World of Warships – Challenge Accepted

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Yesterday I made what some people seemed to think were pretty bold comments about just who could do damage to what in World of Warships. It seems wilkatis_LV was watching the video and thinking… “Challenge accepted!”

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. lolanta being a lolanta….shooting all dds at sight.

  2. Foo-Foo Cuddlypoops

    F for that muppet (or more-so the poor guy he shot) at the beginning.

  3. Imperium Legio IX Gemina

    nice Jingles, you have totally right with the atlanta

  4. Oh burn! Whoever that Atlanta is, he’s seriously considering uninstalling.

    • +Akshay Anand its youtube, eh? Relax

    • +Risheen Mukherjee it’s a problem of communication, mate. Very few people take the time to think before they write or speak, and there are so many misunderstandings because of that, especially on the Internet. It’s just a small thing to fix, so if we can take up that tiny effort, it automatically makes the world just a tiny bit better.

      At least that’s how I feel.

    • @PCWarMachine If that was actually “unintentional HE damage to the DD” then his mother did an even worse job then we realized…..

    • You are all a bunch of whores agreeing just for likes. Do you know for sure he meant to shoot that guy? What if it was accidental click? It was one shot… God people are so judgmental it’s sickening.

    • Akshay.. I was sort of replying to you all. I have never seen such over-reaction based on the trollish behavior of many in the community vs. the one instance of this. Hell I have accidentally shot (1) ship in my Atlanta in almost the same manor. Do I think this guy did it accidentally, no. He was clearly trying to aim at the water near the ship. In my own case I adjusted my sitting position (after likely playing for hours) and that put pressure on my hand which made me misfire. So in short… Jingles should have not called this guy out for such a minor offense when we have THOUSANDS of other player examples just in the past month that would far out weigh what this guy did.

  5. The moment I’m detected I get 4 or 5 ships firing at me so I’m not sure how some people get away with going so long without being shot at.

    • Johannes G. F. Bruhn

      Pretty simple. All those uploads you see on youtube with their monstrous damage numbers: They’re no usual results. Sure, the players do a good job. But they also require the enemy team making some very “questionable” decisions. I constantly get results with more than 100k damage from tier 5 on, sometimes even at tier 4. But I’ve yet too get such a monster game. That’s certainly partly due to my lack of skill, but also to such games being pretty rare in the first place.

    • Im a ok player I guess the max I have done is 179K but that was like only once

    • you need both teams to be bad, but the enemy somewhat worse. thats the enviroment monster damage games happen, otherwise its just a roflstomp.

    • I mean, not being targeted for so long is very rare. Positioning helps, but in this case it’s nothing more than combination of me getting lucky + enemies screwing up

      Yamato – best guess is that he either tunnelvisioned on someone else or jsut didn’t see me as a threat
      Shima – had already dropped her torps elsewhere
      Zao – shot me (quite correctly), but due to Baguette Boost he missed. Then, I may have been out of range for him, as well as him getting quickly annihilated
      Conq – was already busy and I was “behind his back”
      GK – was already busy, altho in his place I would have switched “to the cruiser”
      Cleve – saw me plinking away at GK, opted for more dmg on BBs, when I oppenned up on him he panicked or whatever, and screwed up as a result
      Republic – well, you saw what happenned

    • Mike s well, as jingles always says… “It’s better to be lucky, than good” because there are plenty of people who are really good… but then you have games like this, where Wilkatis (who is definitely very good, but also remarkably lucky at the same time) is now 2nd place to one of the best cruiser players in the world

  6. I’m imagining the faint sound of a Dotmatrix Printer emmiting from the Conqueror.

  7. I’ve been working off-shore for 6 weeks, on the North Sea. Come back home with lots of Jingles videos to catch up on… but can’t seem to make any headway! Seriously, by the time I catch up, it’ll be time to set sail, again!

    Dammit, I’ll just have to quit my job!

  8. Sirocco The Hunter

    Not using the reload boost consumable the entire game…

    Someone hasn’t been keeping track of the recent updates :/

    • No, Charles there has 10s reload, as it’s from early on in 0.7.7, not the current 0.7.8 where Baguette cruisers got the RB. You can see the RB there only bcuz Jingles played the replay on a 0.7.8 client. Also somehow that worked for him

      You can see the replay here:


      How is “You want to hear a joke?” bitching? I’ve had great games in worse MM, this one is just “special” as, as Jingles showed, it’s #2 on EU. #7 globally, or something like that. It’s a pretty damn good score

