World of Warships CBT // “A l’eau, c’est l’heure”

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World of Warships CBT // "A l'eau, c'est l'heure"">

I’m on a boat. Yup.

CBT code entries are now closed!


World of Warships is currently a , multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out more at

Want to see me playing ?


  1. Contest entry. 

  2. Where and when is he going to tell us who won the codes (if he didn’t

  3. Balls in walls

  4. Total Annihilation! Loved that game.

  5. Plox

  6. ;-;7

  7. More of this plz!

  8. Yes pls i wantte be in closet beta wow

  9. Avast Ye scurvy dog

  10. T30 Tank Commander

    The gaps are temporary the full list of ships is on the official website 

  11. God damnit Wargaming TAKE MY MONEY!

  12. thx for the news on WoWShips!

  13. Commenting for the chance of a code!

  14. Code plz?XDXDXD

  15. Super duper pooper scooper

  16. DAMNED this game looks nice… 

  17. Lukáš Kalčík

    Can I have the code please, Jedi?

  18. I want a code!

  19. really love the play style of WoWS, really really want to get in the game

  20. me

  21. Thanks for sharing the multi-way point navigation, I thought it was just

  22. I got in :)

  23. Matthew Blundell

    WoW code pls

  24. Richard Anderson

    Yay another Jedi vid. Good to see a lot more coverage of the game with new

  25. Matthew Blundell

    Great video 🙂 

  26. Henning Syversen

    Great video Jedi. Keep up the good work.

  27. A beta key? Cool! :D

  28. SOMETHING :p Contest Entrance
    Thank you for the Video 

  29. “Crosses fingers, toes and my gf legs for good luck”

  30. Can’t wait for the game looks great 🙂 hope to win the code to try :-)

  31. I would like to give the game a chance, so gimme that code! :P

  32. Another Video that makes me plead for an early OPEN-Beta since i haven’t
    been lucky enough to get an invite to the closed one. THX Jedi. Keep up the


  34. “Faqu, I watch your video you no give me code!!!” 

  35. I like codes

  36. Please give me a code !

  37. Geert van der Meijden

    Awesome video!

  38. codes so many Codes 

  39. dam this game looks sexy :P

  40. Screw you jedi, addicted to the sharpe series because of you

  41. Tier 10 battleship: Tog II

  42. I wonder if the Yamato can 1 hit ram a destroyer ; )

  43. I can’t really think of anything witty to say but want access to the beta
    so here’s my comment :)

  44. * just like you said

  45. Would love dem codes!
    Greetings from Turkey.

  46. amx 40 maus,kv 4 and E100 xD

  47. Jedi…. 13:44 You are firing AP at that destroyer and took him out with
    him at half health. I had something similar happen in a game and my buddy
    said on ts “how did you do that?”. I guess we may want to question the
    early on advice we got about using HE on destroyers? :)

  48. WOW is the game I have been waiting for, for fifty years.

  49. Thanks for the fun time you are giving me with your comments :)

  50. wish i could play this looks epic

  51. I really dont know what to wright here but i kinda want to play the game.
    So randomizer thingy if you dont support me I will find you. Btw I think
    youre accent is really nice. Just wanted to leave this here maybe you feel
    like choosing a little Bastard making compliments to affect your choice.
    How is the weather where all of you live. Here in Germany its getting
    better but its pretty meh-like. Well good Luck to me. 

  52. Pls just give me… I have been waited for a long time for it.

  53. Love your videos Jedi! 

  54. Loving the vids pointy, defo more warships plz!

  55. i hope i’m still in time for the givaway :/

  56. I want dat Beta code please

  57. If you still have those codes I’d be very pleased to get one. This looks to
    be very nice game.

  58. If you want to play with a froggy sailor Pointyhaired, I’m your man !
    (and no, don’t pick me for a beta key … I’m obviously alreday in ! ;)

  59. Patrick Jacobsson

    Need a keycode….pleeeeeas 🙂 really want to play this game

  60. This captian needs a code plox :P

  61. Patryk Andrzejewski

    Pick me!

  62. XxBlazeRocksGamingxX


  63. Hurrah for WoWS content, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  64. Is the chance for a code already gone?

