World of Warships- Clan Battles- Double Zao (APOC vs. ZR)

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here with another CB replay. I know that Monday’s are almost always replays but I encountered an error with my PC and will explain right at the beginning the video. Enjoy the battle!

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  1. Kameel Hutcherson

    Good to see a Moskva being used

    • BIA World of Warships

      Moskva is still a pretty popular pick for the radar ship, but at least on the NA side I do see a few more Des Moines.

    • Kameel Hutcherson

      BIA World of Warships really my clan was saying Moskva is outdated due to the zao and dm’s dpm ?

  2. Terry Hollenbaugh

    You can’t keep a SneakySnake down, I too have an off site back up and it comes in handy. I had some trouble also plus I hate windows 10. Good game very well played

  3. What a noob taking defensive fire

  4. Sound pretty pleased with yourself at the end lol … as would I if my clan beat ZR 😉 Nice game.

  5. “The adventures of Snake’s third turret”

  6. Full AA Zao confirmed most OP ship in clan battles hehe 🙂

  7. I presently run a full concealment build on my Zao, but I’m thinking about moving back to double rudder. Comments anyone?

    • BIA World of Warships

      Nah, the Zao is so damn deadly with a full concealment build. Here is the way that I think of it- yeah the extra rudder shift will make that thing turn insanely good instead of pretty good, but what if you run into someone that is a good shot? They might miss an extra salvo or two, but once they dial in the speed, movement and predicted path of your ship then you will still get hit regardless, all while losing the very good 9.7km concealment. Not worth it IMO, but to each their own.

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