griefing

  19. The stealth mechanic is powerful but not over powered on it’s own. The
    combination of the stealth mechanic and the current state of high explosive
    ammunition and fire damage is what makes it ridiculous. There literally is
    no counter to this without a spotter. So, either carriers or destroyers are
    required to have their heads on a swivel. Once the target is spotted…
    well… I’m sure everyone has seen what happens when a heavy cruiser and
    battleship detect a destroyer:

  20. Chase one thing you didn’t factor in to the numbers is if someone has the
    +20% acquisition range module equipped. I run it on my higher tier bb’s
    just to try and spot dd’s. This would be hard to test though.

  21. Wicked! Thanks for a very timely (pre-Russian DD) research and demo post.

  22. Yeah, they could be fun, but how effective are they? I watched your stream
    last night, some great battles with over 100k damage done just with guns
    for almost 400 hits. But that’s the damage a Shimakaze can do with 6
    torpedo hits…
    Also since this only applies to the high tier DDs with the 5th skill, that
    means the lower tier Soviet DDs can be pretty bad due to the non-existing
    torps. 😛 At least tier 10 has a 10km range. How good a line of ships is
    cannot be determined by two high tier ships.
    I think you should try doing a test, Soviet tier 10 DD invisi-firing at an
    Iowa in a training room, without using torps to see how long it takes to
    kill one of these things; but bots may not work since I don’t know if they
    use the repair ability or not…

  23. Kind of happy to see this video, especially with all the hate coming in
    from the from seeing the stats of the Russian DD’s and German CA’s. Some
    people are calling them useless, and the whole time I’m watching and
    reading these comments about how bad these ships are, I looked at their
    range. Leave it to you Chase to figure the same thing. Thank you.

    Also invisi-firing on the Ibuki can be confirmed ;)

  24. Matches with high tier ships is really passive just shooting long range

  25. I think wow gameplay will suffer from things like invisi fireing.

  26. I just started trying this, and my DD game got so much better.

  27. nice vid, so this is what i was basically doing with my t5 russian premium
    dd and american t7premium dd and t6 dd all along, without knowing the facts
    🙂 it can be pretty annoying against an enemy ship

    but how can someone counter-attack it? it would be nice with a video about

    what i have been doing (i have never had dds higher than the sims) was to
    try to avoid sailing alone if i am in a battleship. or if i was in a
    cruiser, i was trying to find out where that bastard DD is by sailing
    against it. if it is alone on that flank. and i have also some backup.

    any other suggestions or ideas?

  28. ZeKeR “ZiK” BaNaaG

    and I roll in the Myoko soon after… GLORIOUS.

  29. While there’s a counter to it (CV), it still is a highly problematic game
    mechanic, not just from a realism perspective, but also from a gameplay
    perspective. But I guess the develepment teams of WoT and WoWs are just not
    on speaking terms…

  30. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    Awesome test m8..!, But it also made BB,s worse imo.

  31. Should also be useable in Lowtiers, if you want a dedicated
    Lowtier-Captain. Clemson can boost up it’s range to 10,32km with AFT and
    has 7.0 detection-range. The guns have only 102mm so the offset for firing
    should less than the 3,8 and most likely less than your 3.32km
    Wickes detect is at 6,7 and rabge with AFT is at 11km. This ships have too
    much sealclubbing-potential.

  32. I helped? I don’t really recall doing much. I did spread one old
    spreadsheet that dealt with this on the NA forums, but I was not the
    creator. I guess it sparked a bit of interest with keeping up with this
    mechanic. There’s a newer spreadsheet that doesn’t seem totally accurate,
    but it gives a general idea for the new VMF DDs.

    The Concealment Expert perk having an effect on the firing range detection
    increase is a big deal. Remember that you are also taking advantage of the
    more obvious detection decrease, so it’s like you’re double-dipping.

    Remember that the detection increase lasts for 20 seconds after firing.

    I think I’ll stick with my aggressive doctrine and pass on AFT to go with
    Last Stand in case of engine hits for my VMF DDs so I can escape away from
    detection or charge for a torpedo attack.

  33. Thanks for using my poor DD for ur demo

  34. Thanks for the video, this is good to know. But… this looks like a
    completely broken mechanic. Especially with those RU boats. How is a slower
    ship supposed to counter this tactic? That Tier X RU DD is just poking fun
    at the idea of game balance. If you have a decent CV capt that keeps planes
    away, you could spam guns all day.

    Also what’s with Russian devs constantly making their own equipment super
    overpowered? Its not just Wargaming, Eagle Dynamics do the same thing in
    DCS World. Put… the propaganda… down!

  35. I ran into 2 German cruiser today in 2 matches, A tier 8 Admiral Hipper and
    Tier 7 Yorck.

  36. Vice Admiral Dusty Attenborough

    Yeah….this only works when you have very skilled captains, for example
    the Mahan with it’s 7.9km detection range +3.8 when firing means it cannot
    invisi fire even when fully upgraded. Its gun range is 11.7km, unless you
    have advanced firing training, its not possible to do this 🙁 finding the
    Mahan a very situational ship as its too slow to act as a fast gunboat :(

  37. i understand that you have reshearched the game and want to share how to
    use the available mechanics…
    yet as i see this can be a huge exploitation against fun…
    as i see not rendering in ships where one could physically see them IRL is
    a mechanic only existent to save the less capable captains…and this cause
    plenty of problems whit pop-ins at islands where if one does not have team
    support of spotting then you are always at a disadvantage just like when
    you have a worst computer/net connection that you see the opponent later
    thus can react later.
    so for me “invisifiring” is a mechanic that is intentionally placed to
    promote greedy behaviour and basically griefing purposes…for the admins
    and moderators to have fun…while this was not a topic reshearched…
    now that you have exposed it, plenty more players will turn to this method
    of griefing and ruining other people’s games just for selfish
    reasons…therefore the players get more of a jerk by using exploits
    wherewer they can making the player base thinner and thinner, just like
    what effect the aim-mod has.
    this process has been studied and reshearched in other games like
    warthunder and wot and there is plenty of proof in them.
    i have no problem with you, or your video, this is nothing personal, not
    even attacking your position or work.
    all i am here to tell is that such mechanics in ANY game should be ironed
    out, taken away, in order to create a playing field which is equally
    enjoyable to all parties involved.
    also the mechanic itself creates a more “sniping camping” attitude of
    players thus leading to more draws and slower games which creates even more
    arguments and problems in the playerbase leading to verbal fights and
    plenty of raging…and a game that has many ragers is not an enjoyable
    game…because you either troll or rage or just let it go…but when you
    let it go…what would keep you playing?
    so i ask you, please, post this on their forums as a report or a suggestion
    to remove from the game based on the explanation above.
    and please share your points on the matter too, i am interested to hear
    other ways of preception of this.

  38. Vanessa Palmer (Vanessaira)

    Great video, but now everyone will know about this… :P

  39. christopher tucker

    Great gameplay! I will be giving this ago today on my aoba

  40. Make Nautical Miles!

  41. Watched your Twtich on the Soviet DD ICloak.You are having waaaaaaay to
    much fun burning them Yamato’s and Iowa’s.:)

  42. that tier X russian destroyer is like a light cruiser

  43. well this kind of playstyle demands alot of skills and I do mean alot, the
    gunboat playstyle is probably the worst kind of style in my opinion

  44. This seems pretty much inapplicable to lower tier ships, yes?

  45. this is evil! and genius!

  46. 420 blaze it

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