      My captain skills are not a mess. Just bcuz I don’t follow Flamus word like a gospel doesn’t mean they are wrong. I have my own head to use for thinking, and if we look at my stats it clearly shows that it’s working more than good enough. I have them set up for what I need not for what the average player wants.
      I don’t care how many ships are aiming at me, it’s irrelevant information. Saving my turrets, TTs, and especially for CM – the rudder, has far bigger importance to me. Just look at the moment Zao shot at me. What did I do? I instantly tuned to dodge. I have more than enough situational awareness (including that “zoom out after every shot”) to be aware of when and from where I’m shot at. The “who” part is a simple combination of minimap and direction, assuming I care in the 1st place.
      EL is extremely efficient on CAs for amo switching, no reason to surpass that, at least not ion this one. Of course, the average potato who fires nothing but 1 amo type won’t care. I do. Altho I’ll agree that I screwed up the use of it at least a couple times in this match
      AR – I often don’t run it on my ships, again – there are other skills I prefer over it. In this case it’s Last Stand, as in both – CM and St Louis you’ll have your rudder out nearly permamently

      And again RB has already explained, including in this same line of comments before you even posted. 0.7.7 not 0.7.8

    • +Shaw Fujikawa show us your gameplay. Or account plz. And its you who is blind as it is an old replay.

    • When he engaged The shimmy, the zao and the Cleveland I was shouting “USE YOUR DAMN CONSUMABLE”

    • Damnit, I was checking so much for a version number that I didn’t see the date on the scoreboard. My bad.

      The UI fooled me on closer inspection too. The timer _starts_ at 11s, yes, but he fires multiple times in the replay when he’s still got 1s left to go. Which would be a 10s reload.

    • to be fair the I key is so far away. who has time for that?

  9. There’s one dislike. I think we know who that was.

  10. Yay an actuall Latvian player.. last time It was TD in WOT where he drowe Fernediant and get 10 kills on map that dont exist anymore on WOT…P.S. Wilkatis means wolf like person( it’s hard to translate)

  11. Isn’t fire dmg percentage based off the enemy ships max total hp, or something along those lines? Wouldn’t that then make it preferable for a T8 cruiser HE spaming to be paired against a heavy T10 team with a lot of BB’s?

    • t10s also have 50% resistance to fire while t8 only has i think like 30%

    • I see your logic, but T8 cruisers lack HP.

    • Yes, but the ships have a build in fire resistance which at T10 is 50%, so if you are a lowtier Ship who wants to set fire on a T10 you can remove 50% from your fire chance, and then also his fire resistance through modules and captain skills.

      So while the fire hurts them, with his 15+ fires he got very lucky by meeting so many captains with questionable consumable use.

    • And while you indeed have an easier time of amounting high damage on bad captains in tier 10 ships, you have a much higher chance of being instantly deleted by large amount of high caliber shells as well.

    • Fire damage is 0.33% (per fire) per second of BBs / DDs / Cruisers max HP and 0.4% per second of CVs max hp 😉

      As for pairing 8s with 10s…. Yeah, you do more damage to them, but I’d still prefer a relaxed game vs 7s and 6s over a game vs 9 or more 10s. Hell, with the 25mm plating you can effectively tank BBs like Fuso, Scharnhorst, Lyon… while at t10 everyone that hits you probably will score a citadel

      Also what that guy said about fire resistances ^

  12. The fact that everybody can technicly damage anybody is what kept me playing World of Warships.

    I bounced out of World of Tanks very quickly after playing games were being the bottom tier meant that I was litterly useless to my team. I couldnt scout (city map), I couldnt tank damage (armor just not good enough), and I couldnt do damage (even loading the gold wasnt good enough).

    I dont understand why people find it fun to be at a huge disadvantage 50% of their games and then the other 50% you can roffle stomp other players cause you are the top tier.

    In World of Warships you can always do something. You can be usefull for your team. Even if you are only spotting tier X’s with a tier ll.

    And there is no “Pay to get an Advantage” ammo in World of Warships. Although there are premium consumables

    • Yup. Gold ammo and the inability to damage certain tanks AT ALL were 2 major contributors to me not playing it ever again.

    • Owning someone of higher tier when you are bottom tier in wot is more rewarding, well at least for me. I just consider it as a challenge.

    • +Tiago Casquinho USS o’bannon 1v1’d IJN Hiei and won. Granted it was at night, in the middle of a battle, but the Hiei and O’bannon squared off against eachother and Hiei lost.

    • Tiago Casquinho but it makes sense fire as alway been a dangerous problem for ships throughout the ages where even the smallest of fires has the potential to destroy any ship

    • Whether you are useless or not mostly depends on your tier and upgrades, honestly. Tier 7 tanks fare much better in tier 8/9 games than tier 3 tanks in tier 4/5. That said, a tier 9 tank with no upgrades and a bad crew is a hell of alot easier to kill than one with full crew and elite’d.
      Most tanks are pretty balanced honestly. You’re not really meant to 1v1 a higher tier tank and it requires you to think more to fight them.

      You can’t 1v1 a higher tier ship for that matter either in WoWS either. Sure, you can damage them, but if they turn any attention to you back you’ll probably not be very well off.

      Same can be said for WoT. The biggest difference is that you can damage enemies from any angle in one, and the other you must either flank or aim for weakspots.

      The two games have their differences but most games I played in WoWS were 50/50 as well, with nearly the same problem. If I was uptiered, useless. Downtiered? Doing quite well. To be fair though I only made it to tier 4 before I got tired of Carriers.

