World of Warships // Champagne / “She’s built like a steakhouse, but she handles like a bistro”

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A nice bonus with this ship is that the captain’s chair is upholstered with real velour.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Guns that seem to deal less damage than IJN 203mm HE.

    And you only get 6 of them. Good ship Kappa

  2. Given that they’ve modeled these Schneider 406mm guns, I wonder if they’re ever gonna make Alsace Scheme No.2 with 3×3 406mm to go with No.1 in Flandre and No.3 in the tech-tree Alsace. Would basically be a French Slava.

    Also krupp has no difference over distance, it just flat out scales up your base pen at all ranges at a flat rate. Only air drag affects pen over range. It’s how they made Petropavlovsk’s guns so devastating despite on paper being near identical to Moskva’s guns. Dunkerque can be argued is battlecruiser based on her armor scheme, Strassbourg with her armor enhanced to 11″ of inclined belt is very much a small battleship.

  3. Can you just use doubloons or do you have to use all the different currencies?

    • You can just use doubloons, though it’s very pricey. This event is really meant for players with tons of resources stocked up.

  4. If I remember correctly, this ship was initially put on sale for only two weeks, with little to no fanfare, and then just as quietly removed from the shop altogether, with no explanation. I seem to remember even Flamu commenting, that it was passing strange the way they handled the sale of this ship.

  5. Well, that seems less than good.

  6. What is it with you PHJ – do you _enjoy_ playing “sub optimal” ships?

    Regardless – I enjoyed the video! Thanks!

  7. I liked the armoury exchange event from a few months back, but the currency exchange rates of this one make me wonder. 300 doubloons equal 30 days of premium (which normally cost over a 1000 doubloons, I think)?

    And the final tier costing doubloons and only giving you a flag? I guess that’s for people who throw their wallet at the game without paying attention.

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