World of Warships Carrier Rework and What You Need to Know

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Get those WASD hacks out boys… the carrier rework has been unveiled and you now get manual control of your squadrons in .

Bottom line, this is going to be radically different from what you know, and highly talked about and debated. I’m excited.

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  1. Really good direction, sorry that this was a forced reveal, makes a lot of sense now knowing that it made no sense for WG to show an unfinished and unpolished idea… hope the consequences arnt that steep for you content creators/super testers now…

  2. Looks really fun. Can’t wait for them to polish it and get it out there.

    • you have no idea what gonna happen get ready to be reported every game

    • reported??
      i know its dumped down but u wont get reported more than with current CVs…
      actually i get complemented a lot when i play CV as i totally carry my team, destroy the enemy team, AND shield them from any enemy carrier strikes with brutal efficiency 😀
      thats all the fun with CVs now! for now 🙁

  3. I am sorry but people who express a counter opinion are not rabblerousers.

    • yes dmg over time can work, but the other bombers do the same. flooding is also MUCH more deadly and technically u can perma flood 2 ships with 1 wave!

    • There were stated to do low damage almost ineffectual other than module disabling to BBs and heavy cruisers but there are actually supposed to be quite damaging agest DDs, the rocket barrage is designed from the looks of it for DDs and perhaps light cruisers, but go watch the live stream, the dev did say that it would do a lot of damage to a destroyer. that’s not including module damage and fires which are arguably more deadly to a DD then the actual rocket damage would be. but as it stands now I really don’t see any ship dodging manually operated close range plane attacks. you might only have 3 torpedos a pass on a BB but that’s still 3 torpedos your getting hit by with no real chance to dodge, do that 4 times over the span of a few minutes that is one very messed up BB whose only real defense is hoping that AA eventually shoots you down, hoping that the flooding doesn’t cause too much damage before all the CV wings get shot down or run out of ammo so he can be forced to use his DC. not exactly what I would call compelling gameplay. I can’t imagine how torturous this is going to be for DDs or cruisers with crap AA.

    • Advantages is that they make fires. So make 1st pass and light 2 fires. Do another pass, and light some more. The ship puts them out? oh you poor thing, here are passes 3-4 for 2-4 more fires… Enjoy burning.

    • You think it is that easy to hit on a DD that is actively trying to dodge you? You don’t realise that the new game play would discourage CV players from hovering over a DD. If they do stay and spot the DD, they would be useless to the team as they don’t do damage to other enemy ships. Overall it is good news for DD players. No more planes hovering over my head throughout the game.

    • You are optimistic that you would still have a full flight after your second attack run. Didn’t you notice how effective the flak guns are against your planes, that is if you don’t evade them. You don’t just fly your plane in a straight line and expect not to loose them.

  4. If I wanted to fly aeroplanes in a game, I’d play World of Warplanes. Just saying.

    • just leave, dude. Leave from this game. We don’t need you who just abusing current CV gameplay to kill new players in low tier. Fucking OP CV!

    • It is world of warships after all. Those complaining about the new change have a right to because it is a massive change in gameplay style. Karadoudjan mustn’t have gotten very far into the CV tech tree the way I’m looking at it.

    • OP? low tier CVs cant TOUCH players that actually TRY to avoid them! max torp hits even on slow BBs is 2. on DDs its 0!
      all u need to learn in low tiers is to TRY to dodge.

    • I agree with you Sil Marillion.. but i’m not going to give my money to the same company….. If I wanted to play airplane games.. I’d go to War Thunder.

    • And if I wanted to play an rts, I’d go play Starcraft or Command & Conquer. Just saying.

  5. more then just a vocal few zoup, these carrier changes are VERY worrisome, and the loss of control over the carrier and far too much control over the aircraft it’s all worrisome, from what I can tell they nerfed airspace control strategy and team assistance in favor for overpowered strike capability. seriously I don’t ever see players dodging plain torps or bombs ever again. personally, I don’t know anyone on my discord who s happy about this. and currently, they said they’re looking at toning down the AA effects, I personally hope they don’t I miss Alpha AA, and I want them to give us a toggle slider. but overall for the direction, CVs are going I am not impressed. rather I am very very worried, I fil the focus is to narrow, and the loss of physical control over my CV or my fighters ability to contest other fighters and the AA changes this is all very worrisome.

    • That’s your opinion. My.opinion is this.looks promising and could.promote teamwork and strategy ingame instead of calling in a CV to scout or radar like Call of Duty.

