World of Warships – Chapayev Preview Plus Carry

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Chapayev on Land of Fire moves to support the assault on C with a couple destroyers and cruisers. We engage a enemy destroyer, then a couple enemy cruisers. The ship has great dps and with the help of friendlies, we are able to avoid the attention of the enemy. The team pushes through and onto B where the enemy is attempting to capture the base. The game went pretty well and I really enjoyed the ship. Hope you enjoyed the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Soviet Cruiser Chapayev Replay


  1. Weirdest in-game chat ever

  2. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu

    Are you going to make ship reviews as well?

  3. They had a lot of 6 tier on their side. Keep them coming. Great game.

  4. That dispersion on the gun makes my kongou look like a joke, even tho I
    should not compare this two

  5. Michael Page (Gothicmace)


  6. KingOfRotterdam16

    damn, as a gunboat player, radar is something i have to get used to when
    they implement it.

  7. Destroyer Inazuma

    Good game. Good team, I bet the opposite team’s best three were bashing
    their keyboards and facepalming when they saw how their allies performed.

  8. probably he’s angry because you keep stealing his kill haha anyways great

  9. Andhika nur Aulia

    So much for the SN Cruiser hype. I will absolutely like it if they came as
    a package with not-drunk teammate

    For pronounciation, Nagato and Hatsuharu is fine. Mogami and Amagi should
    follow Nagatos pronounciation pattern. Keep up the good work

  10. what is Ykey item? not sooner .dose it makes you to find DD easier?

  11. Okay, is Notser OP? maybe. Is the Russian cruiser OP? maybe. Notser in the
    Russian cruiser IS OP! LOL

  12. TheLordDeliverence

    I can see teaming up with another soviet cruiser could have a huge
    advantage, popping radar one after the other to finish off pesky destroyers
    that like to hide in smoke.

  13. so do Russian cruisers get EXTENDED Acoustic and then Radar? or does
    Acoustic extend your detection range?

  14. bring back my mogami q.q

  15. kudo’s Notser, great match

  16. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    Awesome Gameplay brother

  17. Notser, how’s the Tier 1 Soviet cruiser?

  18. Great game, Noster. Why don’t you mute the offensive players in chat?
    Magic_Man was very offensive. Sometimes people get angry and say funny
    things, but this wasn’t. Thank you.

  19. Do you see! hahaha and once, Notser prefers hydroacoustic. That’s the
    reason why I use hydro since I got the Konigsberg, a lot of time ago,
    because my game style need it. Specially when I figures how to use it, and
    I discovered the fantastic 5km of acquisition in german’s ones. Cya!
    PD: What do you used to record your videos?

  20. Perfect fight but, OMG this ship! Seems this bucket of wodka could have win
    the WWII alone. XD

  21. This looks like a very fun ship. Saving all my monies and free exp to skip
    half of the tree.

  22. awesome gameplay!

  23. Great video! Keep up the good work.

  24. I think battleships should have radar as well… It’s a really good way to
    combat those DD’s that sit in smoke and just dump HE on you not being able
    to do a single thing about it.

  25. Even more dominant than the mogami it seems

  26. The 5KM hydro on the German cruisers is soooo fun. Good to see someone use
    it instead of the AA buff, even if you’re on a rusky ship :P

  27. Geez Louise, you’re on fire dude … some interesting boyish chitter
    chatter going on there too ^^

  28. T8 walk in the park. Impressive skills.

  29. wery nice ship, it is a skill

  30. Gareth Fairclough

    Good game man, well played.

  31. WoWS has clearly jumped the shark and put the Russians ahead of all other
    cruisers with Radar. Historically the Russian Navy was nothing, and they
    never had any major impact. Now they are the all seeing DD hunters? Piss on
    WoWS and their outright biased game. Where is the US Navy radar? The
    Communists put all their scientists in PRISON in the 30’s because Communism
    hates smart people. And people PAY to play this game hahahahahaha

  32. Once again, a very hard carry.
    Another amazing game, hope you can keep up these amazing games and content.

  33. epic..just epic!

  34. What a great game. Really great game.

  35. GG smashed it mate.

  36. What’s better World of Warships or World of Tanks? In my opinion World of
    Warships is better

  37. I wonder.. is there anything this ship does better than the Mikhail
    Kutuzov? From what I can see, the only advantages for the Chapayev are
    0.5kn higher max speed, and 1.5km less base detection.. but the latter also
    has 3.3km more firing range, so yeah.

    Also, do we know if the MK will get Radar?

  38. Great game as usual– and as I am a USN dd player — “run away, run away,
    run away” — said Brave Sir Robert….but on a technical note maybe radar
    needs to be added to the all fleets — i.e — for (tongue in cheek)
    “historical” accuracy — as it was developed by each nation — the inventor
    being a German. I think rather than a consumable it should be shifted to a
    module and offered to ships that were developed post 1939 …

  39. Way to make a complete and utter jackass out of yourself there magic_man.
    More like magic manchild. “BOO HOO, someone has something I don’t WAH WAH
    WAH..Mommy, give me some candy or a toy because the world is unfair.”
    Fcuking oxygen thief. DIAF.

