World of Warships: Casual Harugumo Match

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A casual match in the Harugumo. It’s good to look at this after Hayate.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese destroyer Harugumo.
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  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice creepy Aerroon voice at the end. 😉

  3. what happened to the color balance? 🙂

  4. woah… those colors, was at full screen when youtube autoplay started the video, thought I might have a GPU problem or something

  5. After damage saturation, welcome the color saturation.
    Nice vid tho

  6. Rip Harugumo after IFHE changes.

  7. That ship screams “taste the rainbow!” when it gets its guns going. lol

  8. Harugumo is not a work in progress anymore…

  9. just had a game vs you… the biggest noob on YouTube I’ve ever seen…..pls stop playing this game. And if you loose with your Tier X vs a Tier VIII stop flaming others for your way to play

  10. Pretty sure it outspots the khaba by a literal mile

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