World of Warships – Captain’s Academy Episode 22 – Overmatch Mechanic

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Episode 22 covers the overmatch mechanic. This mechanic is one of the major reasons why Montanas in the game struggle so hard to fight Yamatos. By understanding this mechanic might help you decide how you want to fight certain battles. Enjoy Captains!

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  1. This is just lazy. Caliber isn’t equal penetration. A 5,56 mm rifle caliber
    can penetrate over 50 mm of steel (depending on angle, distance, yaddayadda
    of course). Either Wargaming failed on that or, dear Mr Chase, your
    explanation is accidentially fitting but generally false. I really hope the
    latter is the case (no offense I’m not subbed for nothing, right?) and
    until i see some kind of numerical evidence i’ll assume that’s the case.

  2. does training room still work ?

  3. Saying that The Yamato could pen The Montana and Iowa at any angle Just
    yells me the game is broken. I don’t think that was really possible IRL,
    though there wasn’t any 1v1 engagement. Sorry but IRL the armor of a Iowa
    os just massive and even of you consider 17-18″ runs it’s not so simple to
    just pen it every time. Also, the bigger the caliber, the bigger the air
    resistance and higher risk of accuracy problems, even if it has higher
    muzzle velocity! WG algorithm is just baby talk to any engineer or other
    technical person.

  4. lol at “US always best” comment. US Propaganda too stronk.
    Many topics already discussed the “safe distance” or “immunity zone” of
    Iowa vs Yamato in detail. The result is obvious. But many people still have
    “US always best” delusion.

  5. can you give some more exsamples maybe? cool video, explain a lot.

  6. so for an montana to get an yamato its to over manover him and shoot he

  7. Problem is … according to Naval history records … their model is wrong.
    While the 18.1″ round did more damage once it penetrated (larger charge),
    the 16 inch “heavy” round of the Montana / Iowa had as much penetration.
    Its their game and all … but its still not correct.

  8. Conclusion, WG is Axis biased

  9. If they use the N3 for the British this will get interesting

  10. The armor piercing capabilities is completely inaccurate, the US 16 inch
    guns had super heavy firing shells which had the same and sometimes better
    penetration than the Yamato’s 18.1 inch guns.

  11. Well down chase, even though i watched this 5 times I didn’t understand the
    first 3 XD

  12. That’s really stupid.

    The reason the american never put 18 inch guns on their battle ships is
    because after 16 inches penetration actually drops.

    You see because Kinetic energy = mass and velecity ^2 there comes a point
    where the mass of the shell slows the shell so much that kinetic energy is
    actually loss. This meant that the Yamato got less penetration from her 18
    inch guns NOT more.

  13. Can the Montana pen lower tier ships such as the izumo and does the yammato
    lack in any area at all that the montana doesnt or is the yammato superior
    in every way possible?and how do you make the bots hold still? i have the
    mod but they always end up moving.but other thank that keep up the work
    chase! i love the editing and time you take in the videos.

  14. I really dont see the point of this video, doesnt every high tier BB play
    knows its not viable to use AP against a well angled Yamato ? Hell, its not
    viable to use AP against ANY high tier BB when they are well angled. and I
    am tired of how many players keep crying about how the Yamato is “BETTER”
    than the Montana and even you iChase ! the Yamato is a “AntiBB-BB” of cause
    it will do better against another BB, but on the other hand, killing BB is
    the only thing that the Yamato is better the Montana, ONLY THING ! the
    Montana is a prefect all-arounder that can smash anything with her 12 x
    16inch guns besides the Yamato. WHAT ELSE YOU WANT ? Dont you dare to tell
    me you want the Montana to beat the Yamato in close battle with AP, then
    what is the point of the Yamato ?

