World of warships – Carry pants

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  1. Flambass why u leave Omni ??

  2. Why did u leave Omni

  3. thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]

    Why did u left omni?

  4. Wow 4 out of 5 comments are:
    “Why you leave OMNI”
    They didn’t want me and a lot of others there
    They were kinda blaming the streamers for their dedication to streaming and losing the games
    Now let’s move away from the subject

    • Maybe you should join against all odds and carry them against Omni in tournaments 😆

    • MajesticDemonLord

      Sucks man – I remember the days of Comp BF3/BF4 when certain clans had very strict rules about uploading content to YT (lest they give away Clan Tactics).

      All the best – I’ve seen with other Clans that wanted to go hyper-competitive, who did similar things, their staying power dropped, because they didn’t have the casual player base to support the competitive player base.

    • Flambass have u considered setting up ur own clan, SPESHUL HANS sounds like a nice clan name xD

    • That would upset the politically brigade, they would hate that clan name 🙂

    • Flambass I dont care about you leaving OMNI. I watch your shit since I like the way you Play DDs. I`m still leveling up and learning stuff from these videos and they help a lot. It is pretty sad when People start looking for other to blame their lately poor performance on.

  5. If they were blaming the streamers, what did Flamuu do? Did he stay?

  6. im sry for that ( leaving OMNI ). well, i just keep seeing your vids and streans. you are great

  7. Great Video Flambass. Keep streaming boss.

  8. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    You and Flamu are better off without them then. Wouldn’t have had a clue who OMNI was without the two of you. Thanks for all the great content and I look forward to even more SPESHUL game play.

    • i would never put flamuu , and flambass in the same boat , or two boats , flambass has likabilty and skill , flammu just one of two attributes unfortunetly unless he takes a humilty pill i cannot not enjoy his content

    • John Chucky Tomlinson

      Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning my point too.. 🚢

    • Alanthecat, What? He’s very skilled and it shows in his content. I enjoy Flamu and Flambass’s content, and both have great attributes. Flamu might seem smug, but he’s allowed to, because he’s so damned good at the game. Flamu also is humorous, just in his own way. He’s really analytical and harsh, and that’s how he is. However, he’s human too.

    • its my opinion , you have a right to yours

    • Alanthecat, I respect that.

  9. Fck clans, you don’t need em, just so much high school drama bullshit. You have developed your own independent persona and you’re doing a great job growing this YouTube channel. Leave clans behind.

  10. Indunil Sameera Danthanarayana

    Damn they asked both you and Flamu to leave OMNI? Talk about a bad move. Like they say everything happens for the better and you and Flamu are better off without OMNI. All the best.

  11. Tough battle Flambass but seriously entertaining! thanks for the video 😀

  12. wow ok time to unsub from omni youtube page

  13. Yue Yang / Gearing ?

  14. Great video, you can do more with a DD on a sliver of health than I can in a full hp BB! It was in this moment OMNI knew they had fukked up!

  15. Joke’s on them, The Flam’s are OMNI !!! 😂😂😂

  16. Flambass I think I`m gettins nuts. I hear voices in your Videos. I mean I hear you talking, and then I hear some other dudes talking, but it seems like they talk about different things as you do. I should get to a doctor.

  17. Care to make a new Guild? just for funz or whatever.

  18. very aggressive, I like it.

  19. Best game I’ve seen in a while Flambass. Nice!

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