World of Warships – Captain’s Academy Episode 21 – Manual Torpedo and Dive Bombing

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Episode 21 covers the basics for manual torpedo and dive bombing. Mastering these essential skills will help you become a much more lethal carrier captain. Captains, bomb away!

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. I have no idea why IJN torpedo groups don’t become tigher when manual
    targeting like the USN ones do. I just sold my carrier, was tired of USN
    total air supperiority leading to anti-game, was so frustrating…

  2. one more thing you need to add , for manual torp drop , if you drop them
    very close to the enemy ship they do not do any damage even if they all hit
    , so drop them about 1/2 of the distance between the dotted line and the
    target ship .

  3. Thanks for mentioning the way point. I’ve had that happen numerous times
    and didn’t know why.

  4. I approve of this video.

  5. very timely o7 sir!

  6. More device practice this in Tier IV in the CO-OP until you get the basics
    down, the AI is passingly good and you won’t hurt your game stats trying to
    get this right in games.

  7. thx great video

  8. thx great video

  9. thx great videi

  10. Hey iChase ! I used to be pretty good with battleships in CBT, I had a
    Nagato and North Carolina and citadels were very common. Now I feel like I
    am so bad because I still get hits but I just can’t make any citadel. I am
    pretty accurate when I shoot but my shots don’t go trough…. Do you have
    any idea why it do this ?

  11. hey chase really great video, me and my friends watch ur videos all the
    time, i really don’t do that many comments but i wanted to tell u an idea
    for world of warships and if u like it maybe u can pass it to wargaming or
    something, anyway i just was in a battle on open ocean and me and the
    players were having fun in the chat about how some of them hated it and
    some like it and in the middle of all this i said it would be cool if there
    was sharks and blue whales and stuff just under the surface and they
    thought it was really cool and someone told me to go to the forums but i’m
    too lazy..

    we all came up with it really i hope u can see the chat but i haven’t
    enabled the replays so..
    keep up having epic games and good luck :)

  12. Chase, only 1 question: how do you get the training room? Keep up the good

  13. Stock Independence, do manual drop on tier 7 & 8 BB, all my planes got
    murdered. Don’t do manual drop on high tier ships with stock bi-planes.

  14. 5:20 yes, you can click on the waypoint by accident. However, it is not
    the only point on the screen where clicking results in no action; if you
    try and click on the left 1/3 of the screen (specifically, where your
    chatbox/gearshift is), then the game interprets it as clicking on the
    chatbox, rather than the playing field. This applies to bombing, plane
    moving, waypoints… try it yourself, it’s uber frustrating.

    Same thing applies with the extreme lower right (map), targeting “under”
    your plane group hotkeys… Really, only about 1/2 the screen can be
    “attacked” while in carrier view

  15. hey iChase, one thing i struggled with when first starting was trying to
    gauge how close or how far away I need to drop for the torps to arm. do you
    have any comments on how to better gauge it? being at at the lexington I’ve
    pretty much mastered it but from time to time i still drop too close.

  16. Something you might want to mention is not to drop torps too close to the
    target, or else they won’t have time to arm before they hit or even pass
    under the target.

  17. How do you make a room with Yamato bots? I want to practice random things
    and I would like to know how

  18. good video chase. thx a bunch :)

  19. Great vid chase, 1 tiny thing: you said you need to hold L-Shift and then
    select all your squadrons that you want, thats not true because for the
    first squadron you dont hold shift. If you do you will have the previous
    squadrons still selected.

  20. Thanks for this video Chase! I’ve been inspired, through watching your
    matches in your Midway to go down the US Aircraft Tech Tree myself. Still
    learning, so videos like this are hugely useful!

  21. Kuu Hanekawa (羽川空)

    OMG chase, this one is tough for me to add subtitles…….. :/

  22. Wait a minute Chase. Practice against bots??? There’s no more training room
    last time I looked so, other than Co-op battles, where do we get bots to
    practice on? I know that a couple of friends that are just starting out
    would really like to be able to practice that way so how do we get there?
    Thanks in advance for anyone that has the info btw.

