World of Warships: Carriers | Consider Them Fixed! Or Maybe Not . . .

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  1. I love your Warthunder content, I watch a lot of Phlydaily but you give a lot more detailed information about the vehicles that isn’t really given by other youtubers.

  2. Btw is WoWs fun
    Or worth downloading because it’s 42 gbs and thats gonna take me a week or more to download

    • It’s definitely a lot of fun! Could always watch some high Koality YouTube videos while you wait! 😉

    • TheBaralinChannel

      The game is great, just that like others of its kind it has some issues. The dev team for it seems more committed than others to atleast trying to fix them. That’s what I think anyways. Definitely try it if you’re interested though.

    • @theScottishKoala awesome but I’m mostly interested in Battleships tho
      German to br precise

  3. I really like the minimap spotting idea, makes way more sense for both gameplay and realism. During WWII coordination between aircraft, their carrier, and the rest of the fleet was the deciding factor in several battles, but most of the time the information did not make it to the fleet in a current and accurate form, at best it gave a general idea of the enemy’s location and ID’ed a capital ship as a capital ship (as opposed to the time a Japanese recon mistook an oiler ship for a carrier group lol). So the idea that an aircraft can perfectly identify the ship and where it’s going and instantaneously pass that and all future updates onto the entire fleet in real-time makes no sense historically or for gameplay balance.

  4. You should make a vid on why the B-29 and Tu-4 rep costs went up again

  5. You bastard these changes are…. well I just wanted to call ya a bastard. Love the video take care

  6. Please do a vid on wows submarines

    • Admeral21 originally that was actually going to be today’s video! ?

    • During the Halloween event last year they introduced playable submarines that could go under the water for a limited amount of time before needing to resurface for air so who knows they might already be planning to at least do something with them.

  7. Angry Imperial Fist marine

    I honestly prefer the old carriers as I loved seeing the massive dogfights from a third person perspective but I’m not even sure it’s even possible to do that since I almost never come up against other carriers

  8. As a Carrier player I agree that spotting localised to a squadron should be a thing. Or a delayed spot (depending on aircraft type, faster for fighters, slower for bomber types) to simulate the air group relaying info. to the carrier who then has to relay the info to the rest of the fleet. Also, you can track spotting damage in games, im not sure how much XP you get for it but a decent carrier match at Tier 8 could yield 100k spot damage.

  9. You assume people know how to use minimap or if they they pay attention to it.
    Everything that is happening now with CVs is due to WG assumption that there was something wrong with how CVs worked.

    As for CVs and spotting give them separate squadron just for that(it would have big spotting range but no weapons) and change standard ships spotter from extending of shooting range and flying close to ship to flying far from ships and just spotting targets. Plus bringing back old way CVs worked and we are golden.

    • theScottishKoala

      Eh, assuming that at least the average player is using the mechanics presented to them is just how you HAVE to develop a game like this

  10. Kiithnaras Ashaa

    I feel like War Thunder needs better spotting mechanics for us casual scrubs with monitors only at 1080p and not running ULQ.

  11. 8:15 — RE: Spotting Damage; this is too long a topic for a single person to do any justice to, in all seriousness. What about “Radio Location”, hm? Shouldn’t *ALL* ships have a choice to either (A) Observe Radio Silence or (B) Spam Messages? And, likewise, shouldn’t spammers be giving their locations away when they spam? That’s how it works with the guns, after all.

    Personally, I think that all ships / Captains should all have a basic “Radio Location” skill which improves over time, with higher tier ships having better equipment. This is *PART AND PARCEL* with Spotting Damage, since Radar is one of those things which caused a furor when introduced, even while being technically not much more useful than the Hydro-acoustic search.

    I also think that this should make CVs entirely impossible to hide, *IF* they are operating aircraft and thus, USING THE RADIO, which is more or less how it works now, with the aircraft passively giving away the CV location, when they spawn.

  12. The aircraft can also have different effects in weather. Bombers are highest? They get the worst of a storm, but low fighters are well off.

  13. Tittle includes carriers first ship is what appears to be destroyers


  14. Robert Pettigrew

    I am a little confused why people get so annoyed at CV spotting as if it was a new thing? The problem is you have more CV’s in the game after the rework, old CV used to be far more effective at spotting than new CV’s (and doing damage) but you rarely got into battles with them as cv player numbers was tiny. Personally I feel they should not be in the game except as a of field consumable.

  15. Darjeeling‘s 183

    26479 damage Kraken XD
    Flambass would love you

  16. James Bigglesworth

    Still too OP, the CV, even with these changes.
    You withdraw from the battle because your ship has been badly damaged (95% health gone)
    With no effort the CV can find you and finish you.
    You have won the game (last ship scenario) as the timer runs down, they cannot see you, spotted by CV and killed, either by the planes or artillery from ships that could not see you. Loss.
    You like being a play maker, push a cap, flank their team?
    Ruined with the CV.
    Bad idea badly implemented by a group of people who cannot be told (mostly).
    Perma-spotting (c)

  17. Happy belated birthday to your mother, Koala. Here’s to many more to come for her.

  18. The camo of the destroyer reminds of my old rug in the basement.

  19. Does the windows download work because mine’s not working

  20. Hey koala I totally agree with your video on challey 2 video and i think that the maps are to small for the famed hull down defender and that the turret has been given incorrect armour or its bugged. Personaly i think that there should be many new additions to the game like the m1a1 ha to ballance the leo 2a5 and a new desert storm map thats big like 2000m minimum engagement distance and a baghdad map sort of like berlin but with more rubble and more space on the outside of the city section. Cheers

    • theScottishKoala

      Challenger 2’s turret armor is actually slightly OVER performing against KE, but underperforming by some 200mm against CE. Problem is, the inert ammunition in the turret is vulnerable to detonations, which makes no sense (the whole reason for two part ammunition was to make sure the ammo stored in the turret is inert and can’t be detonated).

      Map design also doesn’t suit the thing, for sure. As for the M1A1HA, I actually did a video on this a couple of weeks ago

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