    • I agree MotorsportsMania21, they should have just let the class die out… instead of this 1943: Battle of Midway arcade game crap. Out of all the changes and reworks they have done on this game since I started playing (Since Beta). I’ve never been so disappointed as now.

    • I have been playing as long and I feel pretty much the same out of all the rework ideas this is the most…disappointing, for as long as they have been saying they have been workiing on this it feels painfully rished and poorly thought out. and i think thiss will promote less teamwork not more, its far too arcady and far far too narrow in its focus to offer much in compelling gameplay, and as it stands now its far too easy to land oconsistant hits on ships that arnt huddles up together for mutual aa protection, there isn’t much here for play and counterplay you are either in an AA bubble protected form repeated torpedo attacks or your not and your dead. and that’s just… lame.

    • I am happy. I can’t wait to get back to CV play.

    • There is an indicator that shows where you need to drop your torps. I assume if you drop short of that indicator your torps would not arm.

  6. The majority of players think carriers are completely broken and are ruining the game. You call us rabble rousers because of our opinion, and then ask what we think?

    • they are not THAT broken…at least not if u add AA increasing in power the longer u stay in it…making perma DD spotting impossible.

  7. I’m not liking this at all.

    • play030  because that guy is the one who fucking does seal clubbing, killing new players with current CV gameplay which is fucking OP! Eat this, TESI303!

    • They removed strafe from tier IV and V btw so yeah no new players on tier VI and above (the atleast get the minimal skill for their roles)

    • all CV players dont like it really…me too even as i play all ship types, i still do excel with CVs.
      i always try to give advice to bad CV players, even when im their enemy CV…but especially if they r in my team 🙁

    • What kind of challenge or complexity does this provide over the current? None! Its a casualized, arcade-like gameplay that looks even more OP and with little to no consequence for CV player. CVs at least have to pick their targets wisely and guide their approach to the target or else their planes get wiped out. Here, AFAIK there isn’t even air to air combat to worry about. Folks, this gameplay takes away from the challenge instead of creating it. I play this game very very rarely nowadays. Each patch takes the gameplay away from the player and makes you more of a monkey pressing buttons in response to the prompts and icons on the screen instead of a human/captain paying attention and making decisions based on YOUR mastery of your ship and situational awareness. I’ve had a number of fond gameplay moments and memories playing this at the end the beta period. Now I might as well be playing Candy Crush. Also… I thank those that replied in good taste and did not reply with stupid jackass remarks. You know who you are.

    • +TESI303
      they should have listened to fara which has MANY VERY VALID POINTS.
      u should listen to what he say and so does WG.
      it seems they just dont care and want CVs to be viable for braindead monkeys…which apparently seems to be most of the community.
      there is a reason why i play CVs to relax…it can be too easy when u know what u r doing, in most cases anyway.

  8. no scouting no Ship control no fighter control ……NO CONTROL = no skill needed = Boring

    • kinda what I was thinkin

    • I agree Alex…. if I wanted to play an airplane game… I wouldn’t be playing this one.

    • Take one look at the gameplay, it’s obviously designed for controllers. They’ve made it simple for the window-licking console players instead of actually fixing the issues.

    • +Nick Foster so I’m just curious if CV’s aren’t broken or don’t have any issues care to explain why they aren’t allowed in clan battles? Because I can tell you why and it’s solely because they are broken.

    • I am not a console player and I am happy with this new CV gameplay.
      I am tired of getting de-planed by higher skilled players. I am just a casual CV player, so when I get into a game and have a skilled CV player as my rival, I am sure to loose my planes before I can make any serious damage to the enemy fleet. That is why the CV player population is low and no new player is interested in playing CV. There is just no hope for new or casual players to win a match against a skilled CV player.

      The new gameplay prevents CV players from wrecking each others game (accept if the CV player goes for the CV itself) and focus on attacking enemy ships.

  9. Disappointed. Wowping , boring Solitaire pac man or pinball.

  10. first, i don’t play CV’s. not my style. these are observations from playing around CV’s. not having pure fighters is a serious handicap for CV’s. this is their only protection for the majority of the time. especially in the early stages when the only thing they have to really worry about is strikes from opposing CV’s. CV’s with fighters can also provide AA cover to their team’s weaker AA players. taking away the utility aspect will hurt CV play in the long run. spotting, with fighters is good, but not insurmountable. my only real quibble with CV’s as they are, is the ability to drop torps at literal point blank ranges. this, in my opinion, breaks the continuity of the WW2 era tech level. air dropped torps were notorious for diving a 100+ ft or more on launch. needing both time and distance, typically a couple of hundred yards to get on depth and speed, for a successful hit.

