World of Warships celebrated 75th anniversary of VE Day with a virtual naval parade

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The World of Warships’ parade featured 24 of the most iconic Allied warships with commentary from navy experts and New York Times bestselling author and naval historian James D. Hornfischer. Popular influencers The Mighty Jingles, Drachinifel and Wargaming’s very own Chieftain were present to provide additional historical context and highlighting the ships’ accomplishments during World War II.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. Okay, this is virtually epic

  2. Joel Montgomery

    This looks like a premium shop advertisement. (Only 1 non premium shown)

  3. Best WoWs stream in a long time… Because game itself was not mentioned 😀 Some excellent stories from all the contributors features.

  4. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about this idea?
    Full stream:

    • @JIGENSKY , that was actually a consideration during the planning stage – how many flags? – eventually deciding that simple looked best, since in-game the flags would be mounted all clustered together on the superstructure, obscuring much of the gloriously detailed model work of the ships themselves.

    • @spellsecurity its a celebration of VE.
      I understand its hard to put Fore down dressing line,after span dressing line on pixel ship



    • What is the music

    • Rafael Henriquez

      MAGNIFICO, Otra, otra, otra…

  5. I really love these kind of community events,
    especially when the many nations cancelled Victory day celebration due to corona pandemic. Thank you guys for your effort. Looking forwards to see more of this

  6. Tamás Kristófcsák

    It looked so epic! It was really great to see these ships with a heroic music in the background. Well done WG!

  7. Hans-Robert Dalen

    Sadly I didn’t get the start of it, but it was quite long so got the second half. Awesome stories and comments. Really nice job WG.

  8. SALUTE for the brave soldiers and sailors of the war! Also for the todays..

  9. Henry-Seabreeze Studio

    Now this is the correct way to do the Parade.

  10. It was great fun to take part with other Supertestors Sailing through the port.. Thanks for the Opportunity and the Honer. Even got to chat a bit with Drach, Jingles and The Chieftain during rehearsals. whats not to love.

    • Victor von Doom

      Tim Colpman hey man, where can i apply to be a Tester

    • @Victor von Doom , usually Tuccy announces the recruitment start on the EU forum. But don’t sign up thinking it is all fun and games – sometimes it is boring, tedious and with a demanding schedule to keep. But also very very rewarding when you get to do epic stuff like this.

    • Indeed it was a great experience all around – including the melt downs! I had a blast and I am grateful to see the efforts we put into it being appreciated.

  11. Fun fact: when the Richelieu was sent to New York to be refitted during the war, the command tower was too tall and had to be dismantled lest it hit one of the bridges

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Actually we hit the same problem on the 1st bridge, the tip of the foremast was kinda pooking holes into the bridge 😀 Not sure if we managed to avoid showing it in the video 😉

    • Haha i came in the comment section to see if someone was gonna write about that fact.

    • @World of Warships Official Channel thats just tells how accurate your adaptions of the blueprints are XD

  12. 0:35 Isn’t she in the hospital? I heard from the news that some of her crew got positive with COVID-19.

    Wait that should be the younger one.

  13. Even though WG isn’t always F2P friendly, they still do make great events and videos like this

  14. Thank You so much, for have created this parade in memory of the Pilots, Sailors, and Soldiers, who gave their lifes for our future and keep the world safe from the tyranny of Fascism and Imperialism.
    In Memory of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the sinking of the Bismarck, Tirpiz and Yamato.

  15. I don’t always agree with WG decisions, but this is one in which I do.

  16. The stream was excellent. Certainly the best one yet. I wish you would open the ports so we can sail around them and explore them more. Also my long requested ability to “walk the decks” and tour my ships in port to virtually explore them.

  17. When I saw Warspite my heart melted. She cute <3

  18. Orange L!ghtn!ng Time

    This is fantastic, well-done! Such a show of respect! I love playing wow legends (I know the pc version is different) but such a sign of respect. Keep it up folks!

  19. What’s the background music? It’s really good!

  20. My Friend Warspite rest well, your duty is done and your glory will live on

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