World of Warships: Castilla – The T10 Spanish Cruiser

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Castilla is somewhat similar to Napoli, but she doesn’t have quite the armor or the smoke. She does get burst fire though!

0:00 Intro
0:08 Captain Skills & Upgrades
0:15 Castilla Match 1
10:21 Match 1 End Screen
10:31 Castilla Match 2
19:55 Match 2 End Screen
20:26 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Spanish heavy cruiser Castilla.


  1. We have burst fire for torps. We have burst fire for main batteries.
    Burst fire for planes next?

  2. I just got home from work, I’m going to unwind watching this video while drinking an adult beverage. Thanks Aerroon for this great video.

  3. Way too much burstfire.

  4. Kjetil N Bjørnstad

    You are robbing me of the Twitch experience…..

  5. Nicely done, and wow that looks fun to play, would love to see more games.

  6. Excellent!

  7. Major Disappointment

    Thanks Aerroon would love to see more of this wonderful ship.

  8. First Gdańsk, now Castilla. The power creep of the new tech tree lines is real.

    • Perhaps. I think it’s more punishing towards average players though. I think once the ship becomes more common it won’t be able to pull of moves like this as often.

    • @Aerroon Maybe, but if burst fire becomes more common with new ship releases, the game might become more deadly and unforgiving, where one small mistake can cost you most of your hull.

    • @Tremox That’s true.

  9. good to c u back man nice

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