World of Warships CBT – Pensacola Lose-Draw-Win XP differences

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So soon after I discovered the joy of turning the replay recording feature on, I had been able to have some fun on ships without worrying about having the simultaneously record content again.

Very soon after I finally got my first win of the day for the Pensacola, I noticed that my decent games of the night (for which I had maintained the screenshots and replays) had very similar damage output profiles, 3 different outcomes, and 3 different base experience results. Not particularly useful, but I thought it was interesting enough to use as an excuse to put up more videos 🙂

There are additional things one could note from the replays however. I was still reasonably effective against Tier IX ships. Of course in my case that Iowa had me and only me in his sights, was at full health, while I had the misfortune of encountering him at 25% of my health.

Anyway I apologize for the length of the video, and I do hope you enjoy it.

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