World of warships – CBT Midway is back?

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  1. Grinding my way UP the US CVs 😀 just unlocked the Lexington and cant wait for this CBT experience Kappa

  2. I think it’s powerful, but not quite broken. People just need to learn that they really can’t go off alone (something people have been doing lately because there’s been no CVs), and they can’t ignore planes, they need to be focused.

  3. 6:12 holy shit that was amazing, bravo

  4. I don’t think you should play CV, you become a pyschopath when you play them 😛

  5. loool my name is chais and my bros is storm but we weren’t watching the live stream xD

  6. And the Bama gets. Solo Warrior….

  7. Like when the Romulan commander told Picard we are back, now the United States Carriers are back!

  8. By the way: Why do you use AP bombs? Cause they are cool? Tried then in Essex and switched back to 1000lbs HE. AP consistency is horrible. Sure you can nuke KM BBs but they hardly cause a dent to a Yamato.

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