World of Warships Clans Information – No CV – One BB – T10 – WTF

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Ok… info has arrived on clan battles and I’m scratching my head. T10 only? One BB only? No CVs? This has CPT Bad Advice written all over it. Really, I think this is not a good direction, but I want to know what you think.


  1. As much as I hate getting alpha strike’d by cross drops, or obliterated by AP bombs, completely cutting CVs out of the picture is just unfair. If anything, that should put even more pressure over on WG to fix and balance them *before* implementing clan battles. CVs are a playable class of the game, like it or not. It would be the same as cutting out DDS, BBs, or CAs. /:

  2. Biggest mistake WG has made so far in World of Warships. The community is not going to like this…

  3. they will cry no dds ….. next … omg wtf are they thinking

  4. The great Xcelerator

    I do not have a problem with the rental system. People that yet had no chance to get accustomed to the T10 they are renting out are likely to play sub-standard, hence their team is more likely to lose. Fine with me. Others invested their time or money or both into the grind and so should you if you want to play CW. It should be high-level competitive play at the highest Tier level. Why else have the highest tier boats? You do not want to compete in vans on the racetrack when you have Indy cars sitting in your garage.

    7 vs 7 is just the consequence of the size limitation to clans. If you had 12 vs 12, that would equal to almost half the size of a (full) 30 member clan. Remember, not all clan members might want to participate in CWs or fulfill the requirements (see above).

    No CVs: Capable high tier 10 CV players are rare, but they should have a place in CWs. True, their play might be more decisive to the outcome of a battle than the play of other team members. But that’s the way it is in Random or Ranked as well. We all know it, we all consented to it by playing the game in general. Some of us even took to CV play to benefit from it. So their exclusion is not healthy, to say the least. Imho it will dumb down the game to smoke, hydro and radar. No one will sail in AA specd boats, as there is no reason to have them.

    General observation: to be successful in CWs, those who have T10s will have to respec the modules of their favorite boats for a non-CV environment along with the respective captain skills. Yeah, that means spending dubloons (aka real money).

  5. Tyring to smoke up while going way too fast in front of a BB equipped with radar xD
    You’re always planning well in advance, right? ^^

  6. time to grab 20km torp so I don’t get delete by radar + multiple CA

  7. “We put this unique playstyle via carriers into our game….but we don’t actually like what they do, soooo….instead of fixing them, those of you who really enjoy them, tough luck.”

  8. I predict Khabarovsks and Moskvas as far as the eye can see. and a Conqueror to soak all the HE spam.

  9. CV’s should be removed from the game altogether.

  10. i dont like the idea of a online multiplayer game where players cannot use whatever ships they want……………..its pathetic & ghey. If a clan team want to field 7 BB’s then they should be allowed………………they just might come unstuck.

  11. Me thinks they banned CV’s because they already know that there are not enough T10 carriers active in the game.That means you could end up with 1side not having a CV in battle, so that would be an sever handicap to the non cv team. I think they should NOT cap the number of BB’s- I am a decent battleship player but would never knowingly go into a match being the only one on the team, as I would get focused fired to death. I will bring my Khab and Minotaur and see what happens. I also agree this is basically a BETA live test, so it should be quite….interesting

  12. The only good thing in this announcement is WG even using the word “rental”. It gives me hope that WG may one day allow players the option to rent premiums rather than buy. That way when they nerf the crap out of a premium under the guise of a “change to the game mechanic” we don’t feel like we wasted any money. I haven’t bought a premium since 6.3 as I now have so many that are no longer worth the cost versus the ships I can grind for free. Who wants to pay cash for a mothball fleet?
    Das Bat

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  14. well for destroyers its gona be hard the fisching tactic is gona be famous and 1 bb well those poor stormtroopers will be set ablaze directly without any break so 1 bb for every team is a bad choice and teamplay is going to be at its best (for a change) so im exited but indeed that it is only tier 10 isn,t that of a problem you know the guys who are noobs and who are not in so choose the ones who are the best i.
    but what they did wrong is it are clan battle not small teambattles. whe they talked about clan battles i was hoping on a 30 vs 30 that wood be awsome and than is strategy needed, + when 1 schip dies or 2 its not that bad but with only 7 players each team well when 2 schips die it practicly over hope they improve over time

  15. I would have:
    2 Battleships- So they could switch back and forth of being tank, one takes hits, the other repairs.
    3 Cruisers- To provide Heavy AA support as well as heavy rain on dds, cruisers, and so forth.
    1 Destroyer- To spot where the enemy is, pop smoke, fire blind tops, and get out. Let the carriers panes spot from there on out, and rain torps on the cruisers from a safe distance.
    1 Air-craft Carrier- to help repel air attacks, spot dd’s, cruisers, and the battleships for the team, and make a few air attacks as well.

  16. I agree. They should allow two BB’s and allow CV’s, why exclude one class of player because they (WG) have no clue how to handle them? And tier 10 only? wth…

  17. I think that the two Clans in question should determine what tier matches are played at and limits on comps.

  18. Well… playing a while now, but prefers to keep my pace, therefore I am at T8, almost T9 at the moment.
    The possibility to rent a T10 ship is kinda cool, giving you a sneak peek where you heading at, especially if you’re not even close to T10.
    Restricting CVs would not effect me as I am not a CV player at all, but I do feel the disappointment from players who are obsessed with their carriers and now they feel completely left out of something they should be essentially part of.
    Being prepared against planes is the fundamential above T5, so this wasn’t the best move from WG guys.
    One BB per team, honestly… I am a 50-50 cruiser/bb player, and as some commenter already mentioned it is absolutely possible that 6 cruisers, especially at T10 melts a single BB with HE within a minute, so it will be no fun and engagement at all.
    Sum: clan wars haven’t even started yet, but it’s already screwed and even if you are a top T10 player could see yourself in a situation when none of your tactics or strategy or skill will help, because the mob’s gonna hunt you down.

  19. I actually like it. The BB meta is out of control and CV play is sooooo lopsided and many times frustrating AF. It’s a good “test”, I agree with you. Me? I may have went 2 BBs. I really love the T10 rental as there are T10s I don’t own. I do own the Zao and wish I did the minotaur instead.

  20. you are wrong there are not A LOT of aircraft mains, there are FEW aircraft mains

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