World of Warships – Challenge Accepted

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There’s a hard limit to just how many ships you can sink and how much damage you can do in a 6-payer Ranked Battle. Who’s up for a challenge?

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  1. Never say something is impossible. Someone will always take it as a challenge.

  2. “Impossible”
    And someones said one if my favourite jingles quotes
    “Oh fucking really sunshine?”🤣

  3. Georgia was also a coal ship, pulled in the same update that Thunderer got yanked from the armory

  4. I love these brawling battles, brings life to the game. love the vid jingles!

    • CruisingForMermaids

      Yet so many whine about Ranked, where this happens much more often than Randoms.

    • Anubhav Das Sarma

      @CruisingForMermaids ranked is really fun when you top taking it seriously. I come home tired and expect to have fun from a game, not be the top player or something so ranked is the best game mode for me

    • so wargaming adds all of these torpedo bbs to ruin the fun

  5. Krzysztof Narloch

    “Ally Siegfired pop his hydro that has incredible long range” – in reality Pommern thats 500m behind our hero Georgia pops his hydro…. Jingles never change.

  6. Jingles, I’m pretty sure Georgia was available for coal until it got pulled from the armory at the same time as thunderer

  7. 5:08 Jingles, I think it was the Pommern’s hydro that spotted the Cossack. Right, i’ll pull a triple shift in the salt mines, just put that shotgun down Jingles .

  8. Actually Jingles…. Georgia was for coal, and it was normally purchasable in premium shop.

  9. “Which gives us some indication of where the Benson might have gone” Benson, Fletcher pretty much the same thing :-)! I’m starting to think the old man does it deliberately to improve interaction in the comments, but could you do it deliberately? More realistically he’s just crap :-)! Don’t ever change jingles… Love my Georgia every now and again you get an awesome brawling game like this one.

  10. Panagiotis Deligiannis

    Damn! It became interesting for 10 seconds when Fletcher sunk the Besnon.

  11. Guns and Grenache

    Entertaining match. Great commentary as usual Jingles! 🙂

  12. Yeah, Georgia was available for coal in armory. I got it from there, I think it was after you made a video featuring it with secondary build.

  13. Oh dear ! Did I hear Jingles refer to the enemy Fletcher as a Benson at one point. Oh well, it wouldn’t be a proper Jingles video without the odd “slip of the tongue”. Still a great video, though !

  14. JJ Stuart on Writing

    Haven’t played WoWs for over 2 years, yet still watch every Jingle WoW’s video like it’s a guilty pleasure.

  15. Curious that the Tirpitz didn’t take the free kill he gave him. Don’t get me wrong it’s always nice to see a BB player with a pair of nuts but he served himself to the Tirpitz.
    Also Jingles us yanks from the land of cultural appropriation don’t give a damn if you say “zed” or “zee” we understand you drink tea and forgive you for it.

  16. I’ve never played WoWs, only WoT, and even that one I have stopped playing a long time ago, yet I still enjoy these videos a lot! Never change, Jingles!

  17. Actually, Jingles..
    He COULD have killed the Alaska if he had swung around his rear turret to the other side.

    I also don’t understand, why the Fletcher did not dump torps to the corner of the island after killing the Benson and hauling ass NE

  18. poodlemeister22314

    Jingles, I do wonder sometimes if we are watching the same videos…

    Do you do your commentary live? And do you just spitball sometimes without looking at the event log?

    If you do, keep it up, keeps us entertained down in the salt mines

  19. Georgia, Musashi, Azuma, Missouri, Pommern, Kearsarge and all other such Tier IXs are Premiums ships. There are no Tier IX Special ships. Only Tier X has Special ships, and Tier X has no Premium ships. The difference? Premium ships have built in higher credit earnings and built in service cost reductions whereas Special ships only have the built in cost reduction. WG doesn’t nerf Premiums older than Hyuga, but starting with Hyuga they has added a “may be changed for balance reasons” clause to all Premiums, so that difference between Premiums and Special ships isn’t really relevant on newer Premiums.

  20. Well played, and well commented! Thanks Jingles!

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