World of Warships – CC Summit Future Event

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Discussing any questions/comments community might have for the devs as I travel for the CC Summit in a few weeks. Also detailed some potential future content. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. CV deserve some love, and the MM as well

    • yes, they can change CVs power, but its hard to change the matchmaking in a positive way (besides giving one team 1 dd, and the enmie team no dd lol). Sometimes the skill between one team and the other is very “different”…

    • Matchmaker could balance players based on a global player value (MMR), so both teams would have good and below average players, with no change in queue time. That could help. Also the +2 -2 tier can be rough, the DD advantage in high tier, etc.

    • I’ve been in a game with 3v2 DD’s and the side with 3 DD’s had 2 radar cruisers and a Missouri division while we had zero radar. Yup. It was a quick loss.

    • no??? ??????? ?? ?

      They need to stop babying tier 3 and 4 so 5 becomes playable again, having to fight T7s in an Omaha or something like that is just not feasible

    • no??? ??????? ?? ? That is maybe not good idea because we need to protect the low tier new players don’t get clubbed and leave the game, WE need players to learn the game and not make them leave the game, that’s my opinion

  2. Aircraft Carrier UI is nr 1 on my list tooooooo Thanks Notser!

  3. Risheen Mukherjee

    Can we expect +1 matchmaking to be put into effect, like in Warplanes? Because Omahas don’t live very long against Colorados, let alone against New Mexicos?

    • Agreed. It would be nice to only see players 1 tier away from you (6-7, 7-8, etc. matches). I see too many matches where it’s the bottom and top tier mainly with 4 middle tier ships in the whole game (7-9 battle with 2 t8 per team).It get’s old fast.

  4. Some type of Historical events would be great. Such as the battle of Jutland, midway, sinking of the Yamato, coral sea, The battle between Japan and Russia in World War I. Many different historical events players could pick either side filling the roster with bots

    • Franklin Van Valkenburg

      I love this idea! Part of what draws people to this game is commanding the ships they read about in history books. One of the issues I do see is the amount of time and space required. Unless you’re a carrier player at heart, Midway would be a boring battle to recreate since neither fleet actually saw the other. Cruiser players would spend their time maneuvering to avoid torpedoes, bombs, and shoot down planes with AA they don’t manually control like their main batteries.

      Jutland would be a good one, though.

    • I have also thought about this. WoW would have to adjust the ships back to their real numbers. For the battle no nerf or buff. I’m sure the players would want to try several times because they would discover their ships handled differently. They would also discover not alls balanced and fair. But it would be very cool to see if you could figure out a way to win and change history. I like the idea!

    • I agree with you, but my inner nerd screams to me that Russia was fighting Japan in 1904-1905 and not the first World War

    • GamingWithFlowmar81

      This is a great idea! I’ve always had this idea. You speak my mind, sir! Anyways, having a new game mode called “Historical Battles” or something of that nature would put you in a similar system to operations currently. There would be one of the week, and you had to pick sides. You could also pick another operation. Now, I don’t know if WG wants to “give” those ships for free in the mode only, or if they don’t have them, they don’t have time like operations. I’d like to see all major naval battles from 1900-1945. Any remaining spots in matchmaking would have to be filled up by bots.

    • Yes Please love this idea, better than ranked or clans

  5. How about looking into DD and/or CG deploying sea mines?  During WW2 some DD was task to deploy mine due to a lack of mine layers in their respective navy.  I think it would bring something new to the game and make it even more of a tactical game.  Now if you have mine you will have to give up something like smoke which would make it a interesting trade off.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Wow that’s a good idea. Currently many destroyers and light cruisers – are modelled with Depth charges – which are just there for show (as we dont have any submarines). Maybe sea mines could solve this and serve as a new feature for DDs other than torps.

    • Yeah – stationary torpedoes. Will players camp even more …

  6. Battleships are like a double edged bastard sword. They might have good RNG and hit every salvo for decent damage, Or they might have a bad RNG and do nothing.
    Cruisers are like a spear. Easy to use, Quite safe if used right but if used in a bad way quite dangerous. Accurate guns with fast rate of fire and decent damage per salvo.
    DD’s are like daggers. Everyone has one, but only those who are really skilled can use them propperly in a fight. Wall’s of skill and anoying small caliber firestarter’s.
    Carriers are like Bows. Unfair to everyone until they get spotted while close to enemy.

