World of Warships- Clan Battles Boycott

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Hey , today I’d like to talk about a movement to improve CV balance in Clan Battles and the itself.

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Outro : Stranger Think- C4

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  1. I have mixed feeling about what WG’s result to this will be. EU will definitely have to get onboard to catch WG’s attention.

  2. Why are CV´s dropping their bombs / torps in the water?!

    • it saves the first flight of planes, sends them back to the carrier to begin re-arming, most CV players do it.

    • If there was a better way to make sure you had planes ready to spare for a CV I would do it over the assault on the sharks. But alas, there is no other way

    • A full wing of an aircraft carrier has enough planes to do multiple attack runs. But since AA works the way it does, a considerable part of the squad only acts as a HP-buffer, meaning you waste potential attacks, because the planes are just getting shot down while you are doing your attack run or exiting after an attack run. To prevent those needless losses, players shed planes before an attack, leaving one wave or enough planes to get a complete wave through the attack run only.

    • Becouse in realitit AA is Working a CVs need to Persev plains this way

  3. Easy play clan battles at tier 3.

    • Stefano Crosazzo

      We would do, if WG allowed them

    • or tier 9, there are no cvs at uneven tiers

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      @viruz city ya thats the problem i see! ranked is fun at t7 cause i had a dd (haida) and a Italian cruiser and it was fun, not a elitist’s jerk mode like most t10 cb players. lower teir cb would get more people playing. even without 19 point captains *

  4. My clan (who shall go unnamed) informed us plebs that anyone “selfishly” boycotting this season will be kicked.

    Can’t ban a dude who left willingly.

    Not sorry

    • I mean… when you enter any organization, you are bound to their term and condition. If you don’t like any terms and conditions, you are free to go. In dictator states, if you don’t agree with their terms and conditions, you can’t go anywhere, that’s the clear difference. I agree with you statement that “Being in a clan doesn’t automatically make you some lemming drone to used and abused by the leaders.” If so, then quit, easy.

    • lols guess im selfish then, scuse me i just spit coffee all over the screen laughing.

    • I can understand both sides. On the clan side if they have the clan maxed on players playing clan battles. Then your not going to play, they are going to need that space to invite players who are going to play. On the player side if that clan is not full or allows players in that do not do clan battles. Why should they be kicked. If this boycott stuff was not going on and a player wanted to take a break for 1 season, would they still be kicked

    • Your clan has the right idea and I support them kicking out all the wussys 100%

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      @KevinMulia dam right if your good enough to be in the top of your clan in a run every month or so and you like doing it there is always someone that needs you to help get in. all aboot enjoying who you play with mostly!

  5. Its kind of funny that we are now pretty much at the same point we were at when they were inspired to do the carrier rework in the first place. As both an ex-carrier player, and a regular ship captain, I miss the RTS style carrier play. At least then you had a chance of stopping an enemy attack with good AA and/or completely depleting a CV of planes.

    • I still don’t miss RTS, where the better CV player would often make the other 23 players irrelevant since they would deplane the opposing CV, avoid the god tier AA boats and go on their merry way crossdropping DD’s into oblivion and getting permafloods back when those were basically a death sentence.

    • > completely depleting a CV of planes.

      Past: My Atlanta wants to know your location! 🙂
      Now: Park that Atlanta, DD’s do more AA damage then you Atlanta, your old expensive relic of the past!

    • @Alphax
      > permafloods back when those were basically a death sentence.

      With the amount of ships that can torps now, that will make for even shorter games. These days the map is littered with torps. To think Wargaming removed that Japanese torpedo Cruiser that had 24 ( per side ) because of “torpedo spam”. Those used to be ultra short range ( compared to now ), slow, required you to broadside and it was a easy target. Now you can send torps from your spawn all the way to the other side of the map.

    • You get 60 rounds then. Every round you miss with you’ve lost permanently for that game. Your rounds can also be shot out of the air by an automated system that deals x damage all the time, but also comes with burst damage. Also you have a 6 second delay from when you click to fire to when your gun actually fires. Oh and dispersion varies from the shell leaving the gun, and then again when it’s about to hit it’s target. Stop me when you feel like you’ve been “balanced” enough for your ship, because there is all of that and more that a CV has been nerfed with.

    • @MordaxTenebre you’re 1km away from the target tho. You’re really stupid if you cant pull a single kill like this.

  6. CV and AA are a total mess! WG should be ashamed of this but guess they are not
    let’s hope the boycott works.

  7. I think better to have only one of each ship allowed. Then you don’t have 6 Venezia and WG then feeling they need to nerf it.

    • It should be combinations of ships that provide complementary features, rather than all of the power being concentrated in one ship.

