World Of Warships – Citadel Guide – Battleship Fuso Gameplay

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– Citadel Guide – Battleship Gameplay


  1. terrible music :p

  2. How long did it take to get this it’s been 2 days and still invite is

  3. phly, I allways love your intros, especially this one :3

  4. XD that music

  5. lol blind shots look op as fuck 

  6. At mid-long ranges, hitting the citadel seems much more RNG than anything
    else to me

  7. Fcbarca Camp nou

    Great video again thanks 

  8. Fcbarca Camp nou

    Why for the love of God would you play that music,it’s sounds like a 1980s
    porn film 

  9. teuku dedy rinaldi

    Nice aim

  10. FOR FUCKS SAKE! Turn on your mouse!

  11. Guile theme while sailing a Japanese Ship?

  12. Guilles theme for the win

  13. I don’t know if what your saying is the complete reality of the damage
    modeling for the game. Case in point : that myogi you were ripple firing
    at, you had three salvos where a round hit the belt right in then same
    place as the final citadel hit, but none of them were citadel hits…. To
    me it almost seems like RNG. 

  14. Do a video on AP vs HE?

  15. Search up AP vs HE

  16. Thanks Phly 

  17. Man this intro is sooo amazing 

  18. man you can’t use guiles theme when using Japanese battleships, its
    sacreligious :P. Seriously though keep up the great work you’re fastly
    becoming my favorite youtuber

  19. but last good battleships is amagi… i bought yamato yesterday and im a
    littlebit disapointed… maybe have to totally change game style but c mon
    Amagi was rly better for me… (normal battle 3-4 ships destroyed, 10+
    citadel hit) ehhhh

  20. damn i wish i had WOW atm, it looks so much fun

  21. You are wrong about not firing full broadsides vs one turret at a time, the
    more rounds you have that hit the target the more damage is done, its not
    called an alpha strike for nothing, also I notice that you don’t like to
    fire at ships even when ships are in range, you should be firing every time
    those gun are reloaded, you said that you wouldn’t do that much damage
    because of the way he was angled, well when you don’t fire you are doing no
    damage, at least when you fire you have the possibility of doing some
    damage, some damage is better than no damage

  22. my biggest issue is i applied for the game and they said that theyll
    contact me but its been over a month and theyve sent me nothing so i cant
    even play. ive checked on the site and it says my application had been
    accepted and for me to wait for an invite to the game…. i cant even play
    the game yet =(

  23. Would 45* not mean that the armor had even more effective thickness than a
    perpendicular hit?

  24. sail daily?!?!

  25. Another tip guys (not that I am a huge expert) but when Phly was saying how
    you should lead your shots in or out, mind if you are also a factor to that
    too. Don’t aim into the ship because it’s distance is closing in, it might
    be you who is closing in, and don’t aim out because the ship’s distance is
    starting to grow, because it might be you leaving them. (am I right

  26. Sounds like the g-spot

  27. Well,I consider the Citadel to be the armor that protects the fire control
    deep within the ship,such s on the Iowa class ( And every battleship )

    The engines,Magazines and other important equipment,get their own armies

  28. You are so lucky that carrier Hit me that bad phly. I was going to wipe you
    and lazyrug out. Gg

  29. Quick question how come I can’t play yet? I know it’s not out yet, but how
    can I play it?

  30. Thank you for clarifying this.

  31. Dat music though!!!
    Nice gameplay thanks for that!!!

  32. “how 2 citadel” “u can even citadel?” “u got citadeled´ bro?” “get

  33. Phly! After playing WoWS. What do you expect from WarThunder ships?

  34. ShenanigansAndStuff

    i cant wait for open beta

  35. Nice Vid PD. Very informative too :-)

  36. dude, Street Fighter ftw

  37. I enjoyed the retro, early 1990’s/late 80’s boss level music during the

  38. i fucking love your intro :D

  39. Whats that anime show called with the big battles ships just like gurls und
    panzer but with ships

  40. Great videos and tutorials! Keep it up!

  41. Imagine what warthunder will do with ships… X-ray a ship… that’s tons
    of work!

  42. “Stop running Phly!”

    10 bucks that the people who say that are like the head-on-everything crowd
    in WT. Or the characters in WoT who think the side of their tank has the
    strongest armor.

  43. Hey Phly, you should listen to Marcus D’s Remix of this called Murica. 

  44. 12 citadel hits in my Phoenix. Bruh!

  45. Hey Phly, can you send me a invite code because I’ve been waiting for the
    application confirmation from Wargaming for over two and a half months and
    it’d be greatly appreciated for one. I’ve also been watching your and
    Baron’s WoWs/WoT/War Thunder video and you guys are so cool! and a
    suggestion for the next vid, American class Nicholas (pls spell it one the
    name of the vid Nicolas because that’s my name and I know American
    Destroyers aren’t as good as Japan’s but try it anyway) thanks!

  46. Phly is there no stream tonight?

  47. What do you use to record your videos?

  48. ORYG1N - Variety Gaming Channel

    Haha, no idea you recorded all those games we were in last night. Good

  49. do FW 190 D9

  50. Music choice for the montage was amaaaaaaazing phly, reminded me of the old
    super nintendo Megaman X sessions as a wee 6yo kid. The music on the last
    levels before confronting Sigma were the shit.

    Good times, the epicness was real back then
    Been some time since I heard some good 8/16bit chiptunes

  51. I don’t have luck… I got into World of Warplanes Closed Alpha (you know,
    with NDA) and it didn’t feel good, so I thought “This game is probably
    going to be bad too.” I couldn’t be more wrong! I’m so angry at myself that
    I didn’t get the key!

  52. dat guiles theme doe

  53. phly have you ever tried playing Silent hunter 5 or any of the silent
    hunter games? if not I would strongly recommend them

  54. The best advice I can give for consistent citadels is to aim under
    smokestacks and guns to hit the boilers and magazines respectively.

  55. I love your intros

  56. epic montage music

  57. Guile’s theme truly does go with everything

  58. Under waterline hits by regular cannons are possible in this game? A lot of
    cases, those shots penetrated the citadel, since most of the citadel is
    under the waterline.

  59. One rule my dad told me, who is a naval officer in the Swedish Navy, almost
    every time you should aim just above the waterline. Have worked for me most
    of the time :-)

  60. Brazil s2

  61. I ended up making 200k from that last game because I one-shotted an Omaha
    w/ Destroyer guns in the citadel, it was glorious.

  62. The Intro is the best on YT

  63. Love your videos Phly, You Rock! <3

  64. Great vid phly! Thanks for covering this game so well man when I pick it up
    I’m going to know a lot about the game. Thanks for putting out entertaining
    and informative content and best of luck with your YouTube career!

  65. man u know wat to upload.. good job

  66. Phlydaily your rock 

  67. How do we play with u

  68. awesome video, love your content man, keep it going
    I hope to have that fans like your one day 🙂
    good video like always ;)

  69. yo phly, do you know minimum requirements for this game?

  70. Go DUKE!

  71. went to channel to see you posted a video 2 seconds ago how nice

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