  13. Was looking forward to seeing my favorite ship in action… and yeah, dude just had to be a douche. Glad he got called out.

  14. Just think, he would have broken that record easily if he used the reload booster ?

    • +Joe yeah, not having a go, just saying it’s a shame ?

    • AGREED! There were three (four really) times i was like USE IT!!! The Zao parked broadside, the Cleveland broadside, and then twice on the repub… though had he used it on cleav he couldnt have on the repub (atleast when behind island and repub was broadside, second time may have reloaded/cool’d down to use again when ‘pub came back out around island broadside).
      But alas, even without that, phenomenal damage output.. .and why over time, the little guys (he spamming cruisers.. though he did get good AP results as well!) can be much more dangerous than the big guys can in short spertz.

    • Oh yea< and the Shima at the beginning, he coulda wrecked it much quicker(or, by not using, gotten wrecked himself had things been different). Moreso than the damage that he gave to others, he also lost out on some kills.

    • He didn’t have relaod booster. Its an old replay. look at the reload times of the guns.

    • Replay’s from 0.7.7, so actually pre-RB. Then again, having played with RB on the Heri I can tell you that it’s absolutely AMAZING. Going to go back and try it on Charles at some point, no question about it

  15. *Actually* Jingles… the Black Swan cannot penetrate the armour of high-tier ships, has no HE shells, nor, secondaries, so cannot set a fire and also has no torpedos! So _cannot_ damage higher tier ships at all. Ha! Debunked! … Oh, that’s a nice service revolver, Jingles, what are you planning to do with tha…

    • Oh wow! I thought this, but someone actually typed it! xD

    • RCing Around HQ  Yes they did screw up the Black Swan.
      Funny, seeing as at Tier 1, the Erie is now supreme king, that is the only ship that can’t be citadeled at tier 1.

      The Swan with AP could penetrate the armor belt over the citadel, but with HE that is impossible, the other ships such as the germans have the citadel exposed in front and behind the belt armor so easy feats of citadeling those, and the rest have a very exposed citadel when broadside on that can be easily targeted with HE.
      The Erie though… Yeah it may fire slow, but you will have to wither it down, no easy outs there.

    • CMDR Sweeper eh just park a mikasa with full secondary spec next to it. I’d give it 30 seconds tops.

    • Isn’t a Yamato shell bigger than the Black Swan? 😉

    • Yeah, why did they nerff the Swan?

  16. This is reason 5006 why I like Jingles…showing people to not to be assholes and going out of his way to make fun of you if you are?

  17. Waaaaaay too restrictive with his reload booster…
    That Shima and that Zao at the beginning could have died way earlier and to me that was kind of dangerous not to use it…the shima could have torped him and if the Conq and the Zao gave him a look…he would have died there.
    Make sure you use such consumables as much as possible….such as to get to 0 by the end of the battle.

    • Also he should/could have used reload booster after the enemy just put out the fire…
      Good play (with a lot of luck though) all in all, but missed out some very juicy additional dmg there.

    • May be he didn’t notice it was there. I sure didn’t myself the first time. It is difficult to use it effectively if you lose sight on the target or if your turrets can’t follow, on Henri IV, specced DPM module, turrets are so slow that making use of the consumable requires you to go in a straight line or be stationaly behind an island.

    • You are not using it effectively if you are not trying to use it mate ^^ that’s the only way you may not use it effectively….
      If your game ends with still 4 reload Boosters untouched….you were too restrictive….it’s that simple.
      And turrets not following is not really an excuse….you should always be able to have at least 2 turrets pointing in the direction of an enemy…
      All in all, don’t be afraid to waste it, and you will get used to the consumable and it’s effective use very easily.

    • I at least use 2 effectively per game, one or two are wasted because either I lose line of sight (thx DDs smoking up when I call effectively shoot at their nemesis) or because I’m forced to maneuver hard. But yeah, when used at proper moment, it can be very punitive to the enemy.
      I mostly use it when there is a DD nearby that needs to be killed or when a cruiser or low health BB are giving broadside, I rarely use it for just keep starting fires. I prefer to keep it for when I need it most, I don’t want to be caught with no MBR available when I would have needed it.

    • Replay’s from 0.7.7, RB wasn’t a thing then 😉

  18. Jingles i know you like to be reminded that your’e old and crap but everyone is making the same mistake, The main battery reload booster on french cruisers start at tier 7. Had a double strike today because of that with the Algerie, plz don’t change 😉

  19. Well done sir. Team damage that is purposeful has no place in the game.

    • Do you know for certain it was purposeful? What if his finger slipped on the mouse? It happens, certainly happened to me..

  20. I would really like to see that Atlanta commander come into comments now and publicly apologize for that. Come on, whoever you are, man up. You were stupid twice (doing it, and then sending it to Jingles), show that we, the salt miners, at least own up to being wrong.

    • hey, I am the guy in the Atlanta; the damage was completely unintentional and i was looking at his ship and fired by accident, my mouse is really sensitive… i will make a comment soon

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