World of Warships – Carry Harder

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Unfortunately my brand new PC has to be sent back to the supplier for repairs and I may not get it back for two weeks, so it looks like I’ll be taking a slightly earlier Christmas break than anticipated. I’m investigating options but this is likely to be my last video for a few days at least.

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  1. Last time I was this early Jingles had a full head of hair.

  2. It’s 2:33am so goodnight jingles from the US West coast.

  3. This is why WoT Blitz is removing ATGMs

    • Almost like weapons that deviate from the standard break the flow of the core gameplay and are nonsense/hated. Same reason people dont like cvs and subs, but lets keep adding more!

      tots dosnt just piss off players with little to no actual gain!

    • Panzerwaffe82 I just said that. I didn’t even see your comment. But yeah, if they remove ATGMs, why are they implementing subs? Can’t even follow their own logic.

    • @Josh Creepa because even though they are all working for WG, the teams that run each games dont work with each other.

    • Fubar96 well think about it, they removed ATGMs, or are going to in update 7.5,because they break the game, and the countless op premiums don’t? But they are carrying on with submarines DESPITE the fact they are specially designed to never be seen or caught. How can playing in a stealth killer like a submarine be properly balanced in a game about WARSHIPS?

  4. O lord of the salt mines. May your hand heal quickly and well.

  5. Anyone else spend most of the first part match wanting him to activate his Heal?

    • It’s a strategy to maximize Adrenaline Rush. Healing damage reduces your reload speed when you have AR.

    • @FlimsyLunchTray as i minotaur player i had never considered that… huh… useful info

    • @CurseofGladstone Yeah I don’t have the Mino yet myself as I am close to getting her, but yeah it is a way to take advantage of Mino’s fast reloading guns and speed up the torpedo reload time.

    • @FlimsyLunchTray i’ll keep it in mind. i usually use heal as soon as a large chunk of my health is gone. regardless of whats near

    • @FlimsyLunchTray Even if you heal, you keep the buff of Adrenaline Rush. If you drop to 1 hp and heal back up to full, your Adrenaline Rush buff will be that of a 1 hp ship.

  6. Me: *sees a humorous, non-commentated intro*
    Oh no, its an aircraft carrier replay!

  7. I’m confused Jingles. In that 400k Hindenburg replay you kept talking about how he didn’t shoot the Kleber that was moving at full speed 14km away. However, in this replay Z had the perfect opportunity to shoot the Grozovoi that was stationary in the cap 8km away and you didn’t mention it once. In this instance shooting the Grozovoi may very well have won him the game but he fired on a Yamato 14km away instead.

    • Knowing its easy to armchair admiral with 20/20 hindsight, I can’t fault not shooting at the Groz. I forget how good O7 is, but considering I recognize the clan tag, lets go with at least decent. In that situation, we have a Shima who should be hauling to C cap. The Iowa is a 57k ton speedbump at best to a competent Shima. That leaves us with our 1BB+our crusiers vs 1BB+Yama+1 Shima road bump. The Yamas definitely ‘400’mm guns go Blap and picks a cruiser to chunk. The Baltimore screens the G4 gap to keep hard cover from the big guns and can mop up the DD later.

      Its down to target section, had the Shima had basic competence in how to DD, your trading caps, the Groz is less of a threat, start working the BBs and removing the big guns.Z may have made a slight error at worst, but the Shima threw the vs BB advantage, ballsed up the attack, then yoloed into a gunfight…. I try to keep in mind the 12v12 not 1v12 mentality, but that Shima…

    • @Nickierv the Shima’s actions were unfathomable from the get go and the rest of his team performed poorly. As I said in one of my earlier replies, my comment wasn’t really intended to place blame on Z more to draw attention to the fact that Jingles kicked up such a fuss about target selection a few weeks ago and said nothing of it this time. I think Jingles messed up in that Hindenburg replay by waxing lyrical about shooting DDs and placing too much blame on the Hindy player, ignoring that it was a Kleber at 13km. I believe that the failure to shoot the Grozovoi in this replay was a greater error of judgement which is why I was confused that he didn’t pick up on it.

