World of Warships – Chonk!

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The USS Vermont, the chonkiest ship named after the least chonky State that even other people in New England have never heard of!

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  1. The battleship Vermont, only slightly smaller than the state she is named for.

  2. I’m a Rhode Islander, and honestly what you said is accurate. Nobody has heard of us!

    • wasn’t that the setting of the childrens book ‘where the sidewalk ends’?

    • Funny, RI is the first state I lived in when my dad transferred to NS Newport from Subic Bay in 1977.
      Now I live in Miami, and I think that Miami Dade County is actually bigger than RI.๐Ÿคฃ

    • @Scott Doubleyou Houston is larger than RI too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • An Old Fogey's Fun

      The Wayan’s brothers comedy film – Me, Myself & Irene has helped a little bit with that though, Chris. . .

    • I went thru OCS in Newport R.I. I liked it there. All but going across the Newport Bridge on a motorcycle. Those expansion joints can swallow a motorcycle tire.

  3. 9:16 speaking of disaster, the Shimakaze sank the friendly carrier ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Youโ€™re 100% right about the obscurity of Vermont, and this is coming from someone from Arizona.
    But to be fair I do believe the flagship of the 1906 Great White Fleet was the pre-dreadnought USS Vermont

  5. Fun Fact, The State of Vermont has its own lockness monster called Champ, it lives in Lake Champlain.

    • @Fighterpilot555 sometimes i do that too. Reporting for child abuse usually gets it pulled immediately while reporting spam can take a day or 2 because of how its handled on their end.
      This guy i reported for spam and hes still there.

    • @lcarus42 it doesn’t necessarily get pulled, it just removes it from your screen

    • @Twinky Octopus which is the goal.

    • @lcarus42 not quite. You know itโ€™s not real, and YouTube just hides it from you, but it still shows for others who might fall for it. Thatโ€™s the problem

  6. As an Englishman, Vermont is just obscure enough that by pure accident, in a Dungeons and Dragons game I’m playing, I accidentally named my character’s homeland Veirmont and now the American GM wants me to keep it for the laughs.

  7. I giggled hard at Jingles taking a giant dump on Vermont for three minutes straight.

  8. This is the WoWs equivalent of the Maus. Imagine if we had named a destroyer Texas like how Germany named a remote bomb Goliath

  9. I love how the Slava gets touched a bit inappropriately and is subsequently hiding behind the nearest rock he can find xD

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  10. I’ve lived in Vermont and it makes up for it’s small everything with it’s gorgeous scenery. And really, REALLY cold Winter.

  11. I admired Bob Newhart’s work and loved him on television.

  12. chris kostopoulos

    As an Australian who used to live near Vermont in the early 90s I can tell you, if I was to live in the USA first choice would be Vermont or Maine next to it. Just beautiful places. And nice people in my experiences as well. Also CV are way worse than subs. Subs are amusing and die easy. Ban all CV’s or go back to the old style ones.

  13. Yoshino: “nothing scares me like Vermont”, immediately turns to give broadside to Vermont

  14. Just so you know Jingles. All Montrealers know Vermont as it is a common place to shop for US goods. In fact we often consider trading Toronto for Vermont because they are more Canadian ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. โ€œAlvaro de Bazan the Brazilian destroyerโ€ never change Jingles

  16. Great game. Subs are like CVs, WG has been trying so hard to shoehorn them into a game (when most players don’t want them), that they keep buffing them – the average/bad player is often not much to worry about, but get a good player in them and they can be deadly, with some ships have almost zero counterplay. What fun!

  17. Speaking of CVs, one of the best balancing nerfs would be to require it to move a minimum 3/4 speed in order to launch planes, but WG has already determined that CV players can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

  18. Watching that CV explode was way too good. One shot and gone ๐Ÿ˜‚

  19. I wish Jingles can bring back the monster-coming-out-of-the-sea scene for Kraken unleashed, especially love the sound bite.

  20. 14:56 “The Alvaro de Bazan, the Brazilian destroyer”

    Never change Jingles you are the only one who could see a pair of Spanish flags on the side of a ship and still call it Brazilian.

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