World of Warships – Carriers vs DDs

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This match is all about CV vs DD interaction. It’s not about strategy, it’s not about win or lose, it’s not about minimap which is ofc covered and it will REMAIN COVERED for the duration of CBs because that was the deal.

For all of you who can’t watch without minimap, I understand, don’t watch. If you want to see few crazy action matches where minimap basically doesn’t matter, here you go.

Enjoy and have fun watching this terror of the sky terrorizing me whole match xD

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  1. 9:20 it’s wrist, but close enough😂

  2. You shot 8 down and he *still* got 8 torps in the water.
    .. and on your arm, that’s your wrist.

  3. Spreadsheets show you are having fun. This was very fun and engaging. All hail WG. Cause only their spreadsheets can tell you if you are having fun.

    • Spreadheets are telling them people still play and pay. So it must be ok. Why would you play if you didn’t like it ? I surely don’t.

    • @DrSid42 and in a way, it stands to logic (I’m agreeing with you). The problem imho is that they show people play and pay DESPITE everything WG added-modified. This means they could even make more if only they’d change approach.

  4. FDR is so broken. This planes have far to many hitpoints.

    • @Domi[MA] – Hill Climb Racing 2 compared to any other ship in the game, it’s AA is broken. Montana, a battleship that is 2.5 x as long and wide, while displacing 30x more tonnage, can shoot down a third of what Halland did. It makes no sense that a tiny destroyer that has 12 AA guns has more powerful AA than a ship with 160 AA guns.

    • Domi[MA] - Hill Climb Racing 2

      @KDStudios It was never a realistic game 🤔

    • @Domi[MA] – Hill Climb Racing 2 true, but it is illogical and the game is supposed to at least make a bit of sense

    • @KDStudios Simple solution: Buff AA across the board, save for the PE DDs.

    • @Pokeman Paul agreed

  5. CV’s name checks out.

  6. The FDR litteraly made you stop playing the game, it’s absolutely mindbogling!

  7. Literally *every* cvs game , when there’s only *one* DD

  8. and that cv player got game rage… focus on you… not helping out 😀

  9. FDR, because CV’s were not strong enough apparently

  10. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Wow this CV was terrible. He wasted so much time on an AA DD as a CV that’s not especially good at dealing with DDs without much payoff, and he didnt even kill you in the eend

  11. On the other hand, you were that Carrier’s White Whale. You kept him busy for most of the game. It wasn’t until he stopped focusing you that he started to have an impact on the rest of your team’s game.
    Still, fun and engaging gameplay, they say.

    • there should be an achievement “sacrificial lamb” or something, when you get focused that hard. And some extra base XP.

    • That CV was just potato. Flambass looked like he had to retreat back to his CV already, and the dude was still dropping him. I can only assume Flambass was basically out of the game because of how close he was to CV.

  12. CV vs. DD “interaction” is like giving a bully a baseball bat and the bullied one a wet noodle, locking them in the same room together and telling them to have fun.

    • and in the end, WG’s spreadsheet will say they had a fun and engaging experience, the both of them.

    • and if the bullied one complains enough, WG might switch his wet noodle for a foam bat, give him a pat on the head and a smile and tell him: “All is fine now, so go and have more fun.”

    • Based on this video, which one is the bully again?

    • @Aetius Just because he managed to barely survive by hiding and dodging the flying baseball bat doesn’t mean he could’ve got even close to doing something back to the CV. Planes shot down? Didn’t seem to stop him from sending in full squads anyway. And all this is against a ship with very strong AA.

  13. It’s amazing flambass, how well you speak English.. That i have to remember it’s not your given language, (first language)…..

    • What is his first language?

    • @Commander Bacara I’m not sure you need to ask him, I know he is from Europe.. And i forget exactly what Country..

      That is why he wasn’t sure about is wrists confusing it with his ankle in the English language..

      His English is impeccable!

    • @Chucky 365 I think was he Croatian but don’t count on me on that one as i’m certainly not sure

    • Flambass lives in Croatia.

    • @Travis Lockhart thank you, and Samuli for helping me with that.. i wasn’t sure what Country he said, it was back in 2017 when i had a conversation with flambass in the comment section about how will he spoke the English language.. There is virtually no accent, i had thought he was American and he said he was from Europe..

  14. 10:19 : “Double flooding on Shiggy” … I always thought Shiggy was a water type and thus as good as immune to water based attacks (like torpedoes for instance) ^^

  15. yesterday I shot down (with Halland) 50 planes of FDR, and he was still easily attacking my team (in CB)

  16. just masterful DD playing. my God CV’s suck

  17. Players: WG needs to balans Hakuryu!!! too broken

    WG: OK, we’ll create 2 CVs that will make Haku look balanced

  18. “So, comrade, you think we made Enterprise ridiculous? Hold my kvass…”

  19. The thing that kinda pisses me off the most is that he could be in a battleship and shoot down even fewer planes… thanks WG

  20. I would love WG to put out a poll to see how many people actually enjoy having CVs in game..especially lower tiers when there is often 2 a side.

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