  23. ive been doin this since 1995 and it still amazess me that some turds have
    no idea that this is a thing

  24. How do you make a room with bots for practice?

  25. You didn’t mention the minimum arming time on the manual torp drop, it has
    saved and cost me on ocasions, olso when playing at T5-6 you’r planes are
    just that bit slow that they will get gunned down by enemy AA even if there
    aren’t too competent target driving their ships.

  26. Hey Chase, any quick tips for the aspiring Japanese CV player? Only having
    4 planes in a squadron can be rough sometimes on a rookie :P.

  27. Can you tell me what was your loadout in Bogue (tier V CV)? I don’t know
    what to unlock first.

  28. Nice video. Loved carriers in cb and still playing but little annoying how
    IJN got torpedo spread nerfed. Still get good games so nerf was not for
    nothing. dont know how i have missed manual dive bomb thing. That was new
    to me 🙂 All other was quite familiar. really good for starting carrier
    players. Keep making these!!!

  29. Would love me some basic understanding – actual gameplay – of the new
    glassboats and gunboats.

  30. carrier planes need their HP slashed. A good AA rating should have an
    effect on the incoming planes, not by the time theyre 5 KMs heading home to
    have a reasonable effect. Something can be done because theyre seemingly
    more balanced at lower tiers.

  31. Hi iChase how about a pro video about attacking with a CV, where you show
    some tricks, how to engage different kind of ships.
    I saw one trick how to relative successful torp DDs. He first dropped one
    salvo onto the DD and when the DD turned, to let the torpedoes pass him
    right and left, he made another drop from the side, which now the DD
    couldn’t avoid without turning into the first salvo. Ok that works only if
    the DD runs with the torpedoes, but these are some tips and tricks.

  32. Bad timing since the next patch is going to change how torpedobombers work.

  33. Arvin Dave Velasco

    great vid chase, always waiting for your Captain’s Academy vids. really
    helps a lot. and nice of you on pointing out the circling planes part =)

    and also quick question what is the best view on attacking ships? zoom in
    or out? sometimes i zoom in too much too see if ships are turning and it is
    sometimes to late to manuever and the planes are now committed on the drop
    and miss the target. hehehe.

  34. Thanks for the vid. One question, what key do you press in order to make
    your fighter squad attack multiple squad(one after one)?

  35. Even Aerroon said he learnt from iChase 😀
    BTW, if you’d love to see some of the coolest CV plays, check Aerroon’s
    channel. Here is an example

  36. I think CVs are still broken, and the evidence is simply in how few people
    play them.

  37. One thing. I got the feeling that if you torp the enemy ship too close
    (release the torps too close) the torps wouldn’t activate and won’t do any
    damage at all. They just bounce off the hull.

  38. I think the hardest thing for me is getting that perfect drop. Often times
    I find that I literally drop my torps foot or two short from distance
    required to arm them

  39. Wow this is a lot more detailed explain about planes. But… I already
    kinda give up on playing carriers :p

  40. Great update to that first original video chase, it was starting to look a
    bit outdated. The clicking on the waypoint thing was the only thing new to
    me, thanks for the explanation. But why no love for IJN? :3

    I suppose the upcoming new spread makes it a bit pointless to go into
    detail but I’d love to see some expertise on tips for IJN CVs at some
    point, especially if they do decide to keep it in the form of an inverted
    spread. And two questions:

    1. Is it worth trying to dive bomb destroyers? Is it worth trying to manual
    dive bomb a maneuvering DD, or should I just use auto for that?
    2. Is it always better to stack the TB squads for a CV that has more than
    one? Does it really ‘spread out’ the AA damage as some people say? If not,
    when should I stack and when should I do piecemeal drops?

  41. Very nicely done video, explained a lot of things. Thanks for taking the
    time to film and upload these videos.

  42. Great video Chase. Just a question for you.

    I’ve been doing well as far as attacking enemy carriers and battleships but
    the one ship class that I’ve been having a hard time to engage consistently
    in my carriers are the cruisers, particularly the tier 8-10 USN and IJN
    class. I try my best to knock them out in one strike but usually have to
    make 2 attacks or 3 in order to ensure a kill. Have any tips as far as how
    to beat them?

