World of Warships – Carried

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Watch in awe as Holzbein_Jack almost participates in killing a large chunk of the enemy team. It’s the third time I’ve used this title but I’m sure no-one will notice.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Third time Carried. Hah.

  2. Just got enough reception at sea and a Jingles Video pops up. Thank you RADM Jingles o7

  3. Ooh, a Graf Zeppelin video.

    Aka the USS Bogue with two Z-class DDs strapped to its side

  4. The light cruiser in the game..

  5. I own a Graf Zeppy just because it’s a German ship and I love secondary build ships

  6. “Carry on, Jingles”?

  7. Me: Reads “Carried”
    Also me: *Remembers the other CV videos with the same name*

  8. The early Rockets attacks and not dodging the flak was painful to see. When you see the spreadsheets and play like this it’s easy to ignore what a competent player could have been doing.

  9. So, about an hour ago I was in a match in my Mogami where I literally got focused down and murdered by the enemy carrier. Never got into range of another ship, never got to fire a shot. Just got bombed back to the port without being able to do anything.

    Still enjoyed the hell out of this video. I come here for Jingles, not gameplay.

  10. That was hilarious!

  11. Perfect to go with my morning cuppa

  12. *DD rounds island and spots GZ*

    GZ: Call an Ambulance!
    DD: >:)

    GZ: But NOT for me.
    DD: oooohhh my Goooooo-

  13. You hear that? That’s the sound of angry salt miners.

  14. “..he is now 15% more dangerous” that’s cold, counting 100% of the danger posed to the enemy strictly to the secondaries and none to the player

  15. Polarising? I thought this was hilarious.

  16. That was the singlehandedly the dirtiest most beautiful thing I have ever seen

  17. I have the GZ on both EU and NA Servers and love her to bits . yeah she may be a Balanced CV , but so are the RN CV’s .. I can get reasonable games out of her but I am not very good . so I support my team as much as I can . with scouting and decapping .
    Lonely ships are my Lunch, which I pick at, munching slowly . 😂
    Love your commentary Jingles , Thank You 🤗⚓

  18. Instant like for all your videos Jingles, we got your back ;D

  19. One of those videos Jingles has shown that makes me feel so dirty after I watch it.
    Dirty, but with the warm fuzzies inside that clue me into being okay with the world

    Never change JINGLES!

  20. ah… the graf zeppelin, a special kind of breed really … Kappa

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