World of Warships – Chapayev Chases Victory

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Chapayev on Hotspot moves to counter enemy destroyers as they attempt to capture A point. We move east to try and take out some enemy cruiser. The enemy team holds a lead and the team must stay alive and take what we can get from the enemy. The game requires some reserved choices to maintain a grip on the outcome. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Soviet Cruiser Chapayev Replay


  1. I love all the negative panic chat. Notser ftw.

  2. 10:17, the fuso has an a-hole… xD

  3. The A hull……. Say that a few times

  4. Language!!!! Really u are eager to penetrate him.

  5. Great info. Keep them coming.

  6. Sir Failalot The ll

    hey Noster how about you give the radar stats with the rest if the stats
    you cant see radar stats in port

  7. I think it’s just fine for you to “revisit” ships you have done in the
    past. Especially appreciate it when you highlight a patch’s impact on
    gameplay of specific ships. Thanks! Start a Twitch Stream!

  8. if you want some viriaty on the Soviet Cruisers . after the Chapayev the
    Donskoi can litteraly be the BEST T9 ship in the game! due to its guns i
    made some test on the live server for how i can get its maximum preformence
    on the Donskoi. when you get it . get BOTH concealments! you will get your
    detectionrange down to 13 kms ! and for your moduels , do nothing but
    INCREASE your range ! my donskoi on the live server was 13 km detection
    with 20 km range . due to its high velocity guns and great ROF , keep your
    self at range notser and your detection will only go up to 17 km leaving a
    HUGE space to invisafire . i feel like its the best cruiser ever with that
    set up . hope you take into concideration of this setup if your going with
    the Donskoi . stay stealthy and increase your range , stay in the back as a
    support cruiser and you will be UN TOUCH ABLE! i promise you notser great
    game thanks for another video!! o7

  9. Nice comeback!

  10. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Finally you have the Chappy Notser, im loving that ship and im excited
    about Donskoi :)

  11. awesome game, i really started to love soviet cruiser line. their fast
    shell allow you to hit small target even at great distance. but most of all
    the fire chance they have is ridiculous.

  12. James Meek (Ingrim)

    Only you can call it a Notser, heh!

  13. Notser! Try doing the Gnevny, because I can’t find any good and recent
    videos of anyone else playing it.

  14. I should send you my perspective of this battle. That Farragut in the
    beginning may have gotten away if I didn’t pop my radar after yours. Radar
    is OP.

  15. lol at the fuso
    “its not the C-hull, so it might be the B-hull or the a-hole”
    Knowing Notser a bit i can say thats the closest he will get to swearing! xD
    Cheers mate!
    Good game :)

  16. will you show us your harbour someday? :)

  17. That is the funniest double-notser I have ever seen. xD

  18. concealment expert is so nice to have for the chapy .

  19. the awkward moment when that last DD captain is more Notser than Notser.

  20. I used the smoke

  21. sorry notser

  22. c hull, b hull or A “hole” :D

  23. very enjoyable and i hope YOU have a wonderful day

  24. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Soo the Chap is a tier 8 Cleveland. If they change her (Cleve)as promised i
    guess it is going to be similar to this

  25. You would think with a double Notser, he would have won easily there at the
    end. :)

  26. A hull hi hi hi

  27. Hey Nootser, You know how the German ships can’t cause fires worth crap?
    What nation “specializes” in causing fires, if you will?

  28. Eating Flashbang

    Why would you play communist cruisers?

  29. Finandi Amartyadeva

    Russian cruiser has a bad armorment and a concealment

  30. russian scum, heres a dislike for u

  31. Sick at home and then a video from you you made my day :D

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