World of Warships – Chung Mu First Impression

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is the tier 9 Pan-Asian and I decided to try a smoke consumable build. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Pan-Asian Destroyer Chung Mu Replay


  1. 14:25 Chat. “The GK pulled a you”.

  2. WTF Korean ship with Chinese voiceover? WG usual.

    • 17:22 Chinese captain.
      Probably one of Noster’s high level captains from the earlier Pan-Asian premiums.

    • Jong-Moon Ki Google image search seems to say otherwise, they’re pretty much exactly the same… But the red and gold thing is true, I have no idea why WG made this choice for pan-asia

    • +Yuchen Zhou it is ?

    • At first, all pan-asian DDs have their own flag that symbolize their country.
      but 1 PATRIOTIC CHINESE GUY from china saw this and flew into a rage.
      “How could Taiwan have their own flag !!! Taiwan is part of china !!! AHHHHHH!!! ”
      Then WG replace all the flag with that stupid chinese dragon flag.
      that’s the whole story about how WG become china’s bitch….

    • Oh yeah, Koreans bitch about the Rising sun flag with the red and white stripes but then the Chinese bitch about seeing flags on Taiwanese. Seriously, Far East Asia needs to just get over it at this point. Years into the future they’ll still be bitching about this.

  3. Give the Japanese their damage and detectability back. But make the torps only do 50% damage to DDs

  4. It’s bad enough when your playing the Two Brothers map and one of your teammates tries that channel rush crap, BUT SERIOUSLY TWO BB’s AND A CV AT THE SAME TIME? I can only imagine the salt in the enemy chat.

  5. I think that the deep water torps will force the DD player to develop better knife fighting skills… especially at lower tiers. Most beginner DD captains try to use their torps against other DD’s and usually end up killed or TK’ing for their efforts. With DD’s being immune to deep water torps, it’ll force the players to learn to use their guns in a knife fight against another DD. Either that or the Pan-Asian DD will be seen as a more supportive role with players avoiding trying to play the objectives… that would be a shame as their guns seem to be more than capable.

  6. Typical Chinese bullshittery… They go nuts with Taiwan issue on this line and eliminates not only Taiwanese flag and voice, but also other countries’ flag and voice altogether…

    P.S- ROKN Chung Mu is the FIRST destroyer to be operated in ROKN. And yes, it was one of the Fletcher class DDs to be given to other countries in Mid 60s or so…

  7. Kitakami will come into the shop BUT ONLY for 1 single hour!

  8. On the plus side, the deep water torps means your DD allies can’t get in the way of you sending torps

  9. Ever since I started doing aircraft carrier stuff in beta/alpha (Can’t remember when but oh well) I have never liked american CVs, Only really liked the japanese carriers. Its not that i don’t play CVs because I don’t enjoy it, Even though i don’t its the fact that it seems like I cant contribute enough to the team so I usually prefer destroyers or cruisers instead because I feel like I can be more useful in them. I feel like the CV change might change my mind on that but i’ll have to see.

  10. Ac-Actually Notser, Chung Mu is US origin, since she’s a former USN Desyroyer which later transfer to ROK Navy. 😉

  11. Basically (with an exception here and there) the US line all over again. What a drag…

  12. I can see the smoke/radar cancer divisions

  13. I don’t like WGs road with deep dive torps and AP bombs, they are far to selective and very inconsistent.

  14. gunsystem build is better because you unlike teh Ameriakans have smoke whenever you want and are not bound to one Point with the longer Lasting US smoke….and no IJN will take that torps becasue if tehy lose the ability to hit DDs they have 0 defence agist enemy DDs because they never win a gungight agist any other nations unlike this Panasia were if you get pushing BBs they are great if you dont you still have US guns….AND teh smoke to use them whanever you like

  15. In the spirit of Thanksgiving:
    Thanks Notser for all the great videos.

  16. lee christmasgaming

    Notser, I think the reason that the NA server has the least carrier players is that or so long the US carriers have always been less enjoyable than the IJN carriers. American carriers don’t have the strike power that the IJN carriers do. Running aris superiority is no fun because you only have 1 or 2 dive bomber squadrons. Wargaming rubbed me the wrong way and i told myself i wasn’t touching another US carrier till something changed.

    • My US carrier commander is pretty much always on Saipan and never moved… Lex is just sitting there eating popcorn watching Saipan. Really hope the loadout change can make a difference.

  17. Robert R. Beauchamp

    Will the Lo Yang get the attributes of the Pan Asian line (deep torps, etc.) or remain unchanged?

    • More or less…. unchanged. But that could be subject to change. we’ll have to wait and see.

    • so what you’re saying is you should have just stfu and not even bothered replying cause you have no fucken idea. I so love peeps with USELESS shit that need to reply on everything.

    • No its not useless info dick spit. do you not understand english? Let me simplify it for you. No change is planned… But like most other WiP’s (Pan Asia) it can change at any moment. So what part is useless info exactly? Before running your keyboard like your mouth, read it over, hold your tongue and fuck yourself remember this day.

  18. David idon'twantalastname

    I can’t forgive WG for killing my IJN DDs

  19. Speed advantage
    Concealment advantage
    Gun advantage
    Big Torpedo advantage (unless aiming at DDs)
    Smoke advantage
    Is there any charakteristic where the IJN DDs shines against the Panasian DD line?

  20. Poor IJN DDs. Real life: good gun systems combined with the fastest ship launched, that I know of, highest payload, longest ranged and *stealthiest* (when using the Type-93 because it used liquid oxygen as a propellant meaning it left nearly no wake which normally has escaping CO2 as its biggest component) torpedoes in the world. Ingame: terrible to average guns combined with not particularly fast, useless at long range, easily detected torpedoes. Long Lance my arse, more like Long Foam Bopping Stick.

    • The German G7 series electric torpedoes were stealthier and copied by Britain, USA and Japan, primarily for submarine use. Their payload was relatively small but still very effective as Germany holds the record for overall ship tonnage sunk by torpedo. The Long Lance for all of its virtues did not change anything for Japan while Germany came dangerously close to shutting down Allied convoys during the war’s initial phases.

    • Fastest ship launched was the French Destroyer Le Fantasque

    • That’s amazing, Shado. The Fantasque and its sister ships at 45 knots out run the fastest Soviet destroyers. Bring on the French DD tech tree!

    • Joe Average eh I doubt she will keep her 45 knots top speed. When she was refitted her speed was slowed down to 37 knots. A premium French DD, Aigle, is being tested and she has a special boost that I think enhances speed by 30%, I could be wrong, and that is insanely fast with the Fantasque’s 45k

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