World of Warships – Casual 190k Des Moines Game with Analysis

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One of my recent Des Moines replays, just a casual 190k damage game. Breaking down individual elements of the game. Hope it help


  1. Zachary Andrews

    Loving the vids man keep up the good work

  2. Pete_ Hine_Of_PA

    I’m overjoyed to get a least one kill or sinking, LoL… You did well & I like your ship and playing style. I wish you smooth seas and smooth sailing…. Thumbs up on this video, I think your audio was just fine, I had no problems with back ground noise or understanding what you were saying.

  3. welp rip the DM replay that I sent in then, lol, keep up the good work

  4. While I think these kinds of videos are excellent learning resources, I think I would be able to get more out of a commentary like this that analyzes a game where you had to carry the team. I’ve found myself in quite a few situations like that recently and would like to hear advice on how to deal with that.

    Love the videos! Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  5. Love these analysis videos. You should do them for every class and subclass (lightcruisers, Gunboat DDs. etc.) They are very informative. I like how you draw on the minimap to give a visual aid.

  6. These analysis videos are really useful! I have 55% winrate, so i consider myself to a good player, but even I can learn new strategy and prediction. It is very helpful that you explain what are you doing, and why. Keep it up!

  7. Please keep doing this type of video

  8. Thanks for all your videos. Will you do some analysis where the enemy team is lemming in and you’re on the kiting flank?

  9. I can confirm that this video looks and sounds better

  10. UI glitch? It says you have AP loaded but you appear to be firing HE all the way up until 3:23.

  11. Mr. Shane Smooth

    Instead of being a how to Des Moines video, this should have been a how NOT to BB video. Those Jean Barts and the Audacious make me weep…to be fair, the entire enemy team abandoned the Southeast flank, and that is shamefully bad play on their part.

  12. Thank you for a thoughtful period of instruction. This will be very helpful!

  13. Euhm , U have AP loaded and put fires ? WTF !?!

  14. Wildfire Wildfire0466

    Really good explanation through your Thought-Process. I liked it yery much.

  15. Such a typical ROFLSTOMP we see all the time these days.

  16. Sound seems fine now. Thanks, iChase.

  17. Great work as expected. Chase, by all that is holy, please make a video on the impact of a DD division that ignores the rest of the team. Many new players are bringing this often and don’t seem to understand they leave half the team blind for funzies.

  18. You actually risking your entire ship by not radaring to scout that Georgia tho. It was an extreme luck that lets you survived, I get that you want to kite away and intercept the other ships that is going to follow Georgia, but still, could have radared first and let Georgia pass before doing it.

    Although I guess it no longer matters, even if you got devstruck over there, there’s 0% chance you will lose so maybe your brain told you to play around.

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