World of Warships Carrier Rework Thoughts

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Today a CV Noob is going to give you their thoughts on the World of Warships carrier rework. That noob is me. I hate CVs. I was horrible at them and rarely played them at all. But I still respected them and the players that excelled at them. The current carrier rework is a radical departure, and I don’t know it its necessarily a good one.


  1. With the launch of the console trailer it was clear what they wanted. A way to get it on that platform… Nothing else mattered to WG. I for one am going to sell my Midway and Shokaku, get the doubloons for Saipan and Enterprise and that is that …

    And the idea of RNG AA vs player controlled aicraft does not seem to fair to be honest. Unicums will still be Unicums … and noobs… well… the hugeee gap will be there …

    • would have been WAYYY better to tweak current gameplay, which can solve almost all current issues easily

    • That has been proven to be false. We all know the RTS system sucked and was destroying the game. So stop lying about it being for the console.

    • +cobrazax dude it’s over the rework is here and the RTS was crap and everyone knows it.

    • +josh F yes I would have liked more testing but obviously wargaming thinks different so now we just have to do what we have to do to polish it but it’s here and it’s going to stay.

    • +play030
      LOL every carrier players likes it WAYYYY more than this stupid rework. only those that dont ever play CVs hate it.
      RTS gameplay is awesome and just need more rebalancing so make it more fair.
      of course WG couldnt give a shit and are dumbing down the game down to pathetic level of turn left or turn right…

  2. This could be very good or very bad? and the fact that this was against NPC’s rather than human opponents could alter the results considerably?

  3. I think I might spec my Kidd for AA that will be fun

  4. I still think, hope this rework is some kind of April’s fool joke

  5. T4 rework can’t hit a dd… A Bot dd what do you think will happen with a unicom dd or just an average human player. Cv cannot defends them selfs or it fleet. It is like the strike only lex and Ranger way back. Ai fighter’s does not count. Zoup we Cv mains warned WG about all the Cv cons you mentioned and has this one excuse to say.. Player cannot control more then one thing because it’s to apm intensive.. That is insulting even to the dumbest players… The rework has already failed. Balance is not addressed even if alfa strike is gone perms spotting is still a thing.. (I don’t mind this) only difference is now even a potato can be king of the hill in t10 cv. I constantly hit 300k in rework. You think we have skycanser in RTS now. Wait till rework

    • On the test my average with Midway is 311k… did like 280k with the first try :))))))))))))
      This is just retarded… And remember that we tested it against Worcester and other good AA ships… Monatanas have no chance :))))) imagine being in a Musashi/Yamato :))))))))))))))))))

    • +Cosmin Lesutan I took out Yamato with one squad impossible in RTS

  6. Yea not going to enjoy CV rework

  7. The two loudest complaints I always heard about CVs were the permaspotting and the ability of gifted multitasking unicums to run riot all over the map and overwhelm lesser lights. Both those things have gone now.

    I’m disappointed in the lack of torpedoes for Tier IV, but given how utterly defenceless and poorly manoeuvrable some of the T3 ships they face are, I can understand WG’s desire to remove aircraft torps from this tier.

    One possibility this new mode opens up is that of precision strikes against land targets, something I’m not sure the RTS format could ever have supported.

    • Good morning guys!
      I’m a carrier player only. 99% of my games are playing carriers. For sure, with this new update, I will not play carriers anymore….. just hate it. I don’t know if I will stop playing WoW.

    • Oooh, I like that last one.

    • +André Boisvert
      yup its totally braindead now…not interesting or challenging at all.
      ill refund all my CVs and play other ships.

  8. The bomb drop at 1:00 in, you where going after a submarine ….right ?
    Why can’t both versions of CV play remain in the game…. keep everyone happy.

  9. The new carrier play, while easier, is just what you said, boring. The ability to control either the carrier or a lone squadron is just plain foolish. The play of the aircraft themselves now much more closely mirrors that of World of Warplanes, which may be a part of the plan to try and influence more players to that realm. During the second phase, the AA was like as steel wall as you tried to attack. Even BOT DDs were taking out entire squadrons at over 5k. Very discouraging. Not only is the carrier concept changing, but so is the use of shipboard AA. The abilities of our AA cruisers, especially the USN ones, are being GREATLY affected by the changes, and in a negative direction. The picking of which side to concentrate your AA on with the ~ key rather than the current AA style is a concept that never should have left the drawing board. I am not sure where Wargaming is heading with this new carrier/AA style of play, but I for one am not a fan in the changes. Given what you are saying, it is almost as if they are going to force feed changes that are incomplete in an attempt to not only refresh a “dying” class in carriers, but also encourage folks to try World of Warplanes if they like the way the aircraft are controlled in the new style of carrier gameplay. Sadly, I think they may be doing just the opposite of what they are hoping for.

    • So to clarify, the AA mechanic change of selecting a side to put the weight of fire is being pushed to all ships???

