World of Warships – Carrier

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“That’s not a Carrier in the video thumbnail, Jingles, you’ve finally lost the plot!”
Oh yes it is.

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  1. A carried game!
    Also more likes than views just how it should be!

  2. as usual, spent near to half an hour watching amazing, priceless and great content. Keep it up Jingles!

  3. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    Guess what Jingle’s favorite chips are?

    It’s Pringles!! 😀

    Jingles, what are you doing with that double-barrel?

    • Maybe he should have some Pringles in the next Mingles with Jingles then he can Pringles with Jingles as we Mingles…..

    • Randolph Phillips

      He is not in the US, so Pringles are Crisps (I think), not chips. The answer to what chips he prefers would be McDonald’s but that doesn’t rhyme. 🙂

    • I’m watching this eating Pringles right now.

    • @Randolph Phillips McDonalds don’t do chips, they do fries, what is this heresy. Go down to your local chippy and repent for your sins

    • Pringles = Crisps
      Steak Fries = Chips
      Sausages = Hotdogs
      Colonials = Rotund Americans

  4. “Let’s not get *carried* away”
    Jingles, please.

  5. Actually jingles, the harugumo has a 6torp launcher

  6. WG :” This captain is for battleships and what not..”
    Maukadragon “Hmm.. Harugamu goes Brrrrrrrrrt”

  7. Won’t lie, I’m not a fan one bit of HE spamming ships, but a Harugumo with Second Wind, now that’s a sight!

  8. Occasionally, when playing CV at top tier, I leave the poor destroyers alone to give them a decent chance at having an ok game. That being said, the Implacable seriously misplayed with those strikes on the Ohio….

  9. jingles: there is no better matchup for a shimakaze.
    me: actually jingles, what about all bb. I know that is not going to happen in random battles, but there is a video from flambass…

    • all bb teams in randoms, I have seen it happen. Jingles even uploaded one a few years back. It’s quite hilarious.

    • @Ed Hunter the other can be possible. I had a match where 90% were cruisers, not a single bb, and to make things worse.. it was a double CV.. the 2 DDs in our team were fucked up. almost all the enemies were radars…

    • Kevin Gallineau II

      @supertamal2000 WG MM at it’s finest.

    • It happened to me and my clan mate once. I was in the yamato and he was in the monty. Needles to say it was an epic battle.

  10. Implacable player: “Oh look, my favorite you tuber jingles has uploaded a new video, I’ll watch it right away. ”
    Jingles: Proceeds to tear implacable a new arsehole.
    Implacable player: *Sad pikachu face*

  11. Over 1000 shells hit my God, raining hell on enemies!

  12. 3:23 eehm Jingles, it has worse detection than the Halland… 6.2 vs 6

    • Johannes G. F. Bruhn

      Yeah… He’s talking a lot of shit about the pan-european destroyers. They aren’t that bad. Don’t know where he’s got that info from.

  13. I mean, there’s a reason why we call it the HMS Incapable.

    • The ship is more than capable though. It’s just the people sailing her.

    • @The Don Not really, the Implac is the worst T8 CV. The matchup in the video is an extreme mismatch; Lexington might as well be a Tier 9 and Implac is the weakest Tier 8 CV.

  14. The Harugumo, with the right Capt. and flags, has been known to fire backwards in time, actually giving it a head start before for the battle begins.

  15. The frustration is in both way. On a team, the Implacable doesn’t spot at all for his mates ready to shoot, but the other, the Lexington keeps spotting but no ones shoot’s at the Harugumo.

    • Not just the Lexington either. There were at least a few points where he only survived by the reds being incredibly incompetent before the carrier even began paying him real attention.

  16. If he’d capped C instead of go after the fredrick, they would’ve won on points

  17. I have never before laughed out loud at the dpm of a ship until the second wind kicked in.

  18. Major mis-play in not capping C before going after the Frederick. That cost the battle.

    • Yep. What the Shima pulled in the closing minutes of the game wouldn’t have worked if not for some severe no-cap-kill-all shit on that team. Not that the Implacable wasn’t hopelessly useless too and a huge contributor.

    • I’m glad someone else saw that.

    • It absolutely did, I did the math on it, by 2:25 (the time Shima flipped C), his team would have been 47 points ahead (791 to 744) and with 2 caps to enemy’s 1.

  19. if this harugumo player had enterd A immediately after killing the CV and going for more damage on the ships in B, they could’ve probably won this game

    • But that’s still an aggressive play that at the time wouldve probably did more harm than good to harugumo-kun

    • No it was lost because the Implacable was a selfish idiot, who casually thrown his planes away, and is part of the problem. Idiot CVs that just randomly suicide by going towards the red were more useful than that Implacable.

    • @Elf Loved No it wasn’t. It was nearly a guaranteed win actually if he headed straight for A (not angled to get all guns firing on Lexington). He could’ve been there at 5:20, his Yoshino enetered B at 3:30. By the time Shima flipped C (2:25) his team would have had 791 points while enemy team had 744. So they would’ve had points and caps advantage and Shima is then FORCED to engage for a win.

  20. here’s the kicker… Shima is the actual carry-er

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