World of Warships – Captain’s Academy Episode 23 – Fighter Strafing/Barrage

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Episode 23 covers the Fighter Strafing/Barrage ability. This ability allows a single squadron of fighters to shoot down many planes rapidly. By understanding this ability it should help you significantly in your CV battles. Enjoy Captains!

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. You make it look so easy.. Are those staged in training room or a genuine
    sky strafe?

  2. you know, you can strafe enemy fighter without hitting your own by placing
    the crosshair at the very edge so that enemy planes are inside your strafe
    area but not your planes. Granted, hard to execute because your strafing
    fighter has to be at perfect position when your target fighter caught your
    other fighter or else you will took too long to find perfect position that
    the enemy CV might react by sending another fighter to intercept or their
    fighter would took down your “tank” fighter first before you got your
    strafing fighter into strafing position.

    Oh btw fighter seems to strafe at different way depends on where they are
    when the command issued, it seems to affect the result too but I’m not
    entirely sure

  3. very much appreciated – thnx

  4. Sometime when my fighter about to perform a strafing run i change theirs
    entry point , the fighter will not strafe a straight line but do a spin
    instead , short range but can catch the enemy from left or right . Can you
    research about this a bit ?

  5. one of my fave tricks when facing enemy superior fighter force with strike
    loadout on IJN is to sacrifice one squadron to lock down 2-3 enemy
    squadrons, and then strafe entire “blob” , making basically 12-4 exchange

  6. This strafe ability has got to be one of the coolest in game. It was
    amazing to watching from my Montana which was about to be torpedoed. My
    friendly Midway saw my pleas for help and in seconds, two whole torp
    squadrons where in the waves with their torps still attached.

  7. i already knew about this

  8. Please stop with the reticule, to avoid the ridicule… ok, sorry for that,
    but really, it’s RETICLE, not RETICULE.

    – reticle a network of fine lines, wires or the like, placed in the focus
    of the objective of a telescope
    – reticule a small purse or bag, originally of network but later of silk

  9. Suggestion:

    Make XP for shot down planes to grow exponentially. The more you shot down,
    the greater end game XP multiplier per planes shot down. The weaker AA you
    have, the greater multiplier you get. This will encourage CV escort.

    Make DC part a passive gadget in which greatly reduced the time for putting
    out fire, stopping flooding, recovering damaged modules. Give player the
    option to trade DC party for other specialties with the risk of very long
    recovery time if hit. This will reduce timed HE spam because each fire will
    be put out with a limited a mount of time. Also this one button fix all
    makes 0 sense anyway.

  10. Chase, one BIG thing that you forgot to mention in this video, the barrage
    ability WILL FRIENDLY FIRE and shoot down any allied aircraft in the box,
    both yours or an allied players. So if you have 2 fighter squadrons engaged
    with an enemies fighter squadron, and you’re going to win the fight. Don’t
    try to come in and barrage with a third fighter squadron, you’ll destroy
    the enemies planes but you’ll shoot down all of your own aircraft too.

  11. I pray none of the CVs I play against see this. 3/4 don’t know how to
    strafe or how to avoid it. I usually get accused of hacking several times a
    day. This is exactly why I decided not to sell my T5 CV haha.

  12. James 'JaguarAyala' Chen

    and Hosho is still disastrous. I wonder if there any idea how to play Hosho

  13. Japanese fighter have higher mobility and with some micro skills you can do

  14. well mostly this applies to US CV IJN CV are just weak at strafing :/

  15. why does the ammo not drop or goes empty at 3:46?
    when i do this strike my hunters loose ALL ammo he has,also when its fully
    armed,1 such strike and all ammo is lost,but not 1 loss of ammo when you do

  16. Great video as always, , sold my crappy cvs after a month of a certain
    patch…Liked anyways.

  17. ok YouTube, I see how it’s gonna be, stop telling me when Chase uploads a
    video so I can’t get first comment. smh

  18. Using barrage on enemy fighter scout may be beneficial as well. Especially
    so if the fighter scout is of a USN CA/BB or a grouped up ship(s) since
    getting caught in a dogfight with them and taking their AA fire can result
    in heavy fighter losses with how durable fighter scouts can be.

  19. thanks chase. is it worth plane hunting yet when it comes to XP and

  20. As a clarifying note to others, barrage will kill any aircraft within the
    barrage box, friendly or not. i have lost my own squadrons and have
    accidentally killed friendly squadrons before i figured this out.

  21. never knew what this does, thanks!

  22. I really enjoy your Captain’s Academy series. They have really helped me
    improve my gameplay. Your work is much appreciated!

  23. I was playing CV’s for most of the night and on several occasions had this
    happen to me wondering. WTF! Now I know!…Thanks for the know how

  24. I wish you can’t barrage your own planes (I am IJN CV). It’s really stupid
    mechanic to kill your own planes.

  25. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    At what range do they start doing damage to the enemy though, as in how
    close do they have to be or can they hit any part of the targeted area from
    any point while strafing?(aside from behind them ofc)

  26. Thanks for the video. It’s an idiot game mechanic though. It’s random, very
    cheap to use with no risk, and destroys multiple squads at the same time in
    less time than I can count to three. It is joined into the forced game
    mechanic where planes are forced into a battle. No ship has to deal with
    that, and every ship has a long lead time to avoid the torp/bomber

    WoW could give us a critical fail, when someone tries this and THEY have an
    RNG chance to get wiped, ok I can live with that.

  27. Good video once again Chase. Gonna get my hands on a carrier soon and try
    it! ;)

  28. Except for IJN fighter, the barrage effectiveness is annoyingly random. I
    barrage US squadron and down 4 planes out of 7. His leftover 3 planes still
    kill my 4 IJN planes

  29. Brian Lock (神通)

    This benefits both side.
    1) IJN torpedo bomber will be efficient only if they are stacked, so that’s
    a very easy target.
    2) Finally IJN paper airplane can kill some USN planes.
    However, I had seen a video before 0.5.2, 20 Hak fighter vs 7 Mid fighter,
    2 squad destroy other 2 left with 7 planes, even with the ability enable.

  30. Nice vid man!

  31. Nice i am new to CV Captain now have Boque Tier 5 and problem is to lunch
    torps just dont now what i should press which button to aim correctly!

  32. great video,great teaching

  33. hey ichase are you thinking about a Yamato review I’d love to know what
    upgrades and skills to kit my Yamato out with

  34. Missing one of these while playing an IJN CV means you just lost all your
    planes. Succeed against a USN CV and you merely bought time until his next
    flight is up. Sometimes it works well, but when it fails man does it fail.

  35. Nice video! Never learned about this until I shouted in a game “fcking op
    fighters destroy all my planes in 2 sec” and someone taught me about it :P

  36. Hey Chase! Greetings from Germany.

  37. Come on people, let’s get more likes, the average is 10% of the total
    number of views.
    Let’s see if we can beat that.

  38. Statler Our Great Serbian God

    I’m waiting for someone to say “First”

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