  7. remove manual drop and strafing, problem solved

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      How to kill the CV gameplay lol. Without manual drops – every ship can torpedo beat incoming drops – aka the poor T4 and T5 carriers than can neither strafe or issue manual drops, only to get fucked over by higher tier CVs in double CV games. Its fucking cancer and braindead – when all you do is point and click – and pray to the RNG gods to do everything for you – thats not good gameplay. CVs already have enough RNG with Fighter on Fighter engagements and their dive bombers.

    • The rest of the ships point and click… a good CV player has too much influence on the outcome! How the hell do you avoid a cross drop plus multiple dive bomber squadrons? you cant’! its unfair and unbalanced, remove CVs all together if you ask me 😛

    • This is the obvious, but for some reason absolutely unthinkable solution … .
      I mean – see how anyone gets shouted down who mentioned this anywhere on the forums, YT or whereever …

  8. What would i like to see? Better rewards for the Job done, per ship type. DD’s are scouts and spotters in most cases, I understand that russian DD’s are more like mini cruisers, but they still have better stealth than all cruisers. Cruisers are supposed to be DD hunters, at least that was how they started. Bb’s are basically the artillery of the group. except German BB’s and some french BB’s with good secondaries to help with pushing. as of right now, in all my experiences of the last year (post 0.6.3), everyone wants to be snipers. nobody wants to push or be aggressive, makes being a German BB main a really sucky position. I would just like the rewards, be slanted towards the indicated job of the ship. Right now pure damage rules the game, not kills, caps, spots or anything else. I have watched streamers, that say they spam HE purely for damage, nothing else matters to them. Even if they lose, so long as they get that damage. This is why, i have all but stopped playing. There is no place for a guy, that doesn’t want to run the 1 or 10 lines and just snipe my ass off all day. Currently in the battles i have seen over the year, that is the current meta

    • dd’s need to get spotting bonus. i’ve had several games where i’ve spotted for 150k + and did less than 50k actual, but we won and people gave me a plays poorly. exp. doesn’t make you any money in a dd, i shouldn’t need to lose money on a win where i spot for 100k +.

    • yep, i had once in tier 8 mm non stop put 2 clevelands in my benson smoke, they thanked me a lot as one got more than 160K dmg done, another just about a 100K, but i smoked them and then spotted for them, i got little xp as i did not do my own damage

    • I agree with the job performed argument. Currently, even DDs and Cruisers are holding back for the perfect ambush (not all of ’em, of course). It’s frustrating when doing the right thing and pushing a cap in a BB, then getting focus-fired by Team Red after all of the support ships and fellow BBs have dropped off behind a rock or a smoke screen. Then you read the after-battle summary and discover that your BB spotted 3+ ships ….

    • I think I was in that battle too I was running a Saipan and thought I was almost the only other person actually fighting the enemy .

    • And make those rewards visible in form of Ribbons and more achievements. For BBs there should be an achievement for POTENTIAL damage and it shouldnt be about you surviving or not. For DDs there sould one for damage caused on your spotting (CVs as well) and so on.

  9. CC sumit….
    1. MM should be only +/- 1 tier difference in ships.
    2. The in game chat needs to have a time stamp, so you know when someone posted a comment and timestamp is aligned with the game clock.
    3. the pre-programmed comments need to be improved. I suggest having up to 100 that the player can choose from and setup quick key presses. btw. “I need intelligence data” is crap.
    4. Karma is a simple system to allowi players to vent but its unfair. If I want I can span out reports to people for NO reason. Single reports need to be stopped, 2 or more reports are then validated.
    5. Collisions with islands and own team ships needs to be more realistic and do more damage.
    6. More maps, more variation on maps. btw… just an observation but really would anyone put a cathedral size structure on a island in the middle of nowhere.
    7. Fix targetting of ships that are on the map edge.
    8. More achievements around objectives, spotting, basically re-enforce good game play
    9. Abuse in chat needs to be stamped out.
    10. WG needs to do something about people being AFK for the start of a battle. This has happened to me, where you are in the queue for ages then put into a battle 2 or 3 mins in. That’s the tech not working right not bad connections of people. This opens you up to AFK reports and abuse, never mind not being able to contribute to the battle and team.
    11. Already had HE ship damage which takes out AA guns and such but ships are run by people, have a ships compliment, damage can also be reflected in people. Things don’t work as well or as efficiently with people missing.

    • These are all good recommendations. Good thinking, David.

    • There is a problem with the reporting system If there is a division on the enemy team and they don’t like you they can report you and 3 reports is a lot and can get people banded if they got lucky and killed the division

    • Wait, that’s not fair… I won’t be able to sink Des Moines and Conqueror with my Benson with matchmaking that narrow. Sorry, but I just can’t help but disagree with that first point.

