World of Warships CBT AA vs Current AA

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Taking a look at and the as of patch 0.7.2. Interesting comparisons to say the least 🙂


  1. What a weird time

  2. The Mature people 4real

    Im early alt f4

  3. I would change the sound of the aa, if you watch a video with the 40mm bofors in action.. You will see that the in-game aa sounds like cheap fire crackers 🙁 I’d like to see small gun powder puffs like the secondary battery ones for example but smaller. All in all the aa look and especially sound could be improved a lot. Just my opinion

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. All of the AA sounds super weedy. I guess they do it this way because if a 40 mm sounded as deep and loud as it does really, then what would they do to make the main guns sound beefy enough without blowing out people’s speaker?

    • RAF Hawk well they could make the sound a lower volume than the main guns, the way it sounds is unnatural not the volume. Too bad as the main battery sound is spot on (oh the 18″ yamato… Sweet!) so yeah, it could be done way better!

    • Yamato’s guns sound is on spot.

      And I can say the same for 20mm Oerlikons, in some videos they sounds like those big machine guns or snipers, now they sound like you popping those bubble-wrap

    • Naruse Utaha lol at the bubble wrap but that’s true! ?

  4. I PULLED A JINGLES! That last clip was a DM + Iowa and I thought I saw a Cleveland + Iowa…WHOOOPS X_X Apologies 😛

    • Yeah. Jingles misidentifies ships a lot–even when the name of the ship is very clear in the video as he’s talking. I get the editing stuff…voice over…he wasn’t looking at that when he recorded. I understand why it happens and I frankly don’t care. But Jingles does it more than any of the other WOW YouTubers.

    • CV’s i feel have been made inaccessible to many players due to the huge skill cap now needed because of the AA power creep. just like you said the power level of AA makes it so that only the best Unicum’s can still make successful. Chase my question is what do you think needs to happen to let carriers be accessible to everyone again? I LOVE my hakyru but i can’t do well in it anymore I’m not a unicum and all i ever get is hate for being shit when playing it because I’m not a unicum. I desperately want to play it more but i hate every battle i que up for in it i just get hated on the entire game. Advise appreciated.

    • Jack, the tracers should be evenly distributed in the 20mm drums and the .50/.30 belts, so if the guns are firing at a constant rate, you’d still see a constant stream.

    • I chase at the beginning you used the new mex and the New York as a comparison at the beginning too…isn’t that apples and oranges?

    • Beginning is New York and New York, just look at the turret config. Only reason it says New Mex is I was using free cam to spectate someone else

  5. I’m more interested in where those amazing blue camoes went and why you can’t get them anymore on the non-premium ships…

    • No clue…I liked the blue camos for the USN, looked good

    • I do too, but from what I understand the issue was the camos actually worked visually vs worse performing computers. The blue camo worked on water and blended in really well when looked at on low graphics.

    • That would make sense but if the Missouri and the Alabama, somewhat recently released ships can have them, why can’t the doubloon-paying players that want premium camoes for their standard ships?

    • I think they changed it because of the introduction of the camos that we have at present. They’re basically just layered on top of the ship’s base color, which looked pretty awkward for some specific schemes with the blue base color, whereas grey is more neutral. I used to install the blue skin every patch, but since they reorganised the files a couple patches ago it’s not as easy anymore.

    • Yea I agree, and I heard the flat blue camo still works vs lower graphics xD. But yea I want it back as well. It was pretty and I wouldn’t mind if it was for gold/perma camo

  6. Worse than CBT.
    125mm where are those guys?
    40mm barely visible that they are there
    20mm visible but underwhelming. Nice that they fire in bursts but the visible amount of fire is meh.

    • I think the colour blends too well with the maps today compared to CBT where tracers were just white and easy to see

    • The devs claimed in CBT that 5inch AA wasn’t shown because the AA and secondary battery gunnery systems worked so vastly different and it would have been difficult to make the animations work. They said it would be fixed eventually, but I don’t think it ever was.

    • Josh Wilder I see that as more of an excuse. Just have DP secondary guns with animation priority set to AA higher than firing on enemy ships unless secondary guns are set to focus on ships by the player, then just get bigger puffs of smoke than 40mm(or equivalent gun for nations using their own system rather than Bofors). I’m not a programer so I’m just talking out of my ass here.

  7. is the abundance of fire accurate? ships like the yamato had 162 25mm guns and it doesnt seem like that. it kinda seems like there are small amounts of guns actually firing

  8. to me the AA fire has always been lackluster, maybe i’m just spoiled by the AA in the Battlestations games but I’ve always found them kinda meh. But with how hot CV’s are right now I can’t imagine that any tweaks are high on any form of a priorities list

  9. Watching old newsreel footage from the USN the three primary AA weapons are all quite distinct. The sounds WG uses for the 20mm is OK. The Bofors had a much meatier bass report to them. The “Pom pom” moniker is apt. The 5″/38cal’s going rapid fire mode is an unmistakably deep, punchy and loud bass drumming. If WG put some higher fidelity sounds into the AA files that would be a real improvement in “feel”. My two cents. Cheers.

    • Just a heads up, most film footage from that time period had no sounds since early film cameras had no mics. What we hear are added in later.

