World of Warships – Carry Mode Engaged

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Last week I scored six kills and 132k damage on the Solomon Islands map. There’s always someone who’s got to go just that little bit

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920× resolution

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  1. The last time I saw jingles channel he had 480k subs and that was 6 months

  2. Thinking and breathing, lol.!!!

  3. Wow that was impressive! Better than my 185K in the Murmansk. Well

  4. Why is is that when i am not recording my games i have the best games of my
    life. As soon as i start recording them, i lose the ability to play.

  5. Thank you! This made my day :D

  6. Jangled pls can you review the nagato. I need more backstory in case I need
    to kill her off (as a character) in my Kancolle fanfiction/extention

  7. Even if you’re in a Jap destroyer, if you have guns, *use them*.

  8. hey jingles, i starting to think this is World of DDs for you not Warships.
    hope you get this

  9. Detective Kermit

    Jingles, do you like pringles?

  10. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    carry on my wayward son…

  11. filthy minekaze seal clubber

  12. Lol about as much use as a ash tray on a motorbike ??

  13. First: very nice round of that Minekaze, even though he got quite lucky (if
    the Kuma, Murmansk or Wyoming were any decent players they’d have sunk him).

    BUT: “something highy unusual for a Japanese DD captain” – really? The IJN
    DDs have very good HE rounds and shell velocity.. why not use them if
    you’re spotted anyway?
    and it is possible to tell which planes belong to the Hosho and which
    belong to the Langley; one has squadrons of 4 planes and the other 6

  14. US CV´s got air squads of 6 planes. IJN of 4 planes.

  15. In the defence for that BB in the cap, he probably turned around to help
    Infidel instead of going with the lemming train to the other flank. But our
    little DD took out that entire flank, so he turned around again to get back
    to the other flank where the enemies are. Doing that in a slow BB was
    useless, but not as stupid as you made it look ;)

  16. Well I have one thing to say about this video, when I next play wows I want
    this guy on my team, I can then go sit in the wardroom have a pink gin and
    some snorkers while he takes care of the battle!

  17. ingredeint to make a epic game. Both team full of noobs, have good 2-3
    players on each team. their good player’s is not good against yours. Have
    the other good player of your team hold off the rest of the other team, and
    wear down the hp of the other team’s good players wihtout giving up the
    cap . And you can get kraken, high caliber, conferate, and exp, because
    all noob players are free exp .

  18. ashtray on a motorbike is a great analogy, perfectly useful until things
    start moving

  19. Oh, it is the old gnome with his boats again…

  20. mark lewis (cowsgom00)

    as much use an ashtray on a motorbike – Jingles! You made me spit my tea
    all over my keyboard laughing! I shall be sending you the bill ;)

  21. Nicely played … but you need really stupid enemy team to pull something
    like this off. Also he could have used the smokes much more closer to the
    bbs near the end of the game

  22. I’m early! I want to ask Jingles a question, possibly for Mingles, or for
    him to comment right below. I hope he’ll answer!

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how “talkative” was Jingles when he was in high
    school? For instance, 1 being that shy introverted guy in class, and 10
    being that popular kid everyone knows and loves/hates.

  23. amusing as always …

  24. that last wyoming acculy did do exactly what he had to do to win.
    he had to hope that his team mate could kill infidel to stop him from
    caping, and break off to go the the north cap and hope that the CV would be
    stupid enough to stray into detection range so he could kill it or get into
    the cap with just barely enough time to cap the base, because at the end
    their they did not have enough points to win by just killing infidel and
    did not have enough time to get from their cap to infidels much less cap

  25. “After that match, Infidel dropped the mic, and exited stage left” funniest
    thing I’ve heard in a long time

  26. i wish i showed you my 150 k dmg with my minekaze

  27. RemusKingOfRome5

    Bot Clubbing .. again

  28. “Impossible to dodge torpedo attacks” at this kind of range, tell that to
    the Minekaze I played against today in my Myogi in ranges under 5km evaded
    every single torpedo. Guy wasn’t happy missing a big dumb battleship xD

  29. i think the battleship went to defend and help the guy.. that all enemy
    died faster then the BB managed to turn around is another thing:)

  30. just luck

  31. i dont get why Mutsuki captains turn their AA off the air detection range
    is the same as the AA range so it makes no difference if they are on or
    off, except in smoke screens

  32. David Van Der Gouw

    it is that bloody boat game again

  33. Never underestimate the Infidel

  34. It would be funy if he lost that one! :D

  35. I can’t but giggle when I hear Jingles say invisible japanese destroyer.
    Poor Russians.

  36. i use to be able to reliably 1 salvo DDs in my myoming when i first got it
    about 7 or 8 mounths ago

  37. Very honourable. Holy Jesus, what a great game.

  38. only thing that could have made this replay commentary better was more
    mispronunciations of ship names. hahaha.