  15. And this is why I think all T8-10 battleships should have 33 or 34mm of bow
    and stern plating (it isn’t exactly armour, but it functions like that).
    That way none of them can just go “lol angling” and thumb their nose. This
    way all of them have the same issues getting past heavy angling. This would
    as a consequence significantly reduce Yamato’s mini-boss status, to just
    being better than Montana (which could use it’s own work).

    This issue isn’t just a Montana vs Yamato issue. It is an issue for all
    battleships facing Yamato (except for Tirpitz which has 60mm waterline
    armour all the way to the bow).
    Now I imagine a lot of people would say “well, Yamato *should* knock North
    Carolinas and Amagis around” and they wouldn’t be wrong. But in the same
    sentence should be included “but they should have a chance to reduce the
    damage in return, like other two tier difference encounters.” Yamato is
    pretty much unique in the way she utterly overpowers the other ships
    without sacrificing anything serious.
    If an Amagi couldn’t be just citadeled from any angle, the Yamato in
    question would just have to beat her like a Montana would… which they do
    rather easily I might add. So it wouldn’t exactly infringe on Yamato’s
    power relative to that of the tiers below her. It would just make her the
    still strongest battleship of all, just not T11-12 material.

  16. Thats why the USS Montana is a tier 12 cruiser

  17. iChase, something you should put out in a video about current carrier play,
    fighter barrage kills any planes friend or foe within the target box. so
    when you have a friendly carrier, you have to be careful. friendly 6 plane
    squadron JUST flew into my box as my barrage started, killed all 6 friendly
    planes instantly and only killed 3 enemy planes of equal tier. i have
    accidentally killed and been killed by friendly barrage. like they say,
    bullets have the right of way……

  18. How does 32mm of angled armor bounce a 406mm AP shell… A 96mm gun in WoT
    can overmatch that

  19. Would it be fair to say this is a reflection of how they use to design
    battleships? I know when the US would design a battleship the golden rule
    was the armor on the ships needs to be tough enough to take hits form the
    same kind of caliber of gun the battleship is equipped with. Simply put the
    Montana needs to haven enough armor to fight another Montana and the Yamato
    just has guns that are to big.

  20. This again show World of Warships favors Japanese ships. Yamato’s type 91
    AP (3200 lbs) shell had about 4.9e9 joules verses the Montana’s (2700lbs)
    4.4e9 joules compared to HMS Nelson 3.1e9 joules or the HMS Prince of Wales
    2.2e9 joules and finally USS Des Moines 1.0e9 joules. Reports show that
    both ships could penetrate each other’s armor,. The advantage was with the
    Montana, not because of the guns or armor, but because of the the US’s
    better fire control system and radar. Shot dispersion would be the final
    answer, but again World of Warship favors the Japanese. History shows that
    during WW2 the Japanese were not very good shots.

  21. *Sees first text image*

    Then, not than ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  22. ichase never explained overmatch and it’s mechanics

  23. seems realistic then. Frustrating, but realistic.

  24. interesting.

  25. what is overmatched exactly you never explained

  26. the Montana should have better range because of its more advanced radar and
    fire control irl the range of these huge guns was limited more by the range
    at which you could spot a target and your shell splashes then ballistic
    range of the shells

  27. With only 2 Tier 10 battleships in the game, it’s completely understandable
    why the Montana comes up short. After all, the Montana is essentially an
    Iowa with an extra turret. That’s it. In all other aspects it’s an Iowa. I
    think it’s safe to say that the Yamato is the only “true” tier 10
    battleship in the game because of this. Maybe when other Tier 10
    battleships are introduced (especially some German designs that could
    potentially have 19 or even 20 inch guns) the balancing will work out

  28. Wow… that is one lame mechanic…. I can understand having an overmatch
    mechanic in WoT to help prevent light tanks from bouncing shots that they
    shouldn’t, but in a ship game…..

    Nope, words fail me.

  29. Yamato also gets wave motion gun in about 200 years…

  30. can you review yamato

  31. Goes to show the difference in pen between the 18in guns of the Yamato and
    16in guns of Montana. With that being said, the Yamato will shread the
    Montana at any angle and distance.