    • I agree and will add the obvious, there were only one (in the case of some special ships) or a few (if there was a serious of capital ships) of a particular ship in the historical inventory. Example: how stupid would it be to have five Yamato’s in a game?!? Ideally WG would use game mechanics to ensure that anything other than a balanced force would be suboptimal. The real fix is to ensure that the game mechanics do reflect, to a greater extent, the historical realities that drove force composition.

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      yes indeed 1 class 1 unique ship

  8. I dislike Clan Battles and Ranked, It makes the game feel like a job and that’s not fun to me.

    • I also love being talked down to for not playing a ‘meta ship’ or being reported for no reason I can figure out. Ranked is a barrel of fun.

    • Cyka blyat! IdI Nahui!

      Don’t like it don’t play it. No one is forcing you to play Rank or CW

    • @Cyka blyat! IdI Nahui! The problem is that specific resources ( aka Steel ) are only available to you in clan or ranked battles. Do not play ranked or clan means you only have Random mod ( not exactly the example of team play ). You lose out on steel ( and coal rewards ). It becomes a bit boring, with only one mod. The most fun ranked i have had, was the T8 1vs1 a while ago because everybody can play it and it did not take 100’s of matches ( or being extreme lucky with your teams ).

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      when the most part of the battles are premium op ships yes in ranked and clan battles there should be only tech tree ships allowed

    • I had a ranked match last night where 2 of my DDs charged straight into the enemy team and blamed me and the other CLs for not going with them. Uh no, I’m in the Mainz, which is not a tanky ship against 2 Tirps, an unspotted Benson, and the rest of the enemy team.

  9. Its the spotting every one is frustrated with, there is no surprise anymore. CV don’t even need to do any damage.

  10. We got 3 members in our clan (including me) so this gonna be eazy

  11. Stephan Makintaya

    Boycott is a great idea and an effective tool… when implemented appropriately. I don’t think enough people care enough to boycott. Many players and clans will be delighted if there is a boycott… just means they have a better chance to rank higher. I love the idea of the solidarity… go for it!

    • Instead of boycott, top clans should agree to only play BBs. WG only looks at stats and don;t care about players NOT playing. The top teams in BBs, still going to DECIMATE potatoes with CVs. The easy way for WG to fix it would be to make it that CV teams only face OTHER CV teams. And BB teams only face OTHER BB teams…

    • @Greg Rientjes Yay and we can make sure there are NO DD’s in game that can stealth torpedo without being able to be countered! Also all islands shall be mountains that can not be shot over to keep setting unlimited fires! Hey it’s only fair right?

  12. I think It’ imposible to make playing against cv’s fun. Unless AA would be fun but it isn’t

    • Add the option to switch to some sort of manual AA which would be more effective. At this point it’s not even fun to play CV because you only donk on the same weak AA ships over and over again. There’s almost no skills involved on either side. A spotting rework is also needed. I very much empathize for the DD players.
      This is coming from a CV player and it is only my opinion of course

  13. The clan I’m a member of is a smaller clan of more casual players and frankly, the biggest problem was the absolutely broken Venezia SAP and I was very pleased to hear that stupid thing is getting a much needed nerf.
    I disagree to an extent with your analysis on this season. Because we’re a group with only a few regular players, we had to keep adjusting and refining our tactics depending on who we had playing and what we were up against and while staying aware that simply island camping was a suicide tactic. The previous season to this with the island camping/radar meta was far more of a chore than this season for me as I hate that play style.
    And we had our best Clan Battles season ever, so for a small, amateur clan, CVs helped level the playing field and gave us a chance to out play and out think our opponents. The CV wasn’t necessarily carrying us, but enabled us to get the visibility we needed without forcing our DD to risk driving into massed radar.

    I DO absolutely agree that CVs and AA is still not right and does need work and I would like WG to look at how to get things fixed and I’m cautiously supportive of action to get WG to refocus on that.

  14. You call for a boycott because of CVs, yet this is not a rant against CVs. Aha.

  15. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys I wanted to clarify some things:

    1. I DID NOT ORGANIZE THIS/BEGIN THIS I am merely promoting it because I believe that current CV Balance is not good enough to fully implement CVs in Clan Battles
    2. The organizers of this are some of the best players and most experienced players in the world, literally including the best CV players in the world
    3. THIS IS NOT ABOUT REMOVING CVs from the game, I reiterated that several times in the video but some seem to have missed that
    4. This is about BALANCING CVs. In a 12v12 format, there are issues that still need to be addressed with CVs, but in a 7v7 Competitive format, the issues are greatly expanded
    5. If I sounded ranty about the CV vs AA, I apologize, but we played 100+ games facing comps extremely similar to : 1 Hak, 6 Venezia . I’m sorry but I seriously doubt anyone going through the same experience would leave that experience without having a similar opinion.