  39. Uhm, Jingles, it’s very easy to distinguish between the Hosho and the
    Langley’s aircraft, Hosho has 4 per squad, Langley 6. So, just look how
    many bars are underneath the aircraft and you know. But I get it, he was
    under a lot of stress, and he did a great job at destroying the enemy team.

  40. Of course you know which one are from the Hosho and which one are from the
    Langley. The number of planes per squad gives it away. 😉

    BTW: The irony that the New York actually won the game in a way…or at
    least prevent a defeat…

  41. message to DeskJockey: dude ask you dad to factory reset your PC and then
    sell it.than go out in the backyard find a stone and play with it for the
    rest of your life. never return! thanks.

  42. I would assume that friendly battleship was looking at the map and trying
    to react to the threat that was rising on the side where Infidel was,
    considering that he started turning right about when two friendly
    destroyers got annihilated, but the way he just stopped on the other side
    of the island after completing the loop says against such assumptions…

  43. your AA guns range is less than 2km and you are detected by air at over
    3km, i dont think it really matters if your AA guns are on or off

  44. Tanks Explosions Anime (T.E.A)

    We should create a unit of measurement for rage in video games. It’ll be
    called the…


  45. I guess that is an okay number of kills to end any battle with… 😛

    However, from personal experience that Kuma should have been able to avoid
    all torpedoes *and* sink the minekaze (after turning in to avoid torps the
    minekaze wont be able to avoid a close torp spread + guns). And the Wyoming
    could, no, *should* have lived had he turned in to avoid (most of) the
    torpedoes and may also have sunk the Minekaze.

  46. IMPOSSIBRU!!!!

  47. The last time someone carried that hard Atlas sued them for copyright

  48. The last Wyoming is a bot

  49. Lol when jingles said shitting bullets I thought of you sitting on the
    toilets with an oosy sticking out of your anus.

  50. I think the second wyoming wanted to get closer to the enemy flag.

  51. That enemy was fantastically bad.

    33nfidel played quite well, but far from perfect. He should have been dead
    multiple times during this game. But then what do I know… I never had 9
    kill :-D

  52. I’ve myself seen an Izyaslav credited of nine kills. I was in a Nicolai BB
    and I was the only other guy on this team to sink the two other ships and I
    had a crappy game not paying attention, was a little tired. There was
    obviously one enemy survivor, That was a great defeat on behalf of this
    Izyaslav, although some of the ships he sunk were already slightly damaged
    by me or other teammates.

  53. Bonus points if you know what Kuma means in Japanese. (Without looking it
    up, be honest now.)

  54. It’s a bad choice not to turn AA guns on, when you are spotted anyway. Even
    if your AA guns are bad and shoot nothing down they will always screw up
    approaches of planes a little bit and make torpedo and bomb hits less
    likely. In this respect this player is quite bad. And with his aggressive
    playstyle he’s just lucky most of his first victims were bad as hell and
    couldn’t hit a DD broadside on less than 5km. Jesus.

  55. Well except the idiot of the two

  56. Actually Jingles, you can tell which aircraft belong to which carrier.
    Squadron size!

  57. The situation the last 2 Wyomings were in is the situation on most of my BB

  58. Jingles, does Rita play WoW and if so, can we expect a replay of you two
    from it?

  59. Daily Life of a BB Captain:
    Go to work
    enter the Bridge
    open tiny box named “put your brains here, numbnut”

  60. Jingles I can’t watch this its 6:00am I have to go to sleep! What’s that
    jingle *whispers* Its a 9 kill game? *Whispers something else* Oh alright
    jingles I’ll do it just this once.

  61. did you ever play age of empires 3?

  62. You’re not THAT fair to the BB player. He obviously changed course to help
    out on the side were Infidel went…which was nice, because there was quite
    a threat of fast ships and by the time he had turned Infidel had already
    slaughtered all of them.
    Don’t blame BB players if they just can’t react that fast. In games when
    players are that incompetent to die THAT fast there’s no way to have a good
    game in a slow BB.

