World of Warships Clan Wars – OMGami

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Another Sunday CW session done, another hilarious game 😀


  1. Quite amusing. Plz do another random.

  2. Tbh breaking meta can defeat meta. Still remember the old days of 4 shimakaze per team on ocean

  3. *This is the Pun Police! Put your hands behind your head and step away from the keyboard!*

  4. It’s raining SHELLS, hallelujah, it’s raining SHELLS, amen

  5. Clan wars all in in Richelieu AP only…

  6. There’s a Des Monies version of this. It just rolls over everything. Imagine being focused by 7 DM’s, you die quick…


  8. If u r doing clan wars every Sunday, y not live stream them?

    • Prob because they don´t want to get stream sniped?

    • Well, the stream sniping will become a bit real 😛 also portable AC makes a lot of noise, I can deal with it on a YouTube recording by using software, but live streaming is kind of a no go cuz all you hear is this loud buzzing noise in the background. Probably in October when I don’t need this AC anymore I’ll give Twitch a go

  9. 5 torp reload kageros next?

  10. That’s what is often missing from this game, the fun factor. Last year, our clan tried 1 BB, 1 Gearing (for the US smoke), and the rest Haragumos. It was hilarious.

  11. Haha fun stuff, still.grinding for my mogami

  12. Me and my clan did this with 7 des Moines and took the bb out first. Was one of the fastest victories my clan had.

  13. 5 Shimas with 20km torps… just to remember the good old torpedo walls 😛

  14. Five mogamis= WE FORM MELTATRON

  15. now I’m jealous, the clan I’m in is trying to finally get through Taifun I while farming steel, therefore I can’t see us doing such fun matches any time soon…
    maybe during the last week or so…

  16. Chameleon Scheimong

    We had fun with a full German team. Bismarck Hipper Hipper Eugen Eugen Z23. You see, when your players are good enough and your opponents bad enough, you can use anything and win.

  17. 5 clevelands and a Massachusetts 😉
    a little more competative 🙂

  18. Well, at least the enemy got to fight in the shade.

  19. Cool game =D Ow btw, WG is moving forward with the Research Bureau, not that anyone cares

  20. Might not be competetive but damn it makes for hilarious vids.

    A bit more meta but just as funny in its own is the 5 Kiev + whatever BB setup. HE spam while playing MC Hammer “Can´t touch this”.

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