    • Pretty much I haven’t had a huge ammount of time to test it myself but as far as I’m aware all ships are affected by the AA change but correct me if im wrong

  10. I agree with Nozoup. This broken class should have never been in the game….

    • I’ve been saying that for years… glad to finally coming around to it. This is a ship arcade. It’s not historically accurate and it’s not meant to be. CVs ruin everybody’s day… except for the winning CV.

    • It’s not broken is wrongly implemented. Cv Mains have told them time and time again what to do and they did nothing.. Not even 10 of WG own staff play CV. Fem her self rarely play cv her stats took a nose dive since she started at working for Wg

    • As a BB player that usually bombed by CV Torps and Bomber, i LIKE OLD CVs

      1 reason, Fighter plane.

  11. CV rework is a good idea, but if they follow thru with the AA rework its going to be pointless. CVs will farm damage on the same ship over and over again

  12. I think theres one thing they could add that would make CV’s as a whole in this style a lot better.

    Add your fighters as a consumable that allows you to pick an area of the map for them to patrol. Then theres a lot of flexibility with the usage. Do you drop it on yourself as fighter cover to defend your bomber squadron from getting shot down? Do you throw it in the path of the enemy bombers incoming attack on your BB’s? Do you throw it over a cap to spot a pesky DD? Do you drop it somewhere in the middle of the map for you to turn and fly your squadron through to pull attacking fighters off your tail.

    I think you should have this defensive consumable on all squadrons except for having the option to launch in a true fighter squadron that can go and shoot down enemy bombers (player controlled). Keep the rockets on them as well and maybe then the player controlled fighters can go dump their rocket barrage on a ship, giving the fighters a slight speed boost (from the loss of rocket weight and drag) and then they can go hunt enemy squadrons or spot ships.

  13. Nice vid NoZoup. My main gripe with the rework is that CVs can nolonger defend friendlies from bombers with their fighters, along with losing control of the carrier itself. When I first started playing Warships, all I wanted for CVs was a more user-friendly interface and more flexible aircraft loadouts.

  14. To be completely honest I think this has less to do with fixing CV and more about making it console ready

    • For three years the majority have been asking for CVs to be fixed including content creators. All of a sudden the game is being prepared for console and they announce a re-work and rush it in time for the console release. But you don’t think it was because of consoles?

  15. They have again proved themselves incompetent at recognizing their players needs. Just like with the Yueyang nerf. Fighter play is what makes CV play fun. Micromanaging and the thrill of controlling this many squads is what makes current CV fun. This rework is boring asf. I played 3 battles and uninstalled the TST because of boredom

    • Remember, 90% of WG customers have never tried a CV. Only 3% actually enjoy the CV’s currently. If WG leaves the CV as they are, they would actually be ignoring what their customers want. And a large portion of players would be happy if there were no CV’s at all. One should be grateful that WG are trying to fix CV’s rather than simply removing them. Removing CV’s would be MUCH easier and less expensive for WG and on top of that, over 50% of current players would be just as happy without CV’s at all.

  16. I never had issues with what is now the “old” CVs. I can chew gum, walk, and breathe at the same time. I never thought any of that gameplay was difficult in any way. What always soured me on playing my CVs was I’m a DD main and it seemed like it was ALWAYS the CVs fault we lost. That and every, and I mean every, teammate wanted a squadron of planes parked over them at all times. Got sick of it and barely played them. I had gotten up to the Shokaku and the Lexington. As soon as I read about the rework, I sold both of them and I could care less about them. I agree with Zoup insofar as I wonder if CVs ever should have been in the game to start with. When the rework is released, matchmaking is going to be choked with these CVs. I’m not looking forward to that on one hand but hunting them down is going to be sooooooo satisfying on the other.

  17. CV was poorly implemented rts gameplay that didn’t belong in game. The new CV Rework was designed to support Console gameplay. Blame Wargaming for going Console.

  18. Suggestion: Merge the two systems: old and new. Carrier fighter set up should be about issuing the right orders to fighters and changing those orders as the battle flows. In contrast the current CV unicums are simply people on faster computers who click faster in RTS games. It’s not what being a carrier captain in WoWs should be about. Oversimplification stinks but so does the current CV game play at high tier. REAL CV strategy was a chess game, NOT who could spell their name in the snow faster with their willy.

  19. Okay who ever is in charge of Warships is a total morons. How so? How does this impact AA of other ships? Wait lets ask the Russian who are running this game into the ground. “Hey Russians what about AA on non CVS ships? What, no comment? Silence?” So AA is now useless, now CVS’s will get multiple attack runs per squad .Just to make something easier does not make it better. WG will never learn from their errors. It is an endless cycle. Will the AA on all ships get buffed? Will manual control of AA be a default skill at lower levels? This is why the game is broken as is. They “balance” one thing and screw up the rest. 2019 will not be kind to world of warships, the novelty is long gone and players on some servers are sick of the stale game play.

  20. The japanese should get kamikaze planes

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