World of Warships – Carried

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So… how much damage do you need to do and how many of the enemy team do you need to sink in order for you to be officially “carrying” your team? GeoBrigade95 and Modulatus may have an answer.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. It’s that bloody boat game again

  2. Jingles…you know War Thunder has a naval mode? What we’re trying to say is you should do a war thunder vid, but, for God’s sake don’t do a war thunder naval video

  3. Never been this early before! Almost as quick as that DM got killed after getting spotted

  4. Jingles, they have just show some submarine gameplay. Your thoughts?

    • Malkuth
      I certainly hope subs never come anywhere near the regular random battles.

      Steampunk subs for Halloween? Great. Historical subs for future Scenario battles? Sure, why not. Subs being slow but invisible in Randoms (or, God forbid, Ranked)? Hell no.

    • If wows lied about no subs thats next 22inch guns for Russain BBs with 2.65 sigma and 190m of dispersion

    • if they cant balance carriers, how the hell are they going to balance submarines

    • My thoughts are to be fair, it would be fun to see U-Boats as part of PvE proof of concept as targets for ships / bombers, with some playable missions….

      Based on how U-Boats worked they actually have a worthy place in the game.

      Both as targets, mainly as targets, and as an alternative sort of Destroyers line… as U-Boats were not true Submarines but rather more well considered as being Destroyer type ships able to submerge for limited periods and a limited degree.

      Working a fixed “dive” system in such to also give DDs more to do could be fun such in place of smoke, a U-Boat could at the cost of Battery & Crew O2 as timers likened to “Smoke” dive to an attack depth but only one or so such.

      *again like smoke, but with timers for both O2 and Battery Power, or just the O2, such the more one runs the more it drains…. idk.
      Main thing is making it a Toggle Timer like with how should be done for a lot of Cooldowns/Abilities that are not “Consumables.”

      Either view on it though, we can agree.
      *Bombing some U-Boats in PvE missions with DDs and revamped CVs would be FUN.* :3

    • Not having subs in a WW1/WW2 battleships game is already kind of a little loss of realism (even tho the game is more arcade than meant to be realistic)

      Subs weren’t that op in the past since they didn’t have homing torpedoes or ballistic missiles, they will just be stealthy torpers/cappers eventually even more than DDs, with less damages and mobility.

      With the CVs rework, they have an even better reason to get into the game: with the CVs unable to spot the whole map with multiple planes, they won’t be able to perma spot DDs like they used to do, and it would be the same for subs; their role will probably be to flank the map to sink as soon as possible the enemy CV then BBs, but they’ll have to deal with enemies subs and DDs first.. and the possible depth charge bombers from CVs.

      Doesn’t seem like a bad idea rather than constantly adding (mostly unbalanced/eccentric) premium ships; and balancing them shouldn’t be as hard as balancing something overpowered such as current CVs (if CVs rework takes place in 2019, subs won’t be here before long)

  5. Whats long, hard and full of Seamen? Yes Subs are coming 🙂

  6. last time I was this early Japan was still an empire owo

  7. Midway armored flightdeck … thick enough to bounce Yamato.

  8. Darkness Nighthingale

    “common, don’t be shy. Your mother wasn’t.” -Jingles 2018
    Edit : Guys, can we start a Jingles quote thing. Like we take notes of every Jingles quote & make an out of context quote video?

  9. Poor old Vanguard. Never fired a shot in anger and eventually scrapped. Not a good end for such a fine ship.

    • thats EXACTLY why its coming into WOWS 😀

    • Александр Воробьёв

      tier 8, eh

    • yes with the same 15 in guns from the Warspite. probably faster loading and longer range

    • +boristhebarbarian
      The initial supertest stats give Vanguard the same 30-second reload as Warspite. The difference being that she gets a muzzle velocity of 804m/s instead of 732. Which hardly seems like enough for Tier 8, especially since Vanguard isn’t even getting the 2.0 sigma of Warspite.

      Honestly Vanguard ought to get something like 2.1 sigma and 26 second reload.