  63. What happened to the USS cleveland. Nobody ever makes videos or anything on
    it… Makes me so sad.

  64. sefhyro space pirate

    why cant i ever have a match like this

  65. Welp, that was better then the thing I send to you. I’m ashamed of myself

  66. I hope he put 50p on the Lottery :)

  67. So much hate for the wyoming, ill proove that they can be useful….

  68. ashtray on a motorbike gotta remember that

  69. About to go to sleep, see this. oh fuck me sideways I have to watch this

  70. DDs are broken anyways …

  71. I’ve re-watched all your world of warships videos due to a sudden interest
    in the navy. Thanks Jingles for the great videos feeding my current nerdy

  72. Who is better, me or Benji ?

  73. thank god, i can get my fix

  74. Is it possible to address the recent trend of idiots abandoning matches cos
    they “predicted we will lose”. Just had a game again today where an idiot
    abandoned us at the beginning of the game as he didn’t like the map of all
    excuses. Just went AFK. I’ve started to notice this trend. Makes me so
    angry. Please war gaming or someone do something.

  75. Hi jingles! I’m making videos in my free time. So I wanted to know where
    you get your music from 🙂 and how do you get the licenses for it

  76. Harbinger Reaper

    It’s when you see guys like these you think:

    “Wow, I suck”

    I mean, not really, but they look so good haha

  77. What happened to your new intro?

  78. Keep up the great work. great video

  79. Edward Dundoned smith

    Man he really DESTROYED them

  80. Whicker Friesian

    Jingles,That laugh…::shakes head::Just,,, wow…;-)

  81. This was in-fuckn-sane!!

  82. Wow this DD is really good at what he’s doing

  83. Thats was the best DD vid i saw so far. Really nice.

  84. Steve H. (Infidel)

    Excellent video, as usual, but the best part by far is when you expose the
    Battleship player on this team being….well…a common WoWs Battleship
    cap’t. I have no clue why the worst players in the game generally all play
    Battleships and avoid combat at all costs.

  85. mightly noob

  86. Jingles i hope you review the Arizona soon :)

  87. Funny. I’ve actually don’t 50% more dmg then in this replay

  88. I once did 176k dmg with the Minekaze and *nearly* lost 🙂
    Some teams just…seem to do very little. But without those teams we
    couldn’t have those epic games!

  89. quick question wht do you prefer wot or world of warships

  90. Didn’t watch it, just skipped through it, thumbs down. Another boring
    destroyer replay with enemies that only play that badly when I’m not in the
    battle. But the instant I’m in any ship of any class or tier in World of
    Warships, just watch the enemy team turn into experts.

  91. Oh boy I’m early

  92. Choco Maple (j3o300)

    *grabs popcorn*

  93. wow….just stayed up all night.

  94. Ahh here’s the daily dose of jingles for good health ……

  95. wow 970 veiws in 12 min

  96. I cant sleep so I’m watching this. Good way to start the day.

  97. Why Minekaze replays all the time?

  98. when will you do more of showing ships like going down the lines giving
    some history of the ship and showing game play i miss that

  99. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    Too bad the Assault Mode will be on 0.5.10

  100. WTF 560 views in 6 mins

  101. Anyone else check to make sure their username isn’t in either team list
    before watching to see if Jingles is showing a replay of you being
    drunkenly terrible?
    No? Just me?
    OK then.

  102. *Message from Gaijin!!!* *Message from Gaijin!!!*
    “go to gulag”.

  103. damn I am early this time

  104. Hey jangles from pakistan ??

  105. Notification squad where you at?

  106. Teammate: ” *I just one shotted a Yamato!* ”
    me: “was he broadside on?”
    Teammate: “yes”. Me: “that’s a paddling”

  107. So early hahaha

  108. i’m early let’s make a joke

    The Mikasa class battleship’s main guns

  109. Dammit jingles, always get those enemies that sail in a straight line.
    well, I’m not one of them :)

  110. No early jokes spotted yet,

  111. wow “uploaded 34 seconds ago” you click on it and there is already a bunch
    of comments

  112. First comments a cheeky cunt. Lol.

  113. below 100 ah yeah. Good day all.

  114. I almost screwed up and fell asleep but I remembered to check for a Jingles

  115. 10 seconds after it was uploaded lol

  116. Ha I’m the first view ?

  117. Oh look. A World of warships video!

  118. yay a im the only one waching

  119. First :)

  120. Vladyslav Rozanov

    first =D

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