World of Warships – Carried

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When both teams are trying to throw as hard as possible, what it takes to win is anybodys’ guess.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. God damn jingles nothing makes me happier than a upload from you !!

  2. Never caught a Jingles video this early before.

  3. Was starting to think I wasn’t going to get my daily dose of Jingles, but the mighty lord of the salt mines has delivered!

  4. Let me guess, a 4 Goal Haul achievement?

    • It was, and yeah, that was the only one that got removed I could think of at the top of my head.

    • +Taluien I’d completely forgotten about that achievement. My initial guess was the Clear Skies medal, which got split into “AA Defense Expert” and “King of the Air” several patches back.

  5. Hey Jingles ! I think you should saved this title for carrier replay

    If there’s one

  6. Jingles, you trying to win a bet by saying Seattle as many times as possible?

  7. That title would have been great for carrier gameplay, say if someone happened to take a carrier down the middle of two brothers or something crazy like that

  8. what was that gearing doing on the A line?

    • He was afk. It never moved.

    • +Excubitor I saw the Udaloi come up in chat, but not the Gearing. Maybe I missed it, but anyways I think you’re right about the rage quit.

    • His radio was destroyed before the battle, he did not get the memo that a war was going on. He parked next to an island, and the crew had a beach party and dived from the ship. They even had some margaritas to drink. Oh boy it was a good day for the crew. Not a care in the world.

    • +Sensibly Named Person Of The Internet waves? at sea? chance in a million

  9. My Disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined, Despite it benign the game of a legend, that defeat highlighted is just not fair D:

  10. should he have switched to AP for the last few salvos on the Midawy?

  11. Did you notice the Gearing just sitting at A4 for for than 15 minutes?

  12. Tbh, I think he could’ve supported the Amagi better against the carrier with his defensive AA

    • Yup. His map awareness was lacking there. He could’ve saved the Amagi if he’d noticed the torpedo bombers in time.

  13. shout out to that Gearing being afk at A4 for losing them the game lmao

  14. Look at that Gearing. What a joke-coward.

  15. Amagi got just crippled by CV drop 3km far from a cruiser who has access to def AA, but not using it…. bravo

  16. “(…) by two squadrons of torpedobombers” checks symbol… he’s doing it on purpose isn’t he?

  17. Play the “Strong Female Protagonist” build and take spotter plane.

  18. The in-game comments have people saying the Salem is too OP. It’s a non radar Des Moines, with less health and extended gun range, no legendary mod, and only used the supper heal twice. Which didn’t heal all that much. How about suck less.

    • If anything, Salem is weaker than Des Moines. The crappier radar and inability to combine radar and hydro provides less utility than Des Moines in exchange for better survivability and range.

    • +Cailus Griffin I’ve thought about my own play style in the Des Moines. Push forward to support DD in the cap with radar. Get spotted and take heavy DMG. Salem play style, kite out and wreck ships.

  19. World of Warships, the only video game where your team can be on the verge of wiping out the enemy team, with only one person on their team left, with little health and about to die, and end up losing solely because the enemy team had more points. If only real battles worked like that.

  20. 19:02 funny, those torpedo bombers are dropping their torpedoes vertically

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