    • what continuity? Kutuzov exist.

    • CV players can call fighters but they do not have control over them. The fighters will be AI controlled. CV players just tell them where to patrol. I assume they would be able to assign a fighter squadron to escort friendly ships. We have that in the current game too.

  11. So, Carriers can no longer protect their team mates due to the fighter change and apparently never run out of planes. Do they run out of ammo or is one squadron just going to fly over your ship bombing you over and over again until you burn out or sink? I know this is a work in progress and all but this doesn’t seem like a great direction to take.

    • With 12 planes per squadron and few shot down, having 130 planes is practically infinite unless all of them die.

    • and ships never had unlimited shells either….destroyers only generally had the torps that were ready in the tubes plus another set……so every other ships in the game has unlimited ammo….

    • Right. But this only applies to destroyers and possibly small cruisers, since one could be shooting thousands of rounds with that rof every game. And yes, torpedoes are not often on board as well.

    • In the podcast they mentioned that there will be a time limit on how long a squadron can be controlled before returning to the carrier. Also that is assuming that the other planes in the squadron are not shot down on previous passes. i would be very surprised if you could use all 4 waves of attack on anything but a solo target, which they also said they still want to punish like it is now.

    • Alot of people also haven’t realise that if your planes flies into a flak cloud (not talking about the small short range AA guns), they instantly die. So it is not just about flying in a straight line. A squadron flying inside an AA bubble will loose planes eventually.

  12. Why one squad in the air at a time
    Why Ship no longer able to be controlled by wasd
    Feels way too easy. Point and click adventure continues, I guess

    • Just like driving any other ship in the game, right?

    • i think its to get rid of the cv scouting the whole map with multiple squadrons…cv’s were never intended to be scouts, destroyers were, but a decent cv player will nullify destroyers without even attacking them….and if the opposition have a decent cv player, but you don’t, then its far too one sided at the moment..

    • Actually in real life, CVs are used for scouting. That is what planes are used for in the first place.

      What they are trying to eliminate is the ability of a skilled CV player to de-plane a unskilled CV player, effectively making him/her CV useless in the game.  Now CV’s cannot de-plane each other, which is the main reason why new players are not interested in CV play.

      You can still do scouting in the new format. Just call out your fighters to patrol in an area and they will spot anything that comes into their visual range.

    • However, CVs ability to scout the entire map, in addition to all the radar around, made a DD’s life very difficult, so very few were playing DD’s either, which left us with mostly BB’s & CA’s.

    • Zam023, argueing with realism never works on an arcade game. Scouting wasn’t only part of CV, many ships hat scouting planes.
      De-planing is still some kind introduced – when you lose planes, you get penalties. And also that is the issue, this game shoudln’t be a plane vs plane gameplay, it should be a ship (or cv planes) vs ship gameplay. And that’s what they did, you fight more against the other players than doing a 1vs1 against other cvs

      Yes, you can still scout, but not op like it is now with 5 squads or more. They’re solving many issues, what CV has now

  13. I have a number of serious concerns about this.
    -This will be hell on DDs
    -Better adjusted weapon release will harm ability for ships to get out of the way of an attack.
    -Reduction of fighter plane role will really screw over those ships light on AA and allows CVs to focus on killing ships, perhaps more than is comfortable.
    -workload on AA cruisers will be increased. Atlanta/Minotaur etc captains are plenty busy already!
    -Repeated application of DOTs during an attack will be murderous.
    -Planes to and from a strike zone will be invulnerable. Which is shitty for the AA ship screening his fleet from out in front.

    I am also concerned how they will distinguish CVs. How will they be different from Tier to Tier, Nation to Nation and regular tech tree to premium? Is it going to be a 12 plane strike squad from start to finish with only the type of planes involved changing? That would be massively boring.

    Maybe WG will fix these concerns before release, but WG has somewhat lost my trust in their ability to carefully balance things.

    As for the breaking of the NDA…. eh. I would be more disapproving of it if it was still 2017, the Year of CVs. WG have taken their damn sweet time and been super secretive. My sympathy is not with them on this.

