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Sometimes it really makes me wonder how certain teams would win if someone wasn’t pulling miracles or just a whole series of good plays out of their a**es xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Arnaud Delacroix

    IJN DDs are now obsolete. The Jaguar outranges the Minekaze’s torps, while also having great speed and guns. This ship makes the Shima useless.

    • Guns are anything but great.Terribly floaty shells are useless against any DD or cruiser that bothers to maneuver a bit.Yeah,it gets better torps,but it also has bad spotting range and no smoke.Once spotted,your only hope is that people can’t properly aim at you….and things don’t get much better as you get to T6,7,8 & 9.

    • I remeber when Minekaze had better stats than Kamikaze. Those were times…

    • @Glupi Medo those were *fun* times …

  2. Hey Flambass! I watch both of your streams and the Youtube videos and love them but I want to point out that, in either of them your voice is so faint that I have to increase the volume of my computer twice the value I normally use. 😀

  3. The fact the the Soviet Union broke apart 28 years ago really gets me

  4. 8:20 from here on you land on target:
    8/8 shells
    8/8 again
    7/8 because bc targeted the stern
    the accuracy is amazing.

  5. Yo flamm for new PC should wait and see what ryzen and new amd gpus bring they might not be as good as intel but could force price drops for intel / nvidia parts worth the wait either way better performance per dollar or some cash savings 🙂

  6. Red october is a different thing because those are sonar torpedos and if you arm them as soon as its leaves your ship it will start searching for targets and may end up locking on to the launcher ship. WW2 DDs had unguided torpedos which mean you launch them where you think the target will be and then you dont have any control over it. The thing here is that the torpedo launchers are quite high on the main deck of the ship and when you launch they naturally dive deeper and hence cant hit a ship which is very close. If damaging the launcher ship was the thing then distance would have been kept more because you can see that the activation area is an arch from the center of the launcher and not the ship, and the if you are launching torps at extreme angles then your bow or stern is really close to the launched torp.

    • @Flambass and others…… the only reason torpedo’s activiate later in the water… is that they start up in the water. nothing more nothing less… the fumes from an running torpedo are very lethal so never ever will the torpedo, be running onboard of a ship or submarine… that is why ships use pressurised air for launching torpedo’s

  7. I love all of the Cold War Armchair experts on this thread.

  8. If your gonna get a new pc dude, use the old one just for streaming and the new one for playing.

  9. have you done a face reveal before?

  10. Craig The Chivalrous

    If you weren’t in that game, it would have been lost that much is certain.

  11. Think they will ever throw in a wild torpedo factor in, where it might start running off course, possibly running in a circle?

  12. Yep I use that torpedo trick all the time. Lol

  13. ….harder Creed Guy

  14. I hope you don’t get in trouble for forgetting the WIP watermark :p

  15. 8 guns 12 torps why play gearing?

  16. actually its 29 years old movie. 1990

  17. Gareth Fairclough

    Hah, that torp activation distance must have changed since I played.
    I remember being just about to ram a Konigsberg in my own Konigsberg back in the day (I was about to die due to mega focus, so it made sense). The guy torped me right as I was about to hit him.
    I was that close to him, the torps spawned inside my hull and then went off instantly. You might also recall that ships don’t stop quite instantly when killed. They won’t go far as the deceleration is dramatic, but they will keep moving forward that little bit.
    I was that close to the guy, my dead hull pushed him sideways a little!
    Another torp activation flub I remember was that video of Flamu when he torped himself in his Benson.
    Those were years ago, though. They definitely changed since then.

  18. Shells ? OP…How can it be you get spotted and loose a thousand hp from shells and you could do nothing against it….
    Man dds are so much a Victim to this game. Remove shells from game until they are properly balanced against the dds!

  19. This ship is too good

  20. Not only but if they armed too soon the torp can acquire you.

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