  32. WG hasn’t released any of the info about the shell velocity mechanics (the
    stuff that actually determines penetration), claiming that it was too much
    data for the average user to consider. Yamato should actually have a harder
    time penetrating Montana instead of the current situation. Also, a larger
    shell diameter should make it harder to penetrate but cause more damage
    upon penetration. Or is physics too difficult for WG?

  33. What if the Montana is tier 9.5, then what will be the legit American tier
    10 battleship, I really love some opinion here? :)

  34. War Thunder won’t have this problem when they add ships

  35. Struggling a bit to get the point – essentially weak (but angled) bow armor
    is enough to bounce 16″ shells, but not strong enough to bounce 18″ shells?
    14.3 = ?

  36. Eivind Andreas Grov

    New intro?

  37. That is absolutely retarded, the American 16in shells fired much faster and
    were just as good armor penetration at the Yamato’s 18in. Wargamming needs
    to seriously get over the hatred they have for American’s in this game and
    get some of these ships right.

  38. Do u think war gaming should do the Iowa and Montana guns with the same
    penetration as Yamato like in real life

  39. ok… that might expain why I got 1480(over pen) when showing broadside,
    and get citadel when running away… :(

  40. Can HE over match the armour?

  41. These numbers show some incredibly convenient coincidences. Both the
    Yamato and Montana had the exact same thinckness of armor? An odd number
    like 32mm, which makes no more sense when converted into English units?
    And this amount of armor is just under what the Yamato needs for
    an overmatch, when 33mm would be too much? What BS.

  42. Well , after all that suffer with the shitty Izumo, pwned every game by a
    Iowa, Yamato has to have some advantage

  43. in that situation v Yamato, shouldn’t you be aiming at the mount of that
    second turret from you!

  44. i find it funny that whenever you bring up game mechanics/ridiculous
    invisible ships, and realism, everyone says
    but as soon as we’re talking about yamato there are
    suddenly 50 metalurgists on hand who want realism
    and are very familiar with a ship that was never built

  45. I think 100/7 is easier to calculate.

  46. Wait, isn’t 32mm shorter than an inch? And giant high speed 18in shells can
    penetrate it? What kind of metal did the ijn. Use? :O

  47. So basically, one should not play the Montana and just get the Yamato since
    the Montana cannot compete against the Yamato. WG sure has it well-balanced
    towards the Yamato, that’s for sure. I’m glad I stopped after getting my
    Iowa which I don’t play often.

  48. +iChaseGaming so whats the fix? Someone suggests increasing the Montana
    armor, would that be a balancing factor? Because right now the game is
    broken, and somehow I feel that the US line gets the dirty end of the stick
    in at least the BB and CA categories.

  49. I just love the imbalance, where to start, 1 The montana and yamato had
    basically the same armour thickness in real life. 2. The mark 8 super heavy
    shell which was fired by every ship in the US navy with 16 inch weapons,
    had roughly the same penetrative power as the 18.1 inch shell of the
    yamato. 3. And heres the kicker, On a broadside v broadside fight the
    yamato would put more weight down range than an iowa with a full broadside.
    Makes sense right?, But the montana class would have put more weight
    downrange than the yamato on a full broadside, Around 32,000 pounds of
    shell weight, which makes a big difference. So really the Montanas should
    be out shooting yamato’s with a full broadside. However, Montanas
    individual shell did a fraction less damage than the yamatos individual

  50. I would consider having a chat with the IJN CV captains to understand why
    this episode has come out lol

  51. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    That mechanic is a big pile of stinking crap. If WG focused on the
    metallurgy and real world ballistic performance than we would have seen a
    completely different and way more realistic representation of each ship.
    Especially US ww2 era ships that employed STS plates for hull construction
    and super heavy shells. And at 3km firing range 32mm of steel wont bounce
    anything off not even 3 inch shells. How fuckin drunk was WG staff when
    they made decisions for this game.