  43. 迷う暗闇 - M.K.

    Great video as usual, Chase. The part about unintentionally clicking on way
    points when giving attack orders should definitely help lots of CV players
    out there cuz that has been bugging me since alpha. I really wish WG can
    just disable the ability to click and drag way points when ALT key is

    One additional thing you may wanna mention though. and one of the most
    important and annoying part about manual torpedo bombing: the arming
    distance. Dropping too close then your enemies eat duds dealing 0 damage,
    but too far will then allow it to turn away.

  44. One more thing about plane spinning, Chase. There’s a sort of corridor
    where the planes enter the attack run. If they can’t line up to it, they’ll
    try to maneuver in a way so that they can enter it. This sometimes means a
    last minute drop order is ruined and you’ll have to reposition them. It
    isn’t just when you were too late with the drop order.

    Honestly, I think that step #1 for trying to balance high tier CVs would be
    to get rid of the bomber health upgrade (the equipment slot one). Bomber HP
    scales up by 2-3 tiers using this upgrade when you go from tier 8 to tier 9
    while AA doesn’t scale at the same rate. Fighters can’t even cope with it

    It’s bad enough that the planes are so quick at those tiers so
    repositioning is fast and easy. Even DDs have trouble just surviving
    against a CV attack. The lower tiers don’t have this problem, as the
    bombers are slower and more fragile.

  45. Hi iChase, big fan of your channel. Any tips on IJN manual torp dropping?
    IJN airplanes have much wider torp spreads than the US ones. At my tier, I
    can only hit 2 out of 4, most of the time. Any suggestions?

  46. Auto bomb drop have its benefit of better chance of setting more fires on
    longer ships imo, though a single bomb hit at maximum damage is better than
    a fire.

  47. Great video as always, but gotta admit everytime i click one of your videos
    from my sub list, your name makes me cringe, that lower case i makes me
    associate it with all things apple. Thus everytime comming in to one of
    your videos i expect the worst, and sometimes, i’ll delay watching it or
    not get to watch it in favor of something else instead. Guess i detest
    apple with a passion xD

  48. Gregory Clarke (TrueAssassinsCreed)

    thx, that actualy helps since I cant aim for shit in carriers as of

  49. How’s you get the enemy ships not to move? Is there some special training
    type thing you can do??

  50. Great video! Err…the dashed line, not dotted. Lol. On Reddit, this might
    be the top comment :-)

  51. Alt drop needs to be removed, it’s so overpowered against ships that can’t
    turn too well, and AA isn’t actually worth anything unless your in a
    cruiser with the defensive AA module.

  52. Hey, Chase! I have a question for you. I’ve started playing in July and a
    few weeks ago I finally reached my target baby, the Colorado, with of
    course also getting the Cleveland. Before a few weeks I had zero love for
    carriers but I went to New York City two weeks ago and I went and checked
    out the Intrepid museum. She really inspired me, her history, the
    sacrifices and heroism of her crew, so now I’ve started out on the US CV
    line, with of course aiming for the Essex since the Intrepid was an
    Essex-class carrier. I’m not even planning on going for the Midway. My
    question is, could you make a lengthy video for rookie CV players,
    especially those who are getting hammered in the Langley, Bogue, etc. I’ve
    just had my first 8 games in the Langley, I survived 2 battles, had one win
    and one kill. I’m doing everything I can to be good, following your advice
    from your Midway videos and Jingle’s observations, however I’m still
    getting wrecked. I have to admit that low tier players also tend to leave
    you out to dry. Help, please!

  53. I haven started any cv lines yet but sense I have unlock a good amount of
    sun ships I might start there do you have any advise for Langley and other
    warier tier usn cv?

  54. Thanks for updating this, chase. We could all use some timely reminders.

  55. can I get upvotes for for absolutely nothing

  56. Well I’m early lol

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