World of Warships Clan Battles – Five Reasons You Should Be Playing

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It’s another season of clan battles in World of Warships. Maybe you are sitting on the sidelines afraid to jump in. Maybe you want to but need that extra coaxing. The time is right my friend. Here are five reasons to why you should be playing.


  1. End My Suffering

    Glad to see you found a clan that works for you Zoup! Best of luck from [DO-IT], see you on the battlefield!

  2. agreed , clan battles is like ranked but with 6 people you know rather than randoms and while losing is annoying winning with a group of mates is far more rewarding . to me anyway lol

  3. Raymond van Rijn

    Would like to do it but am still mid tier 6- the beginning of tier 7 so no clan battles for me:-(

  4. Dual citizenship, if I could join two Clans, i would participate in Clan Battles. I am in a clan with friends and we will never field a team in Clan Battles. I won’t quit the Clan for Loyalty reasons. If I could join another clan (dual clanship) or be loaned out to another Clan for the Season, I would do that. Kind of like the RN and the Common Wealth would exchange captains.

    • Scotty Sorry but that’s not how it works. You’ve got to decide what’s more important to you, being in a clan with friends or playing CBs. Apparently, you’ve chosen to stay in a clan with friends. I, OTOH, have chosen to play in a clan that wants to play CBs.

  5. The biggest jerks I’ve seen in game have had clan tags… so nope. Just not happening.

  6. I dont feel that WoWs is a good platform for organised gameplay, i think there is muchbetter platforms for that like WoW (warcraft) and i feel clan battles is like having a second job, so no, no reason to play clan battles, i feel that just playing randoms is a whole lots more relaxing and “just playing ships”

  7. My five reason NOT to play Clan Battles.

    5: I don’t need more stuff.
    4: None of my friends play WoWs.
    3: I allready play the ships I want to play the way I want to play them.
    2: I’m a casual. Don’t care for competition.
    1: I’ve allready played 6 600 randoms in 247 different ships (17 T10s) with 57% WR. I don’t feel the need to get “better”. (Not saying that I can’t get better.)

    I have a clan. It’s a casual clan and we just have three rules.

    1: No hidden stats.
    2. Be nice.
    3: If you haven’t played in 21 days then you’re out.

    No must-have-ships. No “must play divisions”. No “must have discord”. We just collect oil together. You don’t even have to talk to your clanmates if you don’t want to. 19 members and only four of us have T10s. Hell, one of us plays only Co-Op and we don’t care as long as he brings in oil.

    That’s how we roll.

  8. Clan battles without premium consumable?please don’t do that,👎👎👎

  9. My clan would never play clan battle because there were never enough players online at one time to play anything but random or scenario.

  10. The first season of clan battles I joined a well known clan to play CB and to enjoy the Clan port bonuses. But I was never given the option to play CBs. What I did suffer was being targeted and harassed by players who didn’t like my clan tag. It was a level of toxic that I hadn’t experienced in 10k battles of WoWs. Frankly if Clan Battles went the way of Team Battles I wouldn’t miss them. If I wanted to suffer the competitive scene I’ll just wait for the next season of Rank.

    • JRedBear. That sucks. But now there is a 2nd division where u can dick around and play 7 dds if you want. Can get the bonuses without ruining your clans status

  11. Our clan played 2 battles (lost both), then decided to retire from the season, because we still lack team training, so it’s a bit frustrating, yet encouraging at the same time, because we push ourselves to git gud on this mode

    • Aditya Sagraha the game isn’t actually team based. That cake is a lie. It’s like team death match on COD…

    • One way to do team training is to use the training room mode and set up a scrimmage with another clan. Or you could just stick with clan battles and view it as a learning and training experience for now. The clan that I’m in uses the new Alpha and Bravo teams thing to allow our more experienced first team players to play Alpha team, while allowing our less experienced players to play as the Bravo team. This protects our Alpha team’s progress while providing for a way for the Bravo team players to gain experience and get to enjoy the entire CBs, well, experience.

      Honestly, I think that it’s a mistake for your clan to give up CBs. Sure, maybe you’re not that good yet. But unless you really are horrible and getting totally massacred every time, playing CBs gives you a good deal of experience at learning how to approach playing the CBs maps as a team. You learn by watching how enemy teams deploy their ships, and so on.

    • Exactly. We retired because we only have 9 members who can do clan battles, and only 3 of us actually own non-rental TX ships, and the teamwork is total rubbish. So we will (read: might) train together in training rooms to get a better feeling about our TX ships. Also to give the rental members more time to reach their own TX ships.
      But then again, I’m not the clan leader, so the decision is up to him (He’s super-strict anyway)

  12. I originally wanted to play for my clan’s secondary rating but they put me into the Alpha team most of the times and it worked well 😁
    Even though i have quite less tier 10 experience and this is my first clan war season

  13. Amaresh Bhaskaran

    firstly Zoup, pls premium consumables. secondly radar yueyang all the way. also RPF on dd is a must.

  14. Kaioshin Gaming

    Sorry Zoup, no can do. I am a solo player, and enjoy taking what ship I want into battle when I want to. Don’t want to have to DL discord or some other program.  I usually have very little gaming time(I work for a living) so when I die, exit to port and begin again. Don’t want to waste time waiting for the battle to end, so I maximize as much as I can. While I do appreciate joining and playing to get better, I’m confidant in my own skill(60%er).  I understand that for WG titles clan battles is their “end game” content but they really should make something for players that aren’t into clans. But Good Luck out there Zoup!

  15. I’d consider a calm clan, because I still have a lot to learn in all aspects of the game. Each one teach one, and all that. I find regular random play way TOO random, because teams should be working together. Too often I end up holding a flank or making an effort, to find my DD isn’t spotting or launching; the cruisers aren’t taking on DDs and working with BBS, and the BBs are playing wallflowers.

  16. Rajko Bezarevic

    I am all for CB`s but there is major problem in WOWS because CB`s are only for top tier and they come and go in seasons in the meanwhile there is no in-game mode (apart from training) for random team battles that would greatly promote team play and would produce much more teams and players with team play experience. WOWS need its version of everyday team oriented mode.

  17. No. Just no.

  18. using premium consumables is a lost art…

  19. Colonel David Davenport

    NoZoup – Wish I could play in clan but……….. I do not have the time – I am a normal player with kids, a job and lots of other responsibilities – 3 or 4 rounds a night are a great night for me!

  20. Plz give me five tips to make my clan play battle lol mine is a casual clan and the members plays only for T10 ships and for fun

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