    • Concerns 1-4 welcome to how it really was by most accounts and is a welcome much needed addition( I personally believe the ships should be as realistic as possible if for example, the 3 turret cant turn when at full speed then that should be the case in the game. No I don’t think that was really the case on any ship but you get the point) The rest I agree with you

    • Atlanta/Minotaur are suppose to be shooting down planes not spamming HE at me from behind an island. If they don’t like that role, don’t play those ships.

  14. I like the fact that carriers won’t be perma spotting the entire map now, but I don’t like the fact that carriers striking a ship isn’t that much of a risk as it is right now.

    • How is it not a risk? Are they taking away AA? No. They will balance it around AA. sure there’s not as many fighters as at present, but that can be sorted with AA. Don’t jump the gun.

    • If you lose all your fighters, there’s going to be a time penalty or something like that. So if you mess up you’ll be punished because that’s time that could have been spent attacking, scouting, etc.

    • they are planning to rework AA skills aswell, and in this footage, AA wasn’t working properly…. work in progress….

    • For those of you who didn’t get it, CVs have unlimited planes now. They no longer have to fear loosing the entire carrier’s planes.

    • I imagine the planes will be on cool down, just like when your modules get damage. So it will take more time to get the planes up. I am totally fine with that. I am pretty happy with the new CV gameplay. I stopped playing CV because I got tired of running out of planes and my CV become useless during the game.

  15. Normally I agree with you, but I cannot in this instance. Unlimited planes, come on, really. Carriers cannot use their fighters to protect the fleet, then why should anyone protect them. Don’t even get me started on anti-DD play. Wargaming has gone out of their way to destroy IJN DD play. What about refueling the planes? Do they have endless fuel? Do they have endless bombs, torps, rockets? If they do, then decrease the reload times for ALL ships, fair is fair. In this video, it appears that fighters can cause endless fires until they are all shot down. So they will be the next HE play style. I didn’t know that you are a big fan of that of HE spammers.

    I have been playing WOW for three years and I have seen it go from a great outstanding game to an okay game to “do I really want to play this garbage”. To me, this is just another nail in the coffin. When they actually put the CV rework in play, I will then decide whether to continue playing World of Warships or not. To the developers, please bring back the game I used to love.

    • Want a box of tissues snow flake?

    • Zoup wanted to know what we think, am I not entitled to my opinion. If you don’t agree, that’s your opinion. Why the insult, are you so insecure in yourself and your beliefs, that you have to belittle others. I have an idea, come up with something constructed in favor of the CV rework. Present your argument on why this is the end all beat all why to fix CV play. But I guess it is a lot more easier to insult others. I am assuming you are an adult and that the insult was a spur of the moment response. Wish you well.

  16. I cannot weigh in one way or another completely as I don’t have all the info yet, and just a few video clips of bombing runs.

    My concerns though are the following..

    1. Grand strategy, this is what makes CVs fun and entertaining. You have to gauge where planes are needed, for bombing, protection, or intel. Hopefully this still is the case.

    2. Lack of fighters will be strange. Sure you can call them in to help from the looks of it, but some nations are bent more on them than others. So how will this be done.

    3. Fighter duels and strages were part of the high octane challenge of cvs…too bad this’ll be removed and shoulder completely on ships now.

    4. National flavor. How are the nations differentiated now that its bombers only? I certainly see big concern if USN still has AP bombs since aiming now seems easier.

    5. DFAA spam…if you gotta fly all the planes together, these types of single button utilities will be too powerful if not outright unfair to the CV player. Currently good CVs have to bait you into using it, waiting, then striking once its done. However this is done with just 1 squad, not your entire fleet of planes.

    6. I agree itll be nice for ships to no longer suffer alpha strikes, but it will be missed… perfectly timed bombing runs was a key skill…especially with torpedos, hopefully something similar stays.

    7. I can see DDs being plagued more than ever…Im one of those CVs that tries to knock them out super early to give my team an advantage. I can see this being even easier to knock them out, but well see. Just speculation.

    8. Premium CVs…this’ll be a tough one I think…lots of us dedicated CV players purchased these because we love CV and liked the interesting tweaks on them. I hope my purchases won’t leave me wanting in the future.

    9. I do like how all planes will be lumped together. Historically this is how it was done, not sending 4 planes to go bomb a target… it was done en mass. So I like this a lot.

    10. I’m optimistic about the changes…but it is very concerning how drastically of a change they went with, and it looks nothing at all like the current system. This could be great, or horrible. I’ll need to play the actual release before I can cast full judgement.