    • +Tyrion Lannister, I found this sad as well, but there is a silver lining to her scrapping. Since HMS Vanguard was built before the use of atomic weapons, steel from such ships is premium for radiation shielding because it isn’t contaminated with radionuclides (such steel is called “Pre-Atomic Steel”). As such, part of her belt armor was used for the whole body monitor at DSTL in Alverstoke, Gosport in Hampshire, England.

  10. jingles.. the american carriers started getting armored flight decks with the midways.. 1st USN carriers built with them

    • …. and the bloody AP fuses still dont activate until the fourth salvo !!!

    • Yes….. stop and think about it. You are firing at deck armor that is designed to defend against attack from above which includes plunging fire from shells. He stopped bouncing because he was firing at the hull of the ship

    • the reason was the british had them and the americans didn’t, plus the pacific naval battles showed that the wooden decks could take a carrier out longer than the british armoured decks, HMS Formidable was out for 30 mins while the us carriers were taken out the battle

    • Another point, a wooden flight deck BURNS and a steel one doesn’t!

    • In the other hand, wood could be repaired, however armored flight decks being damaged could have permanently damaged the ship due to the entire flight deck warping. This did happen a few times.

  11. when I clicked on the video, it said it had one click only – 1!!!
    seems like 3 k nolifes are faster at even clicking than me ^^

    oh my …

  12. Personally not a big fan of WoW due to the crap they pulled in their marketing and advertisement department; “Promotion codes that didn’t work”; but that was some fine display of skills from both players and an entertaining video.

  13. *Jingles* – how about setting up a *Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Cruisers* ?

    • More like the Royal Paddling Club for Broadsiding Cruisers.
      Jingles has the heart of a BB player … 😀

    • Naw, he is a CA and DD player, he just enjoys seeing CAs getting deleted just as much as anyone else. I myself am a BB player, and it is quite satisfying when everything goes right.

  14. In 5:50 … I dont understand why people don’t use right mouse button, its the best moment to use it, he wants to rotate guns to other side but at the same time he doesn’t look at enemy, look on other side like he does in 5:50 and then press and hold right mouse button to rotate guns and have map awareness at the same time… in 2 years of watching wow replays on Jingles channel I only saw Flambass use it… I thought this is some basic shit but apparently even on ties X people dont use it…

    • for me i use Ctrl lock instead.

    • I re-bind the free look key to C because putting a *free look* button on your mouse is stupid. It’s bad because you don’t want to be pushing your mouse into the pad when wheeling it around.
      And I can’t bind right click to anything because wargaming won’t let me. 🙁

    • Part of it has to do with how replays work. When watching a replay it doesn’t record people holding their turrets in one spot, but they may be doing so in the game. Hence you’ll occasionally see shots from guns that are most definitely not pointing the right direction. So the player may be using it but you can’t really tell from the gameplay…

    • Its a pretty usefull skill to have in comp stuff being able to have your bbs guns focused on 2 different sides of the map can be very important

    • I use it, and boy is it handy in BBs when you want to keep your guns pointing at something when you want to look at something else. Or wanting to turn them in a direction ahead of time.

  15. When under air attack turn in, not away. Turning away is a good way to get all the torpedoes to hit.

  16. Silly jingles … Midway has 87mm of flight deck armor. At that angle even yamato shells bounce straight off.

  17. I hope I’m not the only one who pauses when he shows the player list. I always check to make sure I’m not one of the idiots featured in the background. 😛

  18. Way to present two famous british Battleships… in the NEW YORK PORT? xD

  19. It’s that bloody submarine game again

  20. Have you heard about Submarines? They’re going to test them in the Halloween event! I for one think it looks like it could be fantastic, and potentially well balanced, depending on what they do.

    • I agree that U-Boats (if more than Subs) have a good place in WoWs as a sort of alternative Destroyer like ship line… that dive at the cost of Crew O2 in place of having Smoke, to be slower but less easy to see or to hit using main guns, but with limited damage power torps but that load more faster…. etc? hmm

      (And if one Deep-Dives, loses HP over time from compression to avoid DDs?)

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