  40. It’s not the ships, it’s “Barely Alive” Notser who’s OP. Come on
    wargaming… Nerf Notser :p

  41. What do you think is the sweet spot of the soviet CA line?

  42. Well, my Fletcher was fun…was. (EDIT: Sweet!!! Looks like my Farragut,
    Anshan, Kiev, Benson, Tashkent, and Udaloi are now worthless too! Awesome!)
    Pretty pissed off I wasted so much time, money, and doubloons leveling my
    USN DDs only to have WG completely screw the whole class over. There is no
    counter to that radar. It’s stupidly OP, and it now will completely
    invalidate an entire tech line. Enjoy getting the shit torped out of you in
    high tier. With no USN DDs to find and destroy the Shimas and Kageros, and
    with USN DD drivers becoming disenchanted and selling their USN DDs for IJN
    DDs, get ready for the Shima infestation to get 1,000,000x worse. I mean,
    why bother with any other DD line or tactic? Sit back at 12km, and just
    spam the shit out of torps. Sounds like a fun game.

  43. Henrik Lind Hansen

    what a game. everything just clicked it seens :)

  44. And this is probably the low-point of the line… Well done making it work
    so impressively. Though it did help that it was a T8 match. :)

  45. Another gem from Notser.First thing everyday welcoming me when back from
    work.You star.

  46. I think they should have made the soviet line more like the Milkai Kutuzov.
    Extreme agility with firepower for armor

  47. man way to make those ships look like gold brother great battle

  48. Have you gone through all the Nations and all the lines on your regular

  49. I wanna play russian cruiser too! Wisht hey would release them already! :D

  50. wow nice game

  51. What can I say about this outstanding performance, you clearly feel the
    game and you have fun playing it.Those are the most important ingredients
    Notser keep doing what you are doing.And you have a great weekend and take
    care of your self.

  52. can you do a video comparing the chapayev and the mikhail kutuzov?

  53. A fantastic game, fun to watch and you a fantastic team too.

  54. I learn so much from watching your videos everyday Noster. You are a great
    teacher whether you realise this or not. This has to be one of your best
    games yet! Keep it up !!

  55. Petrol soaked BBs and magic ‘radar’ with abilities even current radars
    don’t have.
    Sounds legit.
    God these mechanics are NEEDLESSLY ridiculous to someone who’s read naval
    history for well over 30 years.
    It took them some years to make WoT lowest common denominator sort of
    stupid; seems they’re in a rush this time.
    Devs with imagination who aren’t always following the “do the least we can
    get away with” could do so much more. Shame we have WG instead.
    I suppose I should just accept that’s what WG does and live with the
    disappointment that two genres I love, WWII AFV and naval combat, are
    dominated by this lazy, appallingly poor customer service oriented mob and
    move on, lol.
    Great play by you, of course.

  56. what a great continue to educate and inspire.
    I salute you good sir.

  57. USN dds are going to suffer the most from radar.

  58. 12:50 Exactly, Chapaev IS the Russian Mogami! Same level of concealment,
    same type of armament, and generally good for the same reasons as the

    Where the Kutuzov, it is similar to the Mogami, but DEFINITELY a different
    kind of beast altogether, due to 12.7 km surface detection with the module.
    I would say the Kutuzov is VERY MUCH LIKE an Admiral Hipper MIXED with a
    Mogami! Or to be even more precise: Hindenburg with Mogami type guns!

    I wonder IF the Kutuzov will get Radar, and if so, I wonder if that means I
    would have to swap either smoke or Defensive AA for it…

    And aren’t the USN CAs supposed to get Radar as well?

  59. This light cruiser has a very poweful arty. And she has got also a radar.
    ALL RUSSIAN SHIPS ARE OP AS HELL. I will try out the russian line, because
    of these superb ships.

  60. Chapaev looks better than I thought it would be! I suppose that is due to
    the much better concealment versus the Sverdlov class (Mikhail Kutuzov)

    Which, given the choice of the Kutuzov with improved AA, range, torpedoes,
    and probably some other things, or the Chapaev with a MUCH better
    concealment, slightly less range, worse AA, and all but useless torps, the
    ships ARE MUCH closer in all around performance than I was expecting!

    Actually with that concealment, I would wager that the Chapaev MIGHT become
    the gem of the Russian Cruiser line, MUCH like the Udaloi compared to the

  61. Holy carp! What a great game! Well done Notser 😀
    And also, I felt like I wanted to slap that rude guy in chat -.-

  62. Magic_Man is a dumb asshat. “Oh, you get to play the Russian Cruisers first
    as a super test?! I now hate you because JEALOUSY!”

    I mean, does this moron even realize that you testing the ships is, well, a
    TEST? As in, you get NO reward from playing any of these ships apart from
    trying them out!

  63. great game as always, what about a zao video before the russian cruisers
    get released?

  64. Well, now we see why they nerfed the Mogami into oblivion… to make room
    for this. I would have no problem with these new Russian ships if we didn’t
    have such nerfed light cruisers from other nations (like Mogami or

  65. Looked like Magic_man was very upset he didn’t put in the time and effort
    to start a youtube channel and grow it enough to get a press account. :)

  66. wtf why theyve changed your name from captain noblong or whatever it was 😛

  67. Awesome performance, Notser.

    Pretty close to the perfect game there.

  68. wow, great game! did you change the name of your account?

  69. Holy shit not see, 7 kills!! Damn I wish I was that good ?

  70. The chappie looks awesome

  71. The Guns on these Russian CC’s intrest me alot. Bit worried about the
    insane detection range tho.

  72. I do love your Carry games, because for us viewers we are wondering up to
    the last second “Will this be one of Notsers epic clench victories from the
    jaws of defeat, or one of your hilarious ‘I’m going to die but I’m taking
    you to hell with me” Cheers

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