    • 1. no its stated that CVs will be plane focused with little to no control over the carrier itself, only one squadron can be controlled upon destruction or expending your strike ammo you will be teleported to a new strike squadron taking off from the carrier.

      2. CV gameplay will be strike craft exclusive your job is bombing ships on only that. air domination fighter s will be a cooldown ability, you assign them to an area like defensive fire and they patrol that area under AI control for a few moments attacking other CV squadrons and then leave when their active time is up. you will not be directly controlling fighters against other fighters and the fighters you do use are armed with single launch rocket pods and do strafing runs on DDs.

      3. yes.

      4 .national flavors and fighting style will be attempted to be worked in but from what I can see don’t expect much difference other than ordinance loadouts and plane stats.

      5. yes but form the devs perspective you lose your 1 squadron you immediately go get anoughter one it’s a minor inconvenience and the cruiser now has a 2+ min cooldown on his limited use defensive consumable. AA is now one of the only means with which CVs can be stopped and DFAA is possibly the only means of protecting your self our your fleet temporally from any damage, at the range these ordinances are dropped currently if a CV wants to attack you-you are taking some kind of bomb or torp and there is very little you can say or do about it other then huddling together with other ships for mutual protection, and blobbying presents its own problems for the team.

      6. alpha strikes were a blessing, the carrier did a run on you-you took the damage you couldn’t mitigate by aa or maneuvering then you poped DC if needed and moved on with the next threat. it would be minutes before the CV could attack you again if he blew his load. now its consistent nonstop harassment, on average a squadron is going to have 4 wings, so a ammo of 4 strikes on the target, now over the span of a few minutes your going to be torpedoed or bombed or rocketed again and again and again hoping your aa can finally shoot him down and in this entire time your going to have to take the fires and the flooding and hope no one else tries to shoot you too because you cant use DC until this CV strike group is either dead or out of ammo, you just kinda got to sit there and take it. in this situation, I would gladly take the alpha strike over the constant withering harassment. and once he has blown his load or been destroyed he is immediately ina new squadron ready to come fly to you and do it to you all over again.

      7. with the new rockets and loitering mechanics…. yes.

      8. they are talking about a refund of some kind, possibly a premium transference to a ship class you do like of equal value if you truly dislike the new gameplay. though there will be compensations of many kinds and a number of lesser “refunds” for everything touched by the new system, the devs highly encourage all players to keep there CVs, not sell them out of rage or anything like that. there are planning some form of compensation program regardless of whether your happy or not because this is such a big change, but there will be something more specific for those with premiums that are truly unhappy.

      9. yes I do too, looks really cool, arcady mechanics aside strike groups look more realistic. AA was also turned back to what it was in alpha and beta, they say this was for demonstration purposes and it will be toned back down to improve performance, I hope they don’t and instead make that a toggle slider and let us decide what our computers can take graphically. as the new old AA was something the behold.

      10. i want to be otimistic but with the current ideas resented i am not, i think its rather poorly clanned out and rather a kneejerk response to a problim that can still be tweeked in other ways, contery to Zoups statement this has greatly devided the community wuth a lot of people displeased with these changes. as it stands now till new ideas and tweks are presentd i would have to say i would prefer the system we have to the system we are getting. for now they should make spottign for aircraft a time limited consumable simmiler to radar. limited so flight groups cant permaspot, and removve manuial drop and strafing from the game, and perhaps still gaving the old CV modle unlimited planes but with a greattly restock time as mrore and more squrederins are distroyed, thus preventing a useless carrer but still having loses have consaquinces. that will go a long way twords solving CV gameplay and would requre les drastic coading and balancing.

  17. First, I’m not a CV player. Second, I am really not a fan of these potential changes. I’ll avoid getting too specific, but the basic problem with gameplay above is, you’re now just a pilot flying his plane (yeah, it shows a squadron for gameplay, but you’re a pilot flying an attack plane, be it torpedo/bomber/attack). The game designers are making it direct control… which a ship captain/air group commander never had… again, I realize this is a game. But if CVs are going to be a thing in this game, they should be able to do everything a CV actually did. If you want to nerf them to level the playing field, take away manual drop and manual strafe. If there aren’t enough players playing them and you want to make taking defensive AA important, just put a bot on each team every game that doesn’t have humans at the controls. Make the CV bots bottom tier. Problem solved. But this, I just don’t like it. I know it’s work in progress, but not a fan at all.