  10. Every look at the newsreel movies from WWII, When the Japanese aircraft came over a US Fleet, the air was FULL of 5″/38 bursts of AA. You don’t see much of the 5″ AA in WoWs. and if the 3″/50 would be shown they would look like the 5″ was going off at the planes. True we lost many ships to damage, but out of how many aircraft that left to attack. for Okinawa and Iwo Jima, the “Marianas Turkey Shoot” comes to mind.

    • Harrison Blake if you’re arguing that AA fire was in any way effective at shooting down aircraft you are quite mistaken. AA was more of a morale boost and deterrent to ‘shake’ enemy pilots.
      The battles you choose as examples were also not great AA VS Bomber waves; Turkey shoot refers to the air to air battle. And Okinawa was a mostly kamikaze-filled Attack, in which case the pilots did not have a tendency to get ‘shocked’ by AA despite that being its main purpose

    • most of the bursting fire you see in old WWII footage was probably 40mm bofors, the 5 inch DP didn’t have that good of a rate of fire. According to the Devs in CBT, the 5 inch DP weren’t animated in AA mode because of animation limitations, but their effect is factored into your ship’s AA envelope.

    • Griffin Faulkner

      Josh Wilder 40mm didn’t get VT fuses until very late in the war, and practically every single 5 inch gun the USN had mounted on their ships by the end of the war were dual-purpose. Those clips almost certainly were the 5 inch guns putting up a flak screen.

  11. It’s harder to tell the difference between the two versions when your speak over the game audio with commentary; the audio was a big part of the change.
    For anyone who wants to see and hear how they used to sound:
    Notice how well you could differentiate between the different calibers of gun firing, particually the long range AA as the planes approached.
    As you noted in your comparison, now the guns fire in bursts instead of a stream. Whilst this seems a small change for an individual ship, the change is more drastic when you multiply this reduction for several ships – you don’t get a sky as ‘full’ of AA as what is shown in the clip above.

    I agree with you for one part though – the change of balance no longer requires cruisers to actually protect BBs like back in the old days and as such people don’t group up like they used to; thus the epic AA bubbles we remember from teamwork (shown in the clip above) are largely gone.

    Edit: Also, this video from Yuro (atsf) is better to demonstrate sound quality difference:

  12. Despite us having to downloads more files for “ultra sound.” I think the change in sound is maybe a place holder, as they improve the reports of the other calibers of AA? Also I think that the less volume of fire is a change to help the game run smoother on shitty Russian toasters. 😛

  13. I don’t know how it was back in CBT but how it was is largely irrelevant for me, the simple fact is the AA animation feels like it is showing you that AA is working, not the actual AA itself.
    I think the problem is that AA is disjointed from the ship. The tracers are not originating from AA mounts, instead just a “spot” around the ship. If they could have AA mounts themselves fire it would be far more immersive, for example, if you have 5 AA mounts on the ship you can see 5 streams of AA. If you had 2 AA mounts left, you see two. Couple that with the ability to actually see the AA fire, not as an indicative “your AA is firing” but actual rounds fired in actual streams or bursts that you can see and hear it would be far better.

    • Boats.
      They mostly have boats. Means – there are much less AA guns to animate in a battle.

    • MeMySelfAndEye no warthunder has destroyers now with a boat load of aa.

    • But they don’t have 24-30 DDs in one match, right?
      Cue is in the word “mostly”.
      And then – DDs have vastly smaller numbers of AA guns then CCs or BBs.

    • MeMySelfAndEye there are about 15 to 20 dds in one match… Most of these destroyers that warthunder have about 10 to 20 AA guns on just one ship. Trust me the AA in that game looks amazing. Also they are getting cruisers soon and some of them had 52+ Aa gun which Warthunder does put in game as individual guns that can be manually aimed or ai aimed.

    • MeMySelfAndEye also right now they are just in pre-beta phase. Imagine when they have there naval forces at full open beta. I play war thunder mainly but i also play wows since obt but wt naval forces is starting to look more and more good.

  14. I think both the old AA and new AA looks terrible. It needs better visual effects depending on caliber, more effects depending on the amount of guns, and better sounds depending on the gun.

    • I’ve always been an advocate for historical gun sounds myself, instead of the almost general sounds they are using right now. Not just for AA, but all weapons in the game.


  16. I do wish we could go back to the days where the battleships who were alone would die and people were much more dependent on cruisers

  17. its a WG game. . . no duh there is power creep and the team aspect in randoms is ruined. . . what else did you expect?

  18. I 100% agree that the AA in this game is too overpowered. I’m a stickler for naval history, and part of the reason that USN AA was so effective in WWII is because their fleets used overlapping fire and screening strategies to defend against aircraft. I would love to see a mechanic in Warships where individual ships were significantly worse at AA, but ships with overlapping AA “bubbles” would see a meaningful boost. That would encourage team play a lot more, and it would also end up being a buff to CVs who could pick off loners.

  19. I think it’s the color of the tracers more than anything. I think white tracers stand out a lot more. I think partially this maybe was done to make it less distracting compared to the rest of the battle that’s going on.. Arguments could be made for this being good or bad to be fair….

    On my screen playing something with strong AA I can see my AA lighting things up pretty well on my desktop. Less so on my laptop (desktop has a high resolution high refresh ips panel with good contrast. Laptop has a VERY bad low quality TN panel with low contrast)

  20. I think the actual graphic of the gunfire is *dimmer*, like the tracers are slightly more transparent and darker, so they don’t stand out nearly as much.

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