      One thing I love about World of Warships that just is not the case in World of Tanks is that lower tier ships, while disadvantaged, still stood a fighting chance against everyone else. Moreover, doing well in a lower tier ship is so rewarding, which really helps when grinding tier VIII ships because they always meet tier X ships anyway.

  10. Notser pulling Notsers in Tanks .. ” Flipping ” Awesome yes please .
    Question for devs .. when are we going to get , UK DD’s ? Russian BB’s and UK CV’s .. is the Ark Royal going to be in there ?????
    CV Rework …. NO .. apart from the UI being a little laggy I think they are fine .. BUT they need a +1 -1 MM A 2 tier difference is not good for the play of the game . they are ether too strong when top tier ( AA ships cant shoot them down ) , or too weak when bottom tier ( planes just melt and CV is no help to the team ) . A 1 tier difference is a challenge but it is more balanced .
    And finally … the MM ….. please please can we have equal Radar , BB’s CL/A’s and DD’s on each team . Please .. going in to battle and seeing 5 BB’s 4 Cruisers and 3 DD’s on the enemy and we have 5 BB’s 5 Cruisers and 2 DD’s on our team and they have 3 radar and we have none is not balanced and not fair . and they roffel stomp us as they have all the advantage even if we do have Awesome players we will and do still loose .

  11. Balanced radar in MM. So many times one team has 5 radar ships, the other has 1. Put a DD limit in MM, 5 DDs per team is not very fun… make it 3-4. Penetration no damage is one of the most frustrating things!! And last but not least, AP shell tracers can be hard to see on certain maps. Sometimes you can’t even see where your shells are going. Maybe a darker blue or something.

    • need to keep the dd’s even, as with the radar! too many times i’ve went in where the other team had an extra dd and extra radar.

    • Agreed! tired of my side having 2 radar ships to the enemies 4 – not fun if out in baltimore and your team wants you in 8 different places in the span of nanoseconds..breaking the laws of physics is something you can’t do. As for the tracer i’d go more of a red like you get with yamamoto if you have him for a captain. There are mods like Aislans that can change the tracer color but Aislans seems to make the game unstable at times..custom tracer colors could be a thing for account level 10 or higher..visible only to you and any color you want.

    • I would prefer MORE DDs per game.  Historically, groups were built around a BB, maybe 2-3 CA (heavy/light mix) and remainder DDs.  If a CV was added, then sub out either BB or CA.  Played a single game (about 2 yrs ago) where there were 10 DDs per side with rest CAs.  Most fun I ever had playing this game. Think it was Tier 8?

  12. Please ask when we are getting rn and fr destoyers.

  13. Kameel Hutcherson

    POWER CREEP. Pls my old American ships and Japanese ships just don’t feel the same anymore.

  14. Ask why they haven’t banned the mod that places an ‘x’ on the minimap that allows you blind shoot ships that are not visible. It clearly violates their own policy on mods.

  15. Ask about the possibility of DDs getting assist damage when others fire from their smoke. It might encourage DDs to smoke team mates more.

    Oh and ask what has happened with the DD MM in the last few weeks. Nearly every game has unbalanced DDs now.

  16. Ask them what they are going to do to make CL not useless. Battleship should not have better concealment than Cruisers.

  17. Hi Notser .
    pls ask them this question : do they have plans in the future to improve the game graphics using core engine used in WOT now .

  18. I would like you to ask why spotting damage isn’t added to the spotters damage count. There are no rewards for scouting for your team and I feel this would incentivise (I think i just invented a word) moving close to the enemy and being useful to your team.

    • To take it one step further, add an instant award for spotting damage during a match – say 75k – everyone likes medals

  19. Performance!
    I really want them to focus on performance of the game, let the high performance PCs take advantage of the game!
    I got a 7700K with GTX 1080 Strix in SLI.. If they would tweak the game more towards SLI and higher requirements, like a addon/expansion for Warships..
    Like a HD texture pack kind of deal for us with high end PCs.
    They need to stop doing ¨general¨ cap so everyone gets the same performance!

  20. Ask them….WHY in Random Battle ….If a ship next to me has hydro on, and I’m benefiting….why don’t I know it? Same for radar.

    • You know it when you see that DD sittin 7.5km off of port bow and metal death fish are spotted 3.5km comin in off the same direction. Exiting gun view and looking around every now and then helps immensely.

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