World of Warships- Carnot First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we have the new Tier IX Premium French Supercruiser, the Carnot!. Available for 223,000 Coal, or $77 USD (Buy it with coal). Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. “Carnot what it can and cannot do”

  2. Thanks for the video Sea Lord, I was just looking for a review on this ship!

  3. Alternative summary: A fat Henri one tier lower minus the firepower. She is balanced, and that’s why she seems so bland.

  4. Honestly, i think main battery reload Booster would help this ship to be perfect, cause of that long reload

  5. Seeing as we’re talking a lot about large cruisers and battlecruisers today may as well give a fun fact

    The Germans only started calling their Battlecruisers as such after ww1 before the end of the war they actually called their ships “large cruisers”

  6. I’ve been playing her a lot and she’s imo one of the best battlecruisers in the game however I wouldn’t run the build you’re running.

    Personally I run lighthouse build, same as Henri. Your bread and butter in this ship is your HE. You have fantastic pen, good damage and it’s not rare to get salvos that start 2x fires. The AP is what I consider situational. Very strong at the right time against the right target. But otherwise no. I do think this is a mid-long range ship that should rely on its agility to avoid damage. Getting HE spammed at close-mid range is brutal and really punishes her.

    Just yeah. You gotta play her to her strengths. Use the HE liberally, pick the right moment to use AP (3x Citadels on a broadside Stalingrad for example), and use your mobility. I wholeheartedly recommend her, she’s not bland, her playstyle is unique and fun for a battlecruiser. Also, my best shot in her was hitting a moving Friesland at 15km with 8 HE shells and watching his health completely disappear. It’s the usual french dispersion, good vertical, wide horizontal. If you get used to it, it can be pretty powerful.

    • @Danhvn Tested it with Carnot, Prinz Eugen and a Hipper. 12 Montanas, 4 each.

      Carnot won, killing its last Montana fastest, followed by Eugen, followed by Hipper. We all ran heavy HE and the builds were optimized for DPM.

      Carnot got 15 fires, 220 hits, doing 168k with guns and 218k with fires. Eugen got 18 fires, 310 hits, doing 160k with guns and doing the difference with fires. Hipper got very unlucky with fires, only getting around 10 so he took another 5 minutes to kill his last Montana.

      So the HE DPM is comparable. But DPM ain’t everything. Carnot’s alpha strike was consistently bigger, hitting between 4-8k per salvo, compared to the others. And I know what I’d rather be shooting AP in, that didn’t even warrant testing.

      So yeah, given Carnot is a battlecruiser, whose gimmick isn’t HE DPM, I’m not all that fussed with the results. In an actual random battle scenario, there’s a reason my average damage in Hipper is 50k and my average in Carnot is 100k.

    • @TheBaralinChannel gratz, you figured it out Carnot’s HE isn’t her bread and butter

    • @Danhvn Yeah, I also figured out you’re bullshitting about Hipper HE, which needed a whole 90 more shell hits to reach Carnot’s HE alpha strike but ok lol

    • @TheBaralinChannel I was talking about HE DPM, not HE strike salvo

    • @Danhvn Alright. I was talking about HE strike salvo.

  7. That moment when I heard quirks and features. I felt that

  8. When the Carnot was first shown in the Dev-Blog I thought “Super-Dunk”, which intriqued me because playing Dunkerque as a giant mid-range cruiser is a lot of fun (Ie using the speed and manoeuvrability to be where needed and avoid shells). I definitely wouldn’t pay for it but I might see about getting her down the line with coal.
    I suspect it may be one of those ships that’s rarely seen so the average player base may not really know how to deal with her or know what to expect. I’ve had a lot of fun with Plymouth for the same reason: few players ever see it so have no idea what it can do and makes it much better than it’s stats suggest.

  9. Seems like it is pretty similar to the Azuma (basically a Yoshino without the torps and a little less HP), which is a ship I know fairly well. Still, the French were missing a comparable ship. Alaska, Carnot, Azuma, and Agir all seem pretty similar with little gimics/flare here and there to differentiate them. But otherwise competition between nations for similar game role and play style. But, in that light I suppose it would have made more sense for it to be a free XP ship instead of coal.

  10. Fuck the “meta”, I use the reload mod and it plays nice, had some pretty good games already, dev struck some cruisers and even citadeled a Friedrich der Große. 18.6km range is enough to be effective with the speed you have, also I use rudder mod and it feels really nice. Having that speed and dodging ability is a lot of fun for me 😉

  11. Acceleration mod with speed boost to quickly accelerate / decelerate to get you into a good position. Speed can also be used to get into cover and a better firing position. Besides, drag racing Destroyers, er, Escorting Destroyers to help contest caps is fun.

  12. I think if you built/played it like legendary Henri it would be super fun

  13. As a heads up, the turtleback is only 20 mm thick. Any guns of 286 mm or larger will overmatch the turtleback. Basically, don’t rely on the turtleback to protect you from any of the super cruisers (except Gouden Leeuw) or any of the Battleships (except Scharnhorst).

  14. It’s a fun cruiser. I only got it because I collecting the 305/310 super cruisers.

  15. When Carnot comes to the mobile version, I want it

  16. I bought the Pommern with the coal I got from my anniversary supercontainers yesterday so I’m safe on that front. If my math checks out, by the time we get the next ship coupons I’ll have enough to get Napoli to get even more supercontainers in the Christmas event.

  17. So speaking of the Pommern, should I get it for my coal or Lutjens? I can get one or the other.

  18. You need to double-check that ‘turtleback’. The inner angled slope is only 20mm, so only the lightest of AP shells don’t overmatch it. Basically meaningless in the face of BB-caliber AP, no better than spaced armor.

  19. Outofcontrolsjs Gaming

    Thanks for the video. Any chance you could do an update video with the current crop of super cruisers as far as the order to get them or a re-review of them. Regardless keep up the good work!

  20. Game shows no land mass in the way of the shot


    Half of the shells hit the pilar

    Nice one

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