World of Warships – CLAN BATTLE in the pinch

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When you get squeezed so hard and so tight that you can’t even move anymore, but it’s a difference between failure and success.
I was having flashbacks from “Winter King” aka “The King of the Sea 1” tournament in this match.

We are still learning how to play and cope together and it’s not easy, we’re meeting a lot of strong clans even in lower leagues. We didn’t play nearly enough this season because we just can’t get together often enough but when we do, we try to make most of it. It doesn’t always work but hey, we’re getting there.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Wouldn’t the YueYang make more sense as a DD for CW? It has the same firepower gun wise as the Gearing, more sneaky torps, and radar.

  2. 4th!!!!! Great vid! 👍😄

  3. the first time I see Flambass derping torps in close range, but well ))

    • You sure Montana could not kill a DD at close range? RNG is a bitch

    • Best DD player EU doesn’t seem to know that widespread torps increase your angle of fire.

    • Bow on DD against BB AP is insta blap, full penetrations instead of over pens

    • Also hindsight is easy 🙂 if the Zao was slower or he started to reverse just tiny bit earlier he would have killed the Zao and ppl would praise how good of a play it was (not to mention if the Zao didnt break his tubes in the first encounter the Zao would have been dead then and there).

    • Right.. because Monti AP totally just bounces off of Gearings non existant armour…The Monti would have wrecked him, possibly he could have gotten a better torp angle on him but in hindsight everything’s easier.
      What I wonder about is why they aren’t using a 2nd radar cruiser.

  4. damn ur a DD god

  5. The genius of discussing the details of feces and how to excrete them… damn classy xD

  6. Sander Dekker [HOME] GarrusBrutus

    That was some squeaky bum time Flam! xD

  7. Strong Play are there Visa from ihrer creed player perspective? And give that man a 🍪


  9. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Hey Flambass, on your last video you uploaded yesterday (07-23-18).. I made a comment on how good your Eglish was, and i also mentioned that it had a Jewish Vernacular to it.. And some people took offense to it.. If i offended you i apologize, my wife and i have a great deal of respect for you.. And admire your play style and gamesmanship, and would never want to say anything to be offensive….💯

    • John Chucky Tomlinson nah can’t see him being offended at it. Might be a bit of a WTF type reaction because its definitely a little odd though.

    • John Chucky Tomlinson

      Solac e yeah to be honest, the reason why i made the comment was I’ve heard him talk about his self being from Croatia.. And I’ve always thought he was American, his Eglish sounds to me like American.. So that’s the reason why i brought it up….🚢

    • Nope, not at all. I don’t see the reference but no offence taken 😉

    • Don‘t worry, brother

  10. So is it 2 or 3 ships that can contribute to capping? I always thought 2…

  11. Noice game

  12. As a DD, this A cap is the worst cap this ranked season.

  13. I wish my Clan where active in Clan battles…

  14. _Titty_The_Animal_

    Hans For Captain
    Attempt #5

  15. Dip-Dip Potato Chip

    How do you know the distance of the closest RPF?

    • bibimemyi studios

      because rpf shows the closest ship, so if you see a ship 10km away and rpf is not on him, then rpf is pointing towards a ship less than 10km away from you

  16. Flambass, what captain skills are you using on 3rd line, doesn’t seem to be extra smoke or torpedo reloader as second option… maybe vigilance+survival?

    • You usually give up Superintendent for RPF instead in Clan Battle

    • Obviously… 🙂 I’m running Survival expert and torpedo expert reloader and on 4th line i run RPF+Concealment expert. But in the most videos Flambass has 1.40 sec reload on torps as far as i can see, I have about 1.04 seconds.

  17. You could have gunned that Zao down there at the end. I mean he was broadside on for sooo long. Waaaay to focused on getting those torps off imho…… love your videos though but i was literally screaming at my monitor to fire the damn guns lol

  18. I want Hans at the helm of my ships!

  19. Markus Eisenhammer

    to much hesitation by tortured there…

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