  65. commenting for codelove

  66. Now the important question:

    Are you king of the wooooorld!?

  67. Sign me up for the Key Lotto. These videos you and Jingles upload of it
    make me want to play more and more. And it looks like this one actually
    runs smooth unlike the other two games 

  68. Probably too late for beta. Great video as usual.

  69. Pick me, Pick me , Pick me…. :)

  70. If this plays well on lower spec PCs then I will be happy.

  71. Man I can’t wait until I can get a Yamato :D

  72. I would actually, actually, ACTUALLY really enjoy playing this game!

  73. Looks like WG had some good ideas with this game.

  74. Can haz code? I’ve been a very nautical bouy

  75. Philipp Meißner

    Here is your randoom commentary for winning a beta code 😛 

  76. This game looks wicked :)

  77. I’ll just write a little comment here you know

  78. I wonder if they key has been given out already. Probably, but I’ll still
    leave a comment :D.

    This game looks bloody awesome and I have been anticipating it ever since
    WoT came out, because….. navyfield

  79. james pickersgill

    Pls can I have a code

  80. Fun times. It does look to crap on WoWP

  81. The so far revealed information is that russian navy is 3rd. 4th will be RN
    and then probably Kreigsmarine, but I expect the game to go into open beta
    with 3 nations at max, and RN to arrive as the 1st patch.

    1 exception to comfortable playing out of the box is Aircraft carriers,
    upgrading flight controll allows you to have more squadrons in the air at a
    time, and having a squadron of fighters is much less than having 2.

  82. looks like an interesting game.

  83. Love this game, Wargaming are on to something here

  84. Ships…I cannot into ships…

  85. Yey i want a code

  86. For April fools, wargaming should put the TOG in WOWS.

  87. can I has code pleeeez?

    cheers Jedi.

  88. Deathes Expedition

    if i was able to play this game i would have so much fun playing all the
    different types of ships but mostly the destroyers because of their

  89. Gret video!

  90. Great looking game!

  91. I want a game code ….

  92. I would most appreciate a code

  93. 0BearwithFurniture0

    You rock Jedi. Code give away

  94. I really hope they implement weather, rolling seas and the like, and they
    accepted sign ups for less than a day, got really annoyed when i got home
    from work and the were closed. :,(

  95. Please moi

  96. Redwall Warlords

    Could you show us the Aurora?

  97. Weeee world of warships now with Jedi powers :)

  98. Plz codes

  99. can i get one??

  100. I like cheese ( and keys )

  101. Jedi, you have to use those Torpedos…thats one of the nastier parts of
    the Phoenix. They’re a nasty surprise for people who don’t have their ship
    identification down yet, because they won’t be expecting it 😉 BTW, don’t
    add me to the drawing, I’m already a beta tester (since the first weekend

  102. Hi pointy 🙂

  103. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  104. EEEEEE I want to play so bad!

  105. code code code

  106. I’m really looking forward to this game, WoT has become a bit boring and
    stale for me, and I have moved over to WT a bit.

    Even Jedis gameplay hasn’t put me off this. xD

  107. PlanetaryPenguin321

    So many comments.

  108. Comment

  109. Is the Aurora good? I want to see some gameplay of that. 

  110. Why is the TOG not a premium vehicle in this game?

  111. Please give me a code, I am dieing to play this…

  112. will wargaming be doing the french and italian navy lines?
    Keep up the great work.

    please leave me out of the draw thanks

  113. It may not be 1 in ten, but heck yeah I’d like a shot at a key!

  114. Thunder1177 Weekly

    Also you and comment guy are awesome

  115. Thunder1177 Weekly

    Please please please

  116. Hello 

  117. Wait a second, I just had a brain wave: Dream Team WoWS Edition!

  118. Very nice, good job. this looks like a lot of fun.

  119. TankAce BlackBaron

    C’mon, daddy needs a new game to play.