    I would frankly prefer it if CVs were all bots. That would level the playing field entirely. If you must implement this change, then instead of having players play CVs, they should play squadron commanders and be on a CV. Then you’d have multiple squadrons flying around the map, some Fighter, some bomber, some torpedo… and each squadron commander could do as he wished for game impact based on squadron type… but that would be way too complicated, and it would be world of warplanes.

    • It looks like you could select the carrier squadron. And since it says 2, maybe pressing 1 would bring you to the CV itself. At least, that’s how people view such.

    • I don’t think you know what the real problem with CV gameplay is, since you said you don’t play CV. You never played CV even once, really?

      CV gameplay is broken not for CV vs othe ships but for CV vs CV. I am just a casual CV player, so if a noob CV player like me face up against a skilled CV player, I might as well resign because there is no way for me to out match him/her. And that is the main problem. I can make attack runs on enemy ships just fine. But I would be de-plane easily by a skilled CV player. As a result I could not play the game.

      The new game play allows a noob like me to still play and effect the battle outcome. The enemy CV player could not take me out of the game with fighters. We only focus on attacking ships.

    • Ship captains had never direct control on guns and stuff… So? xD There are some other games which already realized this kind of gameplay, so it’s nothing new. Also who says it has to be limited on what a Captain is doing? I mean the captain is the guy you’re hiring for every ship, you’re the player who is controlling the ship and everything that belongs to it. In case of the CV, you control also the planes. That’s what a CV is about

    • i think the main issue is the ability to only control 1 squad

  18. Think your wrong Zoup. It’s crap. I personally don’t play the CV’s much, so it’s not going to effect me, unless ship AA is altered. But the whole concepts remind me of a console/smartphone mini game, or arcade game of the 80’s. It’s going to be the most unrealistic part of this game. No multiple air squads…. No fighters except for a call for help button….Unlimited airplanes = No Skill… They might as well keep the current system and make the planes automatically attack. If I wanted to play an airplane game from the planes perspective, I wouldn’t be playing World of Warships. Just a pile of rubble….I’m pretty sure the majority of top CV players now… won’t be playing or wasting their money on this game anymore. It’s a Modern Day version of 1943 Battle of Midway. Very poor replacement.

  19. I thought the fighter just a consumables?
    The rocket ones just a new type of aircraft which is called attack aircraft not fighter

    • There dive bomber, torpedo bomber and attack aircraft(rocket strike).
      Fighter is just consumable aircraft like we already have that just patrol an area then off to cooldown…… Please reclarify this @Nozoupforyou

  20. It looks to me like this still doesn’t solve the issue at its core, and in fact only worsens it. You stated in the video that CVs are the least played class, and hopefully these changes will bring more over to them. The problem isn’t that people aren’t playing CVs; it’s that CVs are NOT fun to fight. I’m still going to have to try and dodge torpedoes in battleships with little to no hope of doing so, with AA (at low tiers) that is woefully ineffective, and have little hope of seeing the player doing damage to me before he permafloods me and I die. And these changes only make the problem worse, since now his planes cannot be intercepted or have their drop spread by fighters. Heck, even the one class that was almost immune to CVs, DDs, which could dodge dive bombers and weave torps, is getting shafted by rockets now? This is a great change for CV players – but not for anyone else.

    • CV planes seem to do a lot less damage now though….

    • You don’t understand the problem. CV is not fun to play because your planes get taken out and you become useless in the game. The new CV gameplay elimanates that. I say WG solved the problem nicely. Now I can attack without worrying about the enemy CV taking out my planes before I can even drop my torps/bombs or de-plane me before I make a single strike.

    • Let’s say this: Torps are the most damaging but least likely to hit now, as dive bombers and rocket bombers (let’s just call them that) are more easy to aim. Nothing to worry about, except battleships getting deleted all the time.

      And it isn’t less damage than before, but less alpha damage. Any player should get more damage from aiming twice at an object.

    • +zam023 Doesn’t that mean CVs can just torp rush each other in the begininning of a battle? They have multiple attack runs at higher tiers so they have multiple torps, and CVs can no longer dodge effectively with the removal of direct control. That’s not much different from having your planes wiped. And again, this is an improvement for CV players – it IS fun them and for you, I do not disagree. But for anyone who is not in a CV when they hit battle, they’re not having much fun weaving through torps, bombs, and rockets from a player they can’t fight back against.

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