    • @Steve Peterson Spotting distances that make you GUESS where your target went while trying to lead a attack because the draw distance has been altered for that ship. Yeah DD’s have been really nerfed hard compared to a CV. I do play DD’s as well have quite a few. I know exactly what your saying from BOTH sides because I’ve used both without bias.

    • @Josemi EC Sure you can’t evade shell fire from a Yam 20k back that you didn’t see fire that citadels you into nothingness. Or that stealth torping DD that fires 10-15 torps that you don’t know about until your desperately trying to dodge. Unlike those scenarioes you will ALWAYS see a plane coming. Also name another ships attack that you can ward off by grouping tight and uses an ai system to hammer someone for daring to attack. Funny how you left that out.

    • @Steve Peterson Seems your fine with unlimited fires from HE spam, and unlimited stealth torping from DD’s though. Yeah you see the amount of “balance” a CV player has seen compared to nearly every other ship class would break most players and drive them off. Good job for not reading a damn thing I typed, and just responding with pure bias and vitriol.

    • @MordaxTenebre And do you know why CVs have seen such a huge amount of “balance”? Because they need it! Against every other class of ship you have a counter. DDs (CA CLs with Radar and Hydro), CA/CLs (BBs and BCs), BBs (DDs). But what counters the CV? The other CV? No WG took that option quite a while ago. Def AA? No because a skilled CV player can doge any of the Bonus dmg that consumable does. Only the automatic AA, does dmg against a CVs planes and that is like hoping your secondary’s on a BB kill a DD fast enough before he can obliterate you with torps. Also your argument with Seeing the Approaching squad. You know that Haku can get her Torpedo bombers to a stealth of 6,5km? So you see them when your AA starts fiering. Those are 55kn torps droped 700m from your ship that you have no chance of evading. We need changes. CVs need to get a counter for competitive.

    • Mario Palencia Gutiérrez

      @Sea Lord Mountbatten CVs play a game of risk and resource managment.
      Yes, they may try to get a strike through 4 ships’ AA bubble, and they might do so, but they don’t get away with it, the WILL lose planes. And a CV that gets deplanes is quite useless because you do need a couple of planes to tank the AA (sacrificing them) to get your strinkes off.
      Yes, they do have a plane regeneration mechanic, but with the exception of Enterprise it is so slow you might get 20 extra planes per game.
      Good CV players then are playing to keep the enmy spotted while also maximizing strike efficiency while trying to lose as few planes as possible, but when the team needs it they might take a huge risk and rng may have it pay off or not.

      I (CV main but also play all the other classes) believe AA is ok where it is right now, the issue is the spotting.
      Toptier is one of the best CV players out there and in your videos you’ll find very good examples of this, he is also quite objective and I wish a bigger part of the community would watch his videos.

  16. As a Venezia player in the last CB season, i would like you to know that I didn’t play Venezia because it could deal with CV, no, nothing could deal with CV. I played it because its the best pick for max range play and its the only ship that can outplay Stalingrad. I am Very unhappy to see the Venezia nerf as it performs very average in randoms or non CV Clan battles.

  17. I miss the old CV RTS mode. I was nice to send out fighters to defend the fleet. Perhaps it can have its model like they did for submarines.

    • The old RTS CV mode was horribly unbalanced though. A good CV would wipe out a less skilled opposing CV and then provide complete spotting for their team with no counter possible for the opposing team. Removing CV-CV interactions was pretty much necessary to reduce their influence; the only other way would be a very strong skill-based matchmaking system.

  18. Wargaming has made clear they don’t care about player feedback, only player money.
    All the messed up things WG has done, and THIS is what creates a boycott?
    – Deceptive money grab Puerto Rico event
    – Moving legendaries to RB, months after the players made clear this was a pay to win
    – Selling premiums and then power creeping everything so they can sell more premiums
    This is why I’ve gone from 3k hours per year to almost none. I just hang out here to see if they will ever fix this game.

  19. this will change nothing, WG has scale back everything, all the events are gone and all they care about is new players which are not coming or playing long enough to make any money on, They have made there money and now its on to World of Warships 2… well maybe not but what balance changes we got are still a mess and nothing really works well. Subs are another fail waste of money they spend on development. Game has far too many gimmicks and too many one trick ships. Tier system changes are needed so ships are only 10% better as one scales up the chain and not how it currently is.

  20. WG: “We’ve heard your voices and we will prioritize a CV rework. It’ll come in the form of a drydock where 18 levels of improvement will be free to obtain but the ultimate balancing of the final two levels will require 10000 doubloons each. You’re welcome.”

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