World of Warships – Carry Harder

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I mean, I just finished the Choo-Choo Charles playthrough and then this guy comes along? It’s a conspiracy!

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  1. Bro gotta do some deadlifts to carry this team

  2. Also jingles massachusetts has another major problem (along with ohio), their ASW planes only have a 6km range means they are very limited in doing anything to the submarine if the sub can think and breathe at the same time

  3. The U-190 player missed a trick by not being named “Jehovas_Thiccness”

  4. Torpedoing an island is a time honored tradition.

    Had one junior officer put a Mark 48 onto a beach to a direct hit on a palm tree!

  5. Pretty sure the Hatsuharu had a few before he decided to start playing…

    • I don’t know, there are these people, who always get it wrong. They aren’t really dumb, just a little unlucky when thinking.

  6. Jingles in the last upload: “We are mature here on World of Warships.”

    Jingles today: *gives anatomical breakdown of the location of the taint*

  7. I think thomas should work on his heal timing.
    Could have gotten waaay more HP out of those heals.

    • Hans Adalbert von Schneider

      also on turret management and map awareness. He could have killed that Loyang like 5 minutes before he eventually did. Also if he walked at the Colorado instead of donating all his HP by giving flattest broadside in the flat universe he would have capped and probs could have won that game. There is always things you can do better even on 8 kills

    • Hans Adalbert von Schneider

      @Jack Nixon also maybe you don’t know this but hold down your right mouse button while looking around. That way your turrets will stay on target while you assess the situation around you

  8. An entertaining match, thanks Jingles!

  9. When I played the game with regularity, I used the secondaries on DDs attacking me while focusing main guns on other ships.
    Can’t tell you how many DDs died trying to add a BB to their kill ratio!

  10. Surrounded by Loyang, Hatsuharu, Bismarck AND the carrier, with all of them having torpedoes and you’re in a big lumbering battleship.
    That’s just the best.

  11. Honestly, something I don’t see *battleship* players do enough is pre-training their turrets in the direction they are going to want to be aiming during a turn. They just let their turrets train to wherever their mouse is pointing and then begin aiming once the turn is complete. I feel like opportunities are lost because of that

  12. A good match, I love playing secondary BBs I would say personally the best secondary ship which is god like is the schliefen

  13. So disappointing that the Torpedo Beats are copyrighted… this would’ve been an even more epic replay if Jingles could still do those.

  14. Best secondarie gun batterie in the game? “Schliefen looks over and laughs”

  15. Personally I would say a big misplay would be at 15:00 when he decided to turn in to face-off the Colorado at F7 instead of approaching the cap from G6, which would help him contest the cap without risking being rammed but also put islands between himself and the Hatsuharu’s torpedos.

    also, how many times did thomas fire HE at the DDs? I feel he could have killed them off far sooner into the game.

  16. The fact that the screen shot is readable makes it good enough, and it has a certain charm.

  17. Thomas – I’m almost crying. Hard fought and well done – My full respect…

  18. Kill 66,6% of the enemy, do more than 200k damage, and still loose. This game is a real pain sometimes.

  19. Great player name, juvenile fun and an absolute cliffhanger in one video. What a day to be alive!

  20. I’d be curious to see the win/loss stats on 8 kill games. Sure, getting 8 kills means you probably played well…but it also means your team probably played poorly, to get so few kills. I’d be willing to bet that 8 kill losses are fairly common.

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