World of warships – CLAN BATTLES NAIL BITER

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  1. Read video info

  2. exciting game to watch , must of been very stressful to play in

  3. great veiwing team gg

  4. Great Game, though defiantly I couldn’t be in OMNI with the level of micromanaging that one dude was doing.

  5. Yo , dont micro manage me , bro .

  6. Jesus. You guys won despite the total clusterfuck that was your communication. Lucky

  7. Was that Yuro? As in Eurobeat? Wow, I didnt know he was in OMNI

  8. From when is this video? I thought Flamu left OMNI

  9. Tense game. But, with all respect, Yurra is NOT a leader.

  10. Why Flamu joined OMNI or is it too big a secret to tell us?

  11. Is it just me or is the cap & spawn placements for clan battles finally a fix for this map? Far more interesting options spawning from those positions than the crap fest of randoms version imo

  12. Tense finish but overall pretty borring. Seems painful to play a whole match in a Gearing and never use guns.

  13. Would you mind telling me what your build looks like? I have been grinding towards the gearing for CB reasons and can’t decide what points 11-19 are going to look like.

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