World of Warships – Chapayev Extremely Close Game

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Chapayev on Hotspot by Warozelot moves to support the western flank. A few enemy ships enter the A point, Warozelot tries to engage with HE and AP. After sustaining some damage, Warozelot moves to protect the Chapayev. The enemy gains objectives while the friendlies take out the enemy. The map moves to a extremely ending where both sides have a chance to succeed. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Soviet Cruiser Chapayev Replay


  1. Oh god, another scroller.

    I’ll never understand these players. Do they not have a Shift key or

  2. Some nice play , but my god i find it difficult to watch a scroller , it
    just starts to get annoying , also how to these guys not use a crosshair

  3. I literally cannot watch a scroller replay, sorry.

  4. That was an easy carry with 4 easy kills, with plenty of HP to spare.
    Russia stronk. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. you should really do a review on the moskva

  6. I dont get how some captains will thinks and keep playing like: “having all
    your guns pointing at the enemy is the best way to take them out” the same
    players that do this wont be agresive on a push, becuse they dont have a
    five to one advantage to enemy ship. This kind of gameplay its frustrating
    for least to say.

  7. Damn how can you play/manuver a cruiser keeping the guns view 90% of the
    time .

  8. I hope the Donskoi with steering module is covered in the next stream, if
    not today, but for this weekend.

  9. LOL “Brandy” and: “Running into the island really makes the enemy nervous,
    because they assume that you are some superhuman.” “You are just so good
    that you do not care about the islands.” LOL

  10. I was in Bayern, Nice idea . I could think about ramming. I am still
    learning this game. Have only about 350 games. Great play for Chapayev

  11. And please, if I can make another request for that CQB video. BB CQB
    (especially involving Germans) is most hectic and its been a deciding
    factor in a number of games I’ve played.

  12. Is the belfast out yet?

  13. TschapaJew LOL

  14. 14hp at the end, fun game good vid :)

  15. great battle. Notser what about doing good map locations and speeds of
    ships compared to distance of shot?

  16. Honestly, I couldn’t blame that last DD player. Anyone with any sense of
    aggression would have gone for an 18HP ship. Too bad, that DD forgot that
    Soviet CA has radar at this level.

  17. Chappy is a keeper 8

  18. Hahaha, i’m german by myself and at the end, when you’re reading the german
    stuff, i was like.. what the hell is he talking about!? Till i realised you
    try to pronounce german :D

  19. the obvious potato BB syndrome again on the west side…

  20. Notser you need to work on your german, you butchered it pretty much in the
    end results

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