  52. Simply speaking, is that armor thickness x 14.3 = smallest caliber to
    Then is angling can make a magic of reflecting shells?
    Actually I want you talk more about it in the video.

  53. so no Monday rules? :(

  54. My impression is that WG is really avoiding having to admit that an error
    was made with this and that it will somehow go away with the introduction
    of new BB trees. The Yamato vs Montana thread on the forum leads me to this
    There is also the issue of many USN ships that are just not competitive
    which something else WG will have to deal with.
    But when and how??????

  55. How can this kind of unbalanc BS entered live game….. This should be

  56. And this is why World of Warships is struggling to retain a community. No
    ship should massively outclass another ship of the same class and tier.
    What’s worse, the Montana would have had better accuracy and similar
    penetration in real life but both of those characteristics were somehow
    handed over to the Yamato…because reasons? WG devs bought hook line and
    sinker into the hype about the “mythological” Super Battleship Yamato, when
    in actuality, the Iowa class was far superior in every way that would have

  57. Chase, have you considered shooting AP into the superstructure instead of
    using HE? Sure, you wont get citadels, but consistent penetration damage.
    I’ve gotten good results this way, even with cruiser size guns. (of course
    you need to be close enough to reliably hit the superstructure)

  58. What is the 14.3? I don’t understand the relevance.

  59. Wait a second here. I need more context. That overmatch mechanic, what
    exactly does it regulate? It can’t be just AP shells penetrating armour
    thickness, otherwise with a 14.3 multiplier we’d never see any citadel
    penetrations against all but the flimsiest ships if at all.

    I mean, the Kongo has minimum 25mm bow and aft armour, which would need
    ~357 mm caliber to penetrate according to the math. Kongo and New York main
    battery caliber is 356, so they shouldn’t penetrate the Kongo bow/aft
    armour, yet when fighting against other Kongo/New York BBs, that obviously
    doesn’t match the gameplay reality. So it can’t just be that you need 14.3
    times the caliber size to penetrate any given armour strength.

    What is the overmatch mechanic about? Calculating penetration values at
    maximum angling?

  60. this is especially bullshit because, at least at long range, the montana’s
    mk 8 superheavy shell had better penetrating power than the yamato’s did.
    but because it’s a WG game, we’re just left with “herp derp 406 mm guns
    means it can obviously only pen 406mm of armor, because all 406mm guns are
    of the exact same capability and essentially fire the same shell, right?”

    on paper the montana is a superior ship to the yamato, but not in this
    game. don’t even get me started on the massively understated deck armor the
    montana has (in game= 150mm, real life design=-236mm)

  61. As soon I see a Yamato in my Montana I shoot HE. My average dmg in my
    Montana is 100k.

  62. Somehow I feel that this ep is more like a rant than actual Guide that
    Captain’s Academy series were for :/
    Yes I do know you are really frustrated about Monty vs Yammy, but you can
    do a seperate video for that that’s not labelled as “Captain’s academy”.

  63. In your stream, the Kutuzov AP shell can deal 2-3k per salvo to Yamato, lol

  64. please do a comparison in between Kutuzov and 155mm Mogami. with and
    without captain skills.

  65. What would you do about this imbalance? I mean historycaly Yamato was the
    biggest BB ever built with the biggest guns so nerfing its firepower is a
    no no. Maybe give the Montana defensive torps or something?

  66. I will be on the tournament with you chase.

  67. sorry about the typos with using auto speech

  68. are you fucking people crazy do not know the Yamato its supposed to rival
    any other battleship that’s the way the Japanese built the damn ship

  69. yeah that needs To be fixed.

  70. Just remove the Yamato from the game :D

  71. How you get that match creater? Or room that you can choose what goes on?

  72. ichase answer me it Latios777 in WOWS

  73. first…

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