    • @MrRedRye I don’t think Jingles made a mistake in the Hindy game. EVERYONE should shoot at DD when they are spotted, ESPECIALLY in games with no CV. As radars die or just run out of charges if you’ve ignored the DD the whole time, then the DD will only be possible to be hunted by other DD (or by yolo suicide like the shim in this game).

    • @Stangryn although he spent minutes talking about it and as far as I could see the Hindy player only missed 2 opportunities to fire and that was when the Kleber was at maximum speed over 13km away. At those ranges you’re lucky to land a few shells at most. So do you then agree by the same logic that Jingles made a mistake in this replay by not pointing out that he didn’t shot the Grozovoi?

    • @Stangryn he did made a mistake. Like others have said before shooting a competent Kleber captain is like playing the lottery. It almost always doesn’t work in your favor. The Grozovoi is something close to but not quite there jack of all trades DD. That’s a DD that needs to be shot at on sight.

      However I think despite the appalling poor performance of Z’s team the blame needs to be laid squarely on the Shima. Shima wanted to farm torpedo hits instead of trading caps for caps because a Shima is extremely useful in the late stages of a match when there are no carriers around. Especially when red’s only destroyer is Russian and can be seen from orbit.

  8. Even with a burned hand he delivers. And that’s why YouTube pays him the big bucks

    • Unfortunately I suspect this was preloaded as not only did our mighty gnome overlord burn his hand his brand new computer died as well!!!!! Last I heard they would not pick it up until Monday and it would take 14 days 🙁

  9. ACTUALLY Jingles, here in Canada we say Zed as well, so it could very well still be on the NA server, eh?

  10. Last time I was this early Jingles had a fresh right hand.

  11. I get the feeling that Bismarck had the intention to ram from the start, he definitely had his ramming flag on seeing how he killed a near full health Kurfurst in one hit.

  12. What’s most damning about the rest of the team is that the Kurfurst who got rammed came second!

  13. Man that shimakze deservers a medal
    On how to throw harder

    • Yep! It was a pretty piss poor choice but its WoWs so i wouldn’t have expected anything else especially at tier 10. The potato farm it is these days…..

    • to be fair had Z shot the grozovoi when it was capping B instead of trying to farm damage on the Yamato they wouldn’t have had the groz to hide/cap at the end. I know it’s not a popular opinion to say the guy with 400k damage threw… but… he did lose and he had an opportunity to NOT lose. I do agree the shim also threw, but you can’t blame it ALL on only the shim.

    • ​@Stangryn We can and we are xD

    • That Shima is why the service costs and credit income should have stayed near impossible for Tier 10.

    • @Stangryn he took down the yamato, a tier 10 BB

  14. 13:30 Well played but he can really only blame himself. You did a lot of work no doubt, but if you have a DD at 7 km spotted for that long and you instead just want to farm damage on a BB……welll thats what you get

  15. Not to be THAT pest, but can we get more “Akisuki” vids?

    The ship or the cat? Yes.

  16. “Carry on much Harder Son,
    There’ll be vict’ry when you’re done
    Lay your weary guns to rest…
    Don’t need to carry no more…”

  17. “Anchorage has hydro-acoustic search. How did he not know?”
    Supreme Leader Jingles, he is playing WoWS.
    To the salt mines with him.

  18. 13:20 is where he threw. The Grozovoi is RIGHT there and he decided to shoot the Yamato instead. The same Grozovoi that then flipped Bravo, flipped Alpha, and went on to run the timer down and won the game for the enemy team. Not killing that destroyer when he could have was a huge misplay.

  19. WT, then WG’ing, both threw away a paying Customer, who tried for years, to play/enjoy their game(s).
    Both went out of their inept Programming way, to totally ruin any semblance of fun, logic, reason, actual military knowledge/facts, in an effort to appeal to the ‘Wallet Warriors’.
    “Free to Play” in Russian actually means- “Pay-to-Slay”
    Ah, well. There’s always Solitaire.

  20. closed captions: “radar mosque” and “petra padlock”

    me: plays Radar Love

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