World of warships – CHUNG MU (Pan Asia DD tier 9)

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Decided to give the new DDs a proper testing today and I had a lot of good .
I have to say these DDs are interesting.


  1. Ciao Mister Flambass 🙂 Hello from Italy

  2. Capping is overrated. Winning is overrated. -.-

  3. Richard Marno Herselman

    A dd that can radar… this should make clan battles interesting,,,,,

    • Well, since the torp wont hit the enemy dds, and also there also des memes around the capping area. i think it wont effect much.

  4. Richard Marno Herselman

    you live in zimbabwe??

  5. WG nerfs IJN torps bc too painful for BBs so makes them easier to dodge, WG then introduces line specially for torpedoing BBs………………………

  6. i agree with the difference between the lines being blurred but i feel they are eating into the strengths of both of the lines at the moment.. while you can argue that deep water torps wont work against dd so its balanced.. lets be real here.. if you were new the pan Asian line is what you would go for because of good torps and good guns.. yes you cant hit dd but you can radar and use your good guns to sink.. what i am stating is not a fact but just my opinion…

    hell i dont think the Benson/Fletcher should have better stealth than the shima as american dds were fundamentally less stealthier than ijn dds in the game..

  7. just a thought.. WG makes new lines better than existing because not only do they need to market it to the players as something worth playing as nobody would play them if they were worse than an existing line but this is exactly what keeps their game going.. they need ppl playing their line buying premiums and the only way to do it is make new lines “better”

  8. Hello Flambass, it was me in the Genausenau, it was pleasure to have played with you bye, cm71

  9. I had to get all the caps in a Leander last night… Seems T6 DD’s pilots are all pussies.

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