World of warships – CHAT MADE ME PLAY THIS OMG

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  1. Love the short bus camo on the Pepsi!

  2. pensa isnt that bad…..

  3. sailing an Indianapolis is certainly your own money being used against you rofl

    • what is so bad about it? seems like a cola with radar

    • cobrazax 9 guns 3 turrets awful reload, very sluggish. despite being a CA you’ll get citadeled from every angle. not good aa not good concealment and radar for 2 shots. But if you use your radar you better don’t fire because if you get spotted you’re almost certainly dead. everyone loves shooting an Indianapolis. I got one in a supercontainer and thought hey how bad could it be… well… no comment. the ap is pretty powerful of course and the he too but thanks to reload and concealment and papership, even when not uptiered it’s more than mediocre. I’d rather play a yorck

    • i liked cola so i dont think a cola with radar would be bad…
      it cant be more squishy than a cola

    • cobrazax try for yourself 😉

    • u r welcome to send it to me 😉
      after more than 70% winrate with cola, i think ill manage

  4. Your chat rocks!!!!

  5. 62 battleships in queue

  6. Thanks chat for recommending Pensacola XD

  7. LOL, stop … you on period? ROTFLMFAO.
    You always give me a laugh when I need it.

  8. Bless you Flambass (if noone said that earlier when you sneezed) 😀

    • Haha! Btw I get your feel about Pepsicola, grinding it now….oh god the horrors…at least the operation is helping a lot heh.

  9. ‘My chat has been tryharding as all hell’ – We paid you 50 euros! You moaned and complained non-stop, and then what happened when you finally gave in? You were the top ranked player! I hope you have learned a valuable lesson from this experience Flambass. Your chat is wise. Your chat is smart. Listen to your chat. :-p

    • Horatiu Popovici

      Now that is motivation…. And bribery

    • I bought the Pensacola thinking it would be a great ship, a fun step up….. the result of this is that I no longer play the game. It was the single most horrible experience I’ve had in about any game I’ve ever played.

      All of you talking about playing the ship the wrong way? Once you take, no every game you take a few citadels and you have no ship left under you. The reload is tragic, the dispersion makes you want jump off of a roof.

      Screw that soul killing piece of crap.

    • The Pepsicola is classic case of “drink a cup of concrete and harden up princess” … you survive her no ship in the game can ever crush your spirit again.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      To be fair, I hated the Yorck a lot more… the thing has massive potential…. if it’d only hit something, anything…

  10. Yeah reciting the litany when a random Colorado appears… Pensa lyfe

  11. A lot of times you were shooting the wrong shells, i don’t know if intencionally but… now i know that this channel is for kids

  12. Flambass You know I absolutely love your videos but dear God did You play absolutely, depressingly bad in this ship. And it all started before the battle even begun. With that attitude no wonder You can’t do shit in that ship. You know all it’s weaknesses and yet like most of other (good/great players) You try to play it like any other cruiser. NO! You don’t kite and shoot in it, you don’t angle against BBs, you don’t sail out from behind and island exposing yourself and then trying to reverse in panic. Your ammo choice in that battle was extremely poor, Your aiming was off 90% of the time (all your AP landing on the back end of enemy BBs where everyone knows they are likely to bounce or shatter). Play from the second line, don’t ever get alone (always stay with other ships), stay uspotted as long as possible and You should be already in turn when shooting your salvo. This ship has the most potent guns of all tier 7 (and many tier 8!) cruisers. Most important tho, set Your mind right and ditch that negativity when sailing Pensacola. Cheers, waiting for more videos! 🙂

    • I never play this ship man xD
      Ofc I’m gonna play it horrible which makes this video that much more bizarre when you see team results

    • I had this ship unlocked for like 8 months and didn’t buy it because of all those people saying “what a tragic ship etc”. So after I finally decided to get it I started to play extremely cautious and it payed of in the long run. I honestly love playing this ship, there is something deeply satisfying in sailing her. On the other hand I might be a weirdo. ( . ) v ( ‘ )

    • interestingly enough, I was warned about the Yorck in the same way since it was my first cruiser line that I was researching. I fell in love with that ship. I’m about to unlock the Pensa, I’m hoping for the same experience. Although all videos of it I could find are just kinda bumming me out

    • cromagnonac The Pensa’s AP is fearsome when top tier, while her HE is very impressive. The arcs are awful, but they’re no worse than the Yorck. Cruisers and battleships alike will crumble under the terrifying power of your 203mm guns.

  13. Why the hatred? Warships today claims the Pensa is my key vehicle lol. Love that damned floating citadel.

    • Well that makes one of us then 😉

    • Once the fighting calms down enough, I don’t kemp island as much in that thing. The guns are incredibly strong when you are top tier like that, and the rudder shift (with mod) is silly. Once there are only one or two ships on a flank that might shoot at me, I come out and do some mid-range dancing. Draws fire from other people and it’s damned hard to hit.

  14. What is wrong with the Pensacola? Just about to unlock it 😀

    • Everything xD

    • Павел Коровкин

      I knew that Pensa was a bad ship, so i played it calm and safe, now I had better results (winrate and all) in Pensa than in all american cruisers 🙂

    • ROFLMAO dude 😀 I almost got the freaking XP to unlock that pile of shit and now you tell me it will suck ass? Man I think im gonna stay in Tier 4-6 and just enjoy bad Players and do some Seal clubing 😀

  15. Coming Soon…..Flambass’ Pensacola Dream Team. An all American Pensacola division….why? Why not!

  16. WG, nerf this fucking thing already.. It’s so OP, even Belfast is LUL compared to this. As shown here by flamba Kappa😂

  17. I got an IDEA.
    Pensacola vs. Two Brothers.

  18. Why is the pepsi orange?

  19. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    Wow, slow reload, slow turret traverse, no armor, no smoke – what a ship!

  20. Dude, you need more ships… you barely have anything to select from 🙂

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