  120. Hi Pointy

  121. Jedi keep up the good work I would really appreciate a Beta Key

  122. I hope that I am not to late

  123. Love the videos, I hope to get in to WoWs.

  124. No awful stock grinds? Sign me up!

  125. So happy that you are doing some Warships videos. Keep up the great work!

  126. I commented :)

  127. So, a Wargaming game without arty and goldammo? Awesome! I would love to
    get a code.

  128. Contest entry! LET ME PLAY! =)

  129. Pick me I Fan

  130. Choose me i watch your utube daily

  131. In it to win the CB access!

  132. be creative

  133. I like the lack of premium ammo. Here’s hoping it remains, as such, a

  134. ThePoutinePrince

    Fire the Torps brah

  135. Hmm, battleships. I wonder if they’ll include the USS Alaska CB-1 heavy
    cruiser. That one was one of my favorites. :D

  136. love ya but in a subscriber type of way

  137. This game looks so epic. Everyone seems to be playing it and I really want
    in too :P

  138. Actually, Jedi.. am I actually the only one to find it actually ironic to
    be on a cooldown while you are on fire? :)

  139. beta plez….

  140. much better odds than Jingles

  141. Generic comment asking for a code.

  142. This comment is here purely because I need a CBT key for a friend

  143. pick me pls 🙂 want to try this game :)

  144. shoot me, shoot me…ok I need a code first.

  145. Pick the potato

  146. I expect the few people to reach Tier 10 Class Yamato to be looking at each
    other at the start of a game and be like : “Guys… Let’s platoon.” Haha 

  147. WELP WELP hangover tiger bacon reprimand cabbage salt probably not getting
    the code

  148. Seems like all the big WoT People on YT now have a WoWS Account. 🙂
    I wish I could finally play it, I love ships just as much as tanks. ^^

  149. Christer Prestberg

    God this game look’s awesome

  150. This game looks amazing so far can’t wait to be able to play in some of the
    most iconic naval vessels ever. Keep up to good work Jedi love your work. 

  151. Angry Flashlight

    Love me please!

  152. Kingdom for the code!

  153. loris ipsum code

  154. Pick me please Jedi :)

  155. I cant wait for american battleships

  156. also what navys will be add at larch of the game XD

  157. Ramming speed. More CK2 plz

  158. when will this game come out?

  159. Thank you for all the hard work and time put in. And thank you to Jedi for
    giving you the opportunity to correct him. What? You thought this was
    directed to PHJ?

  160. Beta key! I didn’t get in the first time, second chance! :D

  161. seems to be alot of fun

  162. Seems to be a really good game, I look forward to more videos.

  163. Hey Jedi, I had been thinking of immigrating to Scotland at some point in
    the not too distant future (pending money and such of course 😉 ) Is there
    any advice you could give regarding the whole process?
    Love the vids btw and dont let caption guy get too carried away ;)

  164. The cat is a powerful pair of pants.

  165. Thanks for the vid! Would love a code, hope I am lucky.

  166. LOL that intro

  167. This game looks so dam sexy

  168. Mine!! Mine!! Mine!!!!
    Codes!! Codes!! Codes!!

  169. Yarr… give me your beta code.

  170. I can’t wait for this to be released! 

  171. I have been waiting for this game for a long time!!!

  172. can’t wait for this game to come out 

  173. this game looks great so looking forward to playing it.

  174. Hello

  175. May i have the key?

  176. Aesir Altendorfer

    Looks really good

  177. Great video. Are you going to start making more WoWS like 50/50 or are you
    going to continue to focus on WoT?

  178. dam this game looks sexy

  179. I have commented on almost all videos that are doing the comment thing,

  180. Something! I’m really excited about this thing… I mean… It’s ships…

  181. It kind of bugs me that submarines were left out when they were such a big
    part of the war. I mean the stealth mechanics and torpedoes are already
    implemented so why not right?

  182. dicks

  183. hope this game dos well

  184. I don’t know how to feel about WoWs….it looks pretty cool and i will try
    it in closed or Open beta….but it’s a wg product after all and i fear it
    will evolve into a premium cash-grabber like wot did over the last
    patches….but i hope i’m wrong

  185. They real have stepped up their game since World of Planes 

  186. such cloak much wow :D

  187. Salutari pentru toată lumea !!!!

  188. looks like fun game

  189. Looking forward to your future videos on this game!

  190. The lack of colourblind mode is no problem Jedi (I am red/green
    colourblind, it is only a problem when there are red enemies sitting in
    green bushes and so on)

  191. I hope that the Royal Navy gets the Agincourt.

  192. Good job again Jedi!

  193. For the love of god jedi I need a code! Didn’t realise they ignored
    previous applications with the closed beta and you had to do it again so
    missed out. Even went as far as registering on NA server but no joy there
    either. Take pity on a fellow Scot and send me a code….

  194. Some say he is a master of many guns but all we know is, he’s called the

  195. rng do your thing

  196. those captions really like insulting pointy. I wonder who edits his videos
    and makes the captions?

  197. world of warships is definitly looking good
    it’s definitly more on track out of the box than wowp ever was

    and wargaming’s sound design has allways been sketchy they should hire
    gnomefather to do their sounds for engines and guns to be honest he does a
    great job at them

  198. *Insert placeholder comment here* :P

  199. Could I grab invite maybe (meybe)

  200. dam so many codes XD

  201. This comment, whilst endeavouring to be positive, is merely a blatant
    attempt to get in the draw for a CBT access code.

  202. Richard Gustafsson

    Gimme key! :)

  203. I really can’t wait for the Bismarck it’s going to be super deadly when the
    Germans come out

  204. Hi Jedi…. just leaving my details for you to send the code to ;)

  205. YaY maybe you will bring me the good news…….. and yeah realy enjoy ur
    uploads and will continue watching even if i dont get a key :P

  206. yay jedi, yay boats, yay codes!


  207. is it me or dos this game look sexy XD

  208. wish me luck!

  209. god dam codes :P

  210. This is a comment.

  211. stiggiekaptain TH3 R34L 5T1G

    And also the stig is back, now with ships!

  212. stiggiekaptain TH3 R34L 5T1G

    Please give me a code phj! Please i live you man

  213. So many comments are here , i wonder why 😀 ?!

    But now to the game ! I think WG is doing a great job. They know some
    players are bored from Wot and they want to play something new.
    The graphics are amazing and i already played it once on the Gamescom 2014
    ( Alpha Version ). The game has already changed a lot in this small amount
    of time and its nice to see that the developers are working hard on this
    game to make it better.
    The only thing i was very confused with , was that you cant turn your ship
    that easily like a tank. Furthermore, you need to forget the scouting ,
    fast flanking and circiling from wot and you have to concentrate in a hole
    new playstyle.
    Its not that i dont want to become a Beta-Tester , so i hope this comment
    will chosen by random ^^ .

  214. Jedi send me code and i send you huge amout of ricecaces! 😉 

  215. Choose me the monkey

  216. Game looks AMAZING. Jingles likes it, Quicky likes it and even my wife says
    it looks cooler than WoT.

  217. Men of Wood; Ships of Iron

  218. code prease?

  219. This game looks really, REALLY AWESOME.
    Battleships = Heavy tanks – Thick armor, serious guns
    Cruisers = Medium tanks – Medium armor, good speed, good guns
    Destroyers = Light tanks – No armor, Fast, Opportunity killers
    Carriers = SPGs – Destroying from far, far away

    I know I can’t compare them directly but this is how I see things.

  220. Game Is good, been in since alpha an it was amazing back then, but 2
    torpedo hits on your cruiser or battleship can ruin your match
    (btw jedi, if I win the key, pls give dispite I am already in… friend of
    my is dying to play this game)

  221. Hope they add the French Navy

  222. Hey Jedi, I’d love to get one of those codes. My mates are all playing and
    I’d like to join them so badly!! :D

  223. Do you think they’ll do resets on game progress before the game leaves
    closed beta?

  224. Second attempt on the boat code.

  225. How is your gold shared and mine isn’t? It should be carried over from wot
    to wows right? One account for all.. 

  226. ChaffeeTheHunter

    Hey Jedi, so excited for this game!! Hope I get to play it soon! :D

  227. I love you so much it physically hurts sometimes Jedi……. As long as you
    give me a code.

  228. Wow, such warships, code plz…

  229. Hey Jedi, I must beg you to come on board :D

  230. keep up the great videos! would love a cbt key. got to play a few games on
    my brothers account and im hooked!

  231. I hope i win.

  232. Torpedoes are awesome

  233. I’ve seen some matches where the enemy team has +4 ships =L the MM on this
    is drunk and high. Even though one team has higher tier ships the other
    team has weight of firepower, and if the other team gets lucky- or has
    skilled- torp users or use superior wolf pack tactics they shred your team

    Even if your higher tier that doesn’t mean you reload faster, or have more
    shells to fire or have more HP. For Example my friend showed me the stats
    on a St Louis tier 3 ship vs Phoenix tier 4 American cruisers. St Louis has
    more broadside guns to aim, more HP than the Phoenix, but the Phoenix has
    more speed turns better and has torpedo tubes (perfect for torping pesky
    destroyers that try to run along side it or any other ship that ‘passes’
    alongside not expecting to get torped).

    My friend is completely of the opinion that Tiers don’t matter too much,
    but he noticed the jump of durability between tier 4 and 5 destroyers was
    noticeable- that or hitting the weak parts of tier 5 destroyers were much
    harder, noting that tier 5 destroyers could and would survive a torpedo to
    the mid section while other lower tier ships would get insta killed if a
    torpedo hit amid ships.

    Any way PHJ thanks for the upload from all of you guys its been fun to
    watch but not yet play! Curse my lucky friend!

  234. Its looking good so far. USA, Japan and USSR are the launch trees btw, no

    We had the cable laying ship with your fiber optic here in Skye a couple of
    months ago, was heading out your way.

  235. Second try since I could not get one from Jingles 🙂

    Really love naval games, have been looking for ages for some new ones.

  236. Meow

  237. codes!! so many codes :P

  238. can i have a code? please?

  239. I feel lucky. Like I’m going to get a beta code…

  240. Admiral Anderson

    Did you run into Phly while playing WoW? I think you were in the same match
    during his live stream at some point ;)

  241. this game looks epic

  242. hope it wont be like wowp …

  243. Toasty Roasty Man

    The last Captain I would want driving a warship is you, God save the Queen
    and Lord Nelson’s ghost ! LOL I can hear your crew now..”Captain, we are
    entering the harbor we need to slow down.. PHJ ..Well I’m not sure we need
    to do that quite yet…we’ll see… A few moments later …Um, Captain..we
    are getting very very close to that Pier..! PHJ.. well I don’t believe we
    are really actually that close yet… CAPTAIN THE PIER IS TWENTY FEET AWAY
    SLOW DOWN ! PHJ.. Well yes I guess we are a bit close now, you can slow
    down a bit now. …BAM…BAM ! Captain, the Harbor Master is on the deck
    and wants to speak to you. Actually the Whole Harbor Master’s Building is
    on the ship with him in it. ” :)

  244. More food for randomizer..

  245. Cant wait to play this

  246. Awesome video ! Would love to see more !

  247. Scharnhorst & Gneisenau, Cant wait!

  248. codes still available?

  249. I really hope it comes out soon, the game looks great.

  250. I think the next Russian ship will be a KV-2 on a raft. :P

  251. Oh devine emperor give me the luck to get a beta key , so I can defend your
    honor in the glorius YAMAMOTO 

  252. All my mates on my TS are in the beta except me; I’m just sitting here with
    my British tanks on my own.

    Damn this game looks fantastic.

  253. Caption guy for president!!!

  254. I want a beta code

  255. its still beta but it still looks really good

  256. Can’t wait to get in this game and start sinking.

  257. selle1999vanheel

    World of warplanes has a competitior.
    World of warships doesn’t.

  258. can’t wait for the full game

  259. This game looks great, I hope you have a code left! That would be awesome! 

  260. Nice video

  261. code o/ maybe? pls :3

  262. the*

  263. Please give me de code !!! 😉 i can’t wait to play this AWESOME game!!!

  264. Khalid Belhachmi

    jedi i would like to try my luck and ask for a code pls :)

  265. It looks so good, shame there’s no royal Navy yet, but soon there will be! 

  266. Antoine van Gool

    Seems better than worlds of warplanes, so lookd like fun?

  267. Hey Jedi, why didn’t you fire your torpedoes at the battleship? You would
    have likely survived if you had.

  268. Cant wait to sit in a Yamato and just blast away with a full broadside :D

  269. Placeholder comment.

  270. One key for this swede please :)

  271. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

    Except for your torpedoes. Don’t damn them. Use them. USE THEM! WHY AREN’T

  272. Marko Drndarevic

    Good video!

  273. Martin Buczynski

    Phj, you know you have a stig thing going.

    Who is caption guy?

    But fantastic job, especially to the one and only caption guy.


  274. Great clip great game^^

  275. Can’t wait for mah Bismark! 😀 

  276. To be or not to be.

  277. How do you fallow the shots i still have not figured it out

  278. looks fab :)

  279. i have bad luck :c

  280. Mikolaj Wojtowicz

    I’ve waited for this game for 1,5 year!!! God I’d love to get my hands on

  281. If I win a code, can I platoon up with caption guy?

  282. I’ll let u sink me!

  283. charlie johnston

    This game looks awesome really looking forward to it, hope I get a code!

  284. Beta Key

  285. Closed Beta, yes please.

  286. Do you prefer Waffles, or Pancakes?

  287. Great video as always PHJ. Hope to get a beta key. It looks awesome :-)

  288. daanr sinaasappel

    i want codes!!! 

  289. AmerAm NotAverage

    i got in on NA but i wont mind a smaller ping

  290. Comment to try to get a key :)

  291. Would love to get a code :D

  292. Code pls

  293. Peter Soellinger

    I like your videos dude, keep it up, P.S. I WANT THAT CODE :)

  294. rathersmallhippo

    Wow ships : P

  295. Oooooooohhhhhh, over here! Pick me, pick me! :P

  296. Thanks for the chance, would love a Key – The Hype for this game :D

  297. This is a very cool game. Looks better than world of warplanes…which I
    tries once.

  298. Corne Doevendans

    Give me a code plz

  299. Rein Stradmeijer

    but jedi, your cruiser has torpedo’s, why didn’t you fire those against the

  300. I want my bismark! And a beta key! <3

  301. I want one :D

  302. Jonathan Cyrilien

    Nice vid

  303. I hope the Archillies is in the final release….graff-spree….Bring it on
    again!! (Lest we forget)

  304. I want my to make my mom happy!

  305. Izaberi mene

  306. Code ples 🙂 was non plussed about the idea but it looks a lot of fun 

  307. Actually jedi this runs worse on lower end computers on my old potato I can
    run world of tanks on a good 20 fps on minimum settings world of warships
    I’m lucky to get 6 fps.

  308. My my a key for grabs I wouldn’t mind getting it
    That would be a glorious day for Slovenians everywhere ☺ 

  309. Hey Jedi, thx for a load of funny and entertaining vids. Looking forward
    for World of Warships!

  310. I would appreciate a key :D

  311. hello code please unless i don’t win

  312. comment for free stuff! yay!!

  313. game looks great. cant wait to play it.

  314. Pls give me a code :)

  315. Rein Stradmeijer

    i am really exited about this game. would be delighted to play the game

  316. Are you prepared for the stronk Soviet navy Jedi?

  317. hmm what to comment

  318. Weird, 338 coments, 301 views, do not give me a code, i have mac only

  319. Just really want a code for this game….. :)

  320. Christopher Tamplen

    Always love the Caption Guy comments.

  321. Hoppsan tjosan :)

  322. I guess there’s no chance of you having to read the Gazette in this game.
    unless they introduce a monitor or somesuch thing that can only make 6

  323. I really really wouldn´t mind a code :)

  324. Casper Bolding Kampp

    hope to get a key as i didnt get one from the jingles thing and it really
    llooks good

  325. Halfrican American

    Code pls

  326. Great vids! Played tanks for sometime. Would be nice to test ships out

  327. I’ll suck yo dick for an invite code

  328. SteveBuscemiLover125

    pls gib code… pls

  329. Pick me! Me me me me.:)

  330. Spotting mechanics look stronk like WoT.

  331. Cant wait to get my hands on this game. Love your videos!

  332. yes please !

  333. i want a boat D: i’ll give you all my pokemons!

  334. How you liking fighting Congo class?

  335. A friend of mine got beta access and I didn’t… Hes making me soooo
    jealous T_T

  336. I wanna play!

  337. Simon Kopertowski

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