World of Warships – Carrier Revamp – First Impressions

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Music by: Kevin MacLeod


  1. Ayeee that’s pretty good

  2. Can you still recall your planes out of thin air so that they never get shot down?

    • You can push F to send your currently controlled squadron back to the carrier but they don’t become available to launch again until they have landed and made their way back to your deck.
      Whilst returning they fly back at high altitude so I believe are immune to any AA fire they would otherwise have encountered on the way.
      You also cannot reassert control after doing it, so once you press F they are going back and there is nothing you can do to change that.

    • +Malakith Skadi If the enemy can no longer interact with your planes once they are recalled then in practicality they have disappeared. So if you see that some of your aircraft are about to take enough damage to be shot down you just press F.
      You could even take this so far as to only partially drop the payload of a full squadron and immediately recall them to avoid losing aircraft. That way you can constantly sortie with full squadrons.

    • I think there is a period of time where they are still vulnerable as they “climb to altitude” so if you are right in the middle of nasty AA you will likely lose some of them but you are right, it could be used to save planes if need be.

  3. Man I’ve been subbed for years and I feel like you’ve gained just 15k subs in the last two years and you post nearly everyday. I mean of course you’ve thought about posting more popular games before, but maybe you should reconsider that thought?

    • This is going to be a long one so buckle up 🙂

      I post the games I want to play / am currently playing.
      YouTube is a side thing and not my primary “job”.
      I don’t have the time to record things specifically for views and “growing”. If people want to watch what I am playing, great. If not, oh well they are welcome to watch someone else and that is fine.

      Even if the channel did take off I wouldn’t trust YouTube enough to make it a full time thing, their “Adpocalypse” changes last year killed off about 75% of the revenue adverts make, Nintendo strolls up and decides all their stuff cannot be monetized, then a few years later strolls up and changes their mind the other way, any other company who owns their Intellectual Property could do the same at any time they choose.
      YouTube/Twitch is nothing like secure enough of a profession to live on when you have a mortgage and house depending on you making decent money consistently, I mean you only have to look at the new EU Legislation potentially coming in to force which could gut the whole industry in one swipe if they choose to.

      Also looking at things long term, the chances of YouTube being a thing in 40 years time when I am likely to retire are pretty much zero. Where as it is competing with my Masters degree in Engineering, both Electronics and Software Development are likely to still be around in some form or other unless craziness happens so that is where I have put my primary focus for work.

      I am more than happy to have a small community of people that like what I do and enjoy it for whatever their own reasons are than spend time and energy hunting the next “big thing” to constantly search for a wave of new subscribers.
      In fact the biggest “improvement” I would like for my channel would be convincing those people who enjoy watching to go a step further and join in on the games, get into discord or whatever other method of communication they want and take part. It is how everyone you see pop up in any of the videos I record came to be around, with the odd exception like Chadman they hopped in the voice comms and stuck around.

    • +Malakith Skadi I respect you alot more now. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  4. I miss your total war games but man, the AA is super OP at this stage. I mean with the capital ships able to shoot you down before you can see them, who needs a screen to protect anything?

    • If you check I think it is the last match in the video I get put in a game where I am not the lowest tier ship in there. That one goes a bit better and seems more reasonable for AA damage.

      Total War will reappear when Three Kingdoms comes out, if I like the game it will obviously carry on. If not I will likely swap to a Total War I do like lol.
      Although Imperator got its April release date so that will be making an appearance too.

    • Thanks for the fast reply!

  5. Not a big fan of the changes, tbh

    • So here are my thoughts on it so far.

      As a Carrier player:
      Good – You no longer have to worry about “running out of planes” and floating around being useless which is nice.
      Good – The rocket planes give you a good way of combating destroyers finally.
      Bad – You can’t mass torpedo salvo a Battleship from full health in one attack run any more (This was pretty rare really but the Japanese with all their torp planes could manage it).
      Bad – AA at Tier X when you are VIII is BRUTAL (see below for further thoughts)
      Middling – You no longer have to play the cat and mouse Fighter vs Strike planes game where you dance around looking for gaps / catch out of position planes. Some people like it, some don’t. I kinda did but I always felt removed from the game everyone else was playing.

      More generic comments:
      The AA vs Survivability argument is going to rage for a while, its a balance thing and obviously will come in time. My first two games I was the low tier with Stock planes in a high tier game, it was brutal. The last game in the video was far more representative of how I think it should go in the AA vs Planes effectiveness.

      Not having to deal with the fighter cat and mouse game means you actually get involved in the match with other ships as a priority as opposed to it being a Carrier vs Carrier head to head with a side dish of attacking ships. When playing in a party I found this lets you help out your friends far more than you generally could before.

      The meta changes:
      Previously destroyers at the start of the game would rush off and cap then float around trying not to get spotted or island hug. They try that now they get picked off by the rocket planes making them have to play far more WITH the team.

      Equally, having a lone ship gets you horribly targeted where as combined AA protects the whole. Since the patch people have been grouping up far more than they used to which personally I really like the feel and look of. There is an incentive to keep Cruisers in support of Battleships and Destroyers not too far away from friendly support. It feels much more like a Team game and less like random blobs of ships doing their own thing.

      I can see why Destroyers would complain (my main ship is a Japanese Destroyer for the record) but it hasn’t made them pointless, it is just a very significant change in play style. Possibly rebalancing which are the “best” destroyers to use. I would see it as a major buff to torpedo boats as enemies are grouped more but equally for gun destroyers being near your other ships often means they have bigger problems to shoot at so you can still be plenty effective.

      Anyway thats my thoughts on the patch so far 😀

    • +Malakith Skadi thanks Mal 🙂

  6. Hey I’ve been subbed since the mount and blade days, can you revisit them? Or could you play total war? Or try this game called Airships: conquer the skies.

  7. 40:40 The fact that you’re one of the few people I’ve watched who could admit that if there was no improvement, it was your own fault and not the game’s is huge. I appreciate you being real like that.

  8. Are you going to return to Battletech, maybe?

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