World of Warships – Carrier (the other kind)

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No, not that kind of Carrier. THIS kind of carrier.

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  2. No Light Cruisers (Cheshire is made of the very heaviest tin can available)

  3. Tbf to his team, they weren’t diddling themselves and forcing Digital Demon to carry. Still fun to watch however

  4. A balanced game based upon war.
    War, where everyone tries to be as OP as possible.
    Yeah, you’re bound to have balancing issues 😛

  5. Well to be honest, acording to historical data, a 100mm Japanese naval gun firing a HE shell could rupture over 35mm of armor plating.. a 150mm depending on the nation and fillers, upwards of 90mm.. but that would make DD’s to powerfull, so they nerfed all DD guns from the alpha to today. (Edited to fix the navel mistake.. I use auto fill way too much aparently.. and predictive text is way too off.)

    • @StarshipEnterprise actually a major majority of ship combat in WW2 for non CV’s was between cruisers and DD’s, battleships stayed in the back lines..

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @Demose Aries Not just in WW2 but in WW1, and you say nothing new with that, and DDs were not effective in gunfights against those cruisers, they used mostly their torpedoes, then retreated, they used their guns mainly against other destroyers.
      Anyway what was the point of this comment of yours? As it not changed the fact, if a Destroyer go in a range, where it’s gun accurate enough, to do hits on a ship to the same spot, no matter if that ship is a BB or a Cruser the destroyer is dead in that range. So again, what was your point with that comment?

    • @StarshipEnterprise the point was the penetrating value of the shot.. duh… not accuracy.. literaly it has been all I was talking about.. literay just saying that they heavily reduced the values from guns as to make shots less op in an arcade style game.. in the end, for some ships, it was to the detriment of their ability to fight.

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @Demose Aries Yeah, and this is where all started, no matter the penetrating value, if you not cause any damage with it. To cause real damage, as you wrote, it need to hit the same spot many times, which is impossible because Accuracy. So those guns are useless in real life combat, no matter how good their penentration value. Got it finally? In this game their penetration maybe weaker, but their accuracy far better than the real ones. Your whole point is inaccurate.

    • @StarshipEnterprise no, that would only be for heavier armor… somthing most cruisers don’t have, and most bb’s dont have on the super structure… I mean thebpetro has a fantastic ice breaker and belt, but the other 70% of the hull is within the penetrating value of most nations 100mm he shells, and most definetly all the 150 mm ones. I dont think you read the whole of all the posts… this was literaly discussing how historically the Japanese 100mm naval he shell if detonated on the hull of a ship thinner than 35 mm would breach the hull to it’s fullest effect.. over 35mm and the hull would shrug 1 off.. this is acording to both US and Japanese testing records of said amunition..

  6. And this is why this game is complete bollocks.

  7. It looks like he had quite some lag when playing this game, but still managed to do fine. one of the advantages of WOWS, a ping up to 200 is not that big of a deal

  8. The Asashio is a real feast-or-famine ship. Those games in her when you land all those deep water torps and cripple 1/3 the enemy team are just *Chef Kiss* .

  9. Kraken on 35k damage… holy shit, when is he finally gonna start carrying?

  10. That last kill was nothing short of savage, merciless cruelty to underage boats.

  11. Roderick Voordouw

    “Nahh It’ll be fine” Has Jingles been watching that dashing eloquent connaisseur of cinematic entertainment and alcoholic beverages, the Critical Drinker? 😉

  12. Awesome. Strange thing though, that Asashio has the most base XP on his team… . .

    • StarshipEnterprise

      Spotting dmg probably, with the lowest detection range, that ship was the best for spotting in the whole battle.

  13. That absolutely poor Asashio. She got stripped and ripped apart bow to stern at the end, Immah need a shower after that.

  14. Shout out to the Asashio who had the worst ship on his team and finished top lol

  15. The Asashio was the worst ship for the match BUT still came out on top of their team by score

  16. 7 kills, 70k damage… Would suggest a little kill securing, yes? Not even a confederate or high caliber in there.

    • Exactly what I was thinking!

    • Yeah…his third kill was a kill-steal for sure…and he got lucky to be the last shell to hit and thereby sink each ship…he wasn’t the only one shooting…

    • Tbh there is nothing special about this replay at all, all the 7 kills he got wasn’t even by his own effort but because of his teammates who spotted for him or already done some damages to the enemies.
      His aim also sucked, he got only 45 shells penned on a BB at close range and over 100 shells of non-pen.

    • I don’t get why everyone gets so worked up about killstealing- it’s a team game, and every kill puts you closer to victory, especially in Ranked, where there are half the number of ships as in a Random Battle.

  17. Bold Persian Immortal

    Jingles I think he was using his eyes, mouse, thinking and breathing aim bot. I feel this should be banned by WoW.

  18. I’m honestly not sure what made this game worth posting. Obviously 7 kills is special but the guy did absolutely nothing special whatsoever to get it.

    • I agree that he didnt carry, but i dont agree with the people who say he stole every kill, or that he was bad, how would u guys like it if your replay got featured and ppl just dissed you.

    • He stole a few kills, yes, but not all of them.

    • I agree, but they at least had the good sense to go to the center, which is more than many dd captains can say. Even the luckiest win requires someone to be ready to exploit that luck. The radar advantage was huge, though.

    • @Joseph Stalin I’m not saying he stole all the kills, or even stole kills at all for at matter. I’m saying this was… honestly kinda boring to watch. The enemy team just rolled over and died because they were completely outmatched in both player lineup and ship quality. It had very little to do with the Kitakaze except for the fact he happened to be around to get every single kill.

      Dissing the guy who submitted the replay isn’t the point here, it’s Jingles who chose this specific replay to show on YouTube.

  19. yah, 70k dmg with 7 last hits, he did well but that is not a carry. sry old man 😀

  20. Privileged Shitlord

    Jingles: “Nah, it’ll be fine.”

    Fellow Critical Drinker